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Finding the Best Car Donation Company

With more than 30 years of experience, Cars2Charities has the expertise in making vehicle donations easier than ever. The nationwide company provides free towing and live car donation experts that are available to assist you through the process and answer all your questions. 

The Best Car Donation Company 

Cars2Charities Tow TruckThirty years ago, Cars2Charities offered car donation services to California locals. As our company grew, so did our locations. Now, Cars2Charities provides vehicle donations nationwide. Throughout the years, we have perfected our system to make the process simple for donors. 

What makes Cars2Charities the best car donation company?

Cars2Charities is a Los Angeles based commercial fundraiser and is registered with the appropriate business and governmental entities. Our program is designed to provide donors with a simple, fast, and secure way to donate their vehicles to nonprofit organizations.

Why not just donate through the charity directly?

Most charities are not able to process their own vehicle donations because vehicle donation programs require time, licensing, and experience. Therefore, we take care of the scheduling, pick up, sale, and paperwork for each donation on each charity's behalf.

How to Donate Your Vehicle

Are you thinking, “I want to donate my car, but I don't know how too?” Good news, it’s easier than you think. 

Step 1: Preparing for the process

Have your vehicle's cleared Certificate of Title and Registration in front of you. This will help you provide us with the information we need about your vehicle. 

Don't have a title? Give us a call, sometimes we are able to request one of your behalf.

Step 2: Choosing the Charityfamily suv

Cars2Charities commercially fundraises for hundreds of charities, refer to our “Causes” page for a list of charities to donate to.

Can't find the charity you want to donate to? If you provide us with the charity's name and contact information, we can contact them.

Step 3: Scheduling your pickup 

Give us a call at (855) 520-2100, or complete an online donation request. Our friendly donation coordinators will gather your vehicles information and schedule a free pick up with you. 

Step 4: Maximizing the donation

We take the reins at that point to maximize the donation for both our donors and charities. We do this by assessing the vehicle and adding value to increase the selling price of the car.

It’s a situation many people dream about – a successful way to support a cause you care about without the work involved. It’s why the best car donation company to work with is one with these kinds of practices in place.

Who Benefits From a Car Donation?

While hundreds of charities have received financial support through Cars2Charities, you can benefit any 501(c)(3) you choose. We form new connections when donors introduce us to their favorite charities.

There are many types of causes you can support. If you would like some suggestions, you can refer to our “Causes” page for current charities that Cars2Charities supports. 

Donate to Veterans c2cVeteran Services

There are more than 18 million military veterans in the United States. Rewarding their courage and level of sacrifice through nonprofit support is something many Americans would like to do.

car donation to veterans provides programs and services for the individuals who put their lives on the line to protect American freedom.

When you donate your car to the Wounded Warrior Project you provide relief from injuries and comfort to veterans who are suffering from symptoms of PTSD. Any member of the military since September 11, 2001 can be served by the nonprofit and receive services free of charge.

The organization offers assistance in a variety of ways, including:

• Combat stress recovery program
• Family support
• Independence program
• International support
• Physical health & wellness
• Warrior care network
• Peer support
• Resource center

Heroes in the Rough is a nonprofit that supports veterans by providing rehabilitation through athletics. The organization’s leaders improve the quality of life for military men and women after they’re discharged, inspiring the healing process by addressing mind, body and soul.

Completely run by volunteers, Heroes in the Rough offers a valuable gift to veterans. The nonprofit group lets them know they are valued and appreciated, while gaining rehabilitative assistance through such sports as golf and bowling. They provide mentors and friends for veterans who may feel alone in their recovery.

Homeless Programs

Your car donation to homeless charities enables you to transfer a used vehicle to financial support to individuals without adequate resources.

Los Angeles Mission funds several types of services that comfort and provide individuals with programs and resources to assist them. The nonprofit offers physical support, including food, clothing and shelter, while also guiding their clients toward spiritual restoration and recovery.

Homeless individuals in Southern California’s beach cities can turn to the Laguna Food Pantry for relief. The nonprofit program brings free, fresh, nutritious groceries to those who live, work or attend school in the area and don’t have the resources to get enough to eat. The organization gives away approximately 4,000 lbs. of food every weekday. bumper cars

Children's Charities

Your car donation to children’s charities can bring healthcare, education and advocacy to those who need it.

Cars2Charities donors have benefited kids in South Central Los Angeles through A Place Called Home. Families who live in communities where children have less access to adequate programs and educational opportunities. They also need a safe atmosphere where they can grow.

A Place Called Home established a youth and community center where children and teens can relax, do homework and engage in age-appropriate activities. Because of the charity’s work they have alternatives to the challenges of urban life, including life in gang culture.

The Childhood Leukemia Foundation provides support and information to families who are burdened with the reality of medical care for pediatric cancer. The organization’s programs provide a sense of normalcy, raise self-esteem, encourage physical participation and therapeutic play, maintain communications, and provide care management tools for children and families.

What are the Benefits of Donating a Car?

You have the opportunity to make a big impact with a vehicle donation through Cars2Charities both yourself and for the charity of your choice.

Tax Benefits

IRS regulations dictate the protocol for a car donation to charity. When you donate your vehicle to a nonprofit you gain a tax write-off a based on the sale price of your donation car.

signatureIf you feel unsure of how to file your taxes with a vehicle donation write off, don’t worry. Accountants are well-versed about including your donation when preparing your taxes. If you typically use Turbo Tax, the website also informs you how to add it to your calculations. At Cars2Charities we handle the paperwork, so it’s very easy on your end.

Vacation Voucher for Car Donation

While our clients have reported that they’re pleased with the ease of our process and their ultimate tax break, there are other perks that sweeten the deal. After you begin the donation process with a Cars2Charities donation coordinator, you can discuss the Vacation Voucher offer with us.

After the intake of your vehicle is completed, you can send in a Vacation Voucher activation form along with a refundable deposit and start planning your trip. The hotels included through the program are small inns and such chains as Comfort and Quality Inn. The vacation voucher for car donation makes traveling more affordable. There are some taxes involved, however, which vary according to the destination you choose, and they typically range from $12 to $15 per night. A $25 fee is added during holiday weeks.

After booking with your Vacation Voucher, you will receive a package with your hotel information. The voucher needs to be activated within 60 days and you have one year to use it toward travel plans. Make sure you send in your completed form at least 45 days before you travel.

When you consider the car donation process, it doesn’t take long to realize “the benefits of donating my car outweigh my other options.” It’s probably something you will do again and again – every time you replace your car.

You’re careful about financial decisions, so it makes sense you want the best car donation company to handle your vehicle. Cars2Charities brings more than 30 years of experience to the process, which gives you a boost of confidence when you decide to benefit a cause with the value of your vehicle.