Kidney Foundation Car Donation - Kidney Cars

Kidney Foundation Car Donation - Kidney Cars

Kidney Foundation Car Donation

If you are looking for a great way to benefit a worthy cause and receive a substantial deduction on your income tax, a Kidney Foundation car donation through Cars2Charities’ unique program is the answer.  With free towing, no-hassle paperwork and a friendly staff helping you through the process, helping the Kidney foundation could be one of your best and easiest charitable contribution decisions.

When you donate through Cars2Charities, you can be sure that the proceeds from your vehicle’s sale will be used locally to benefit those with donate-photokidney disease as well as used to fund medical research and organ donation programs along with education for kidney disease prevention.  Every year, the Kidney Foundation helps over 4,000 patients receive transplant and dialysis treatments, as well as provides educational services to make the public aware of the realities of kidney problems.  Endorsed by governors in several states, the Kidney Foundation has a national reputation as a well-run and worthy cause that uses your dollars wisely to further the aims of education about and treatment of kidney disease.

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In these tough economic times, non-profit organizations need your help to continue to offer their services to thousands who need a bit of extra help.  Every year, people die or are disabled from kidney disease, many of them children and the elderly.  Many of these patients are not covered for kidney transplants or dialysis by their health insurance policies, and others have waited years for the chance to have a kidney transplant.  Your tax-deductible gift will benefit these patients who have waited so long for the opportunity for a better and healthier life, as well as provide educational services to prevent future kidney disease.


Cars2Charities makes the process easy.  Call us at 1-855-520-2100 or visit us on the web at  Cars2Charities is a different type of organization because we maximize the value of donated cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, boats and RVs.  We do this by looking for private buyers for all of our donations rather than auctioning them.  This process makes us stand out among car donation groups and allows us to get the highest price possible for your vehicle, making both your donation and your tax deduction larger.

Cars2Charities always allows donors to choose exactly where their donations will go.  If you decide to donate to a local group rather than the Kidney Foundation, we can make it happen with our flexible giving options.  Donors can always choose their favorite group, even those as small as a local PTA or church group, and we will arrange the donation.

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We get about 4x the net proceeds from Cars2Charities than we did with the "other" charity car program.  Our donors love how fast and easy it is, and the VALUE they get.  Sometimes they're amazed.  Always gratefu  ..Read More

-  Jennifer Anderson, Breast Cancer Solutions -- Orange County, CA

I am amazed how much more value they can find in these vehicles.  We are so grateful for the donations that support Teen Challenge.

 ..Read More

-  Don Male, Teen Challenge -- Sacramento CA

Great experience -- quick and easy -- and a higher tax deduction than I expected!  Thank you -- I will definitely recommend you to friends.

 ..Read More

-  Alexander Kellett, Manhattan Beach CA