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 You may not have given a thought to donating your car to help in the fight against asthma, lung cancer and other respiratory diseases, but this can be a great way to contribute to this cause.  An American Lung Association car donation  through Cars2Charities allows you to donate your used vehicle to assist in the national movement to prevent and treat lung disease and educate people about the realities of respiratory illnesses.  Cars2Charities can help you donate to this and other great causes.

The American Lung Association gives hope to millions each year with its research and educational programs that focus on respiratory illnesses.  

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The American Lung Association currently sponsors:

Active with Asthma Camp.  This fun camp allows children between the ages of eight and 13 to learn better ways to manage and control asthma.

Asthma 101.  This school initiative helps children alleviate asthma incidents.

Better Breathers Clubs.  The BBC helps educate people with COPD about ways to manage their respiratory problems.

The Lung Helpline (1-800-LUNG-USA).  This toll-free number links callers to resources including registered nurses and respiratory therapists who can give advice on quitting smoking and answer lung health questions.

Freedom from Smoking.  This gold standard program has helped thousands stop the smoking habit.

Healthy Air Efforts.  This program advocates for smoke-free legislation, stronger environmental standards and better implementation of existing laws.

Lung Disease Research Grants.  These grants provide money for research to find treatments and cures for lung diseases.

Tobacco-Free Campus Programs.  This program pushes for smoke-free campuses to give students cleaner, healthier learning environments. 

The American Lung Association was founded in 1904, making it the oldest voluntary health organization in the United States.  Originally founded to fight tuberculosis, the American Lung Association has grown to include efforts aimed at preventing or finding a cure for all types of lung diseases. 

When you donate your used vehicle to Cars2Charities, you get more than a tax deduction.  You also gain the knowledge that you are doing your part to help one of the nation’s most-recognized non-profit organizations fight diseases that remain some of the most common causes of death and illness in our country. 

The process is quick and simple.  Just contact the Cars2Charities at or by calling 1-855-520-2100 for information.  When you let us handle the details of the transfer, your old “clunker” could make a big difference.  Cars2Charities uses a unique approach to vehicle donation that allows us to get the best possible price for your car through private buyers.  Furthermore, Cars2Charities allows you to choose where your money goes, unlike many other donation services. 

Contact Cars2Charities today about your vehicle donation and find out how your used car, van, RV, motorcycle or boat can help others.  

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