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What programs does the Wounded Warrior Project provide? A look at their new initiatives in the community

If you’re wondering what programs the Wounded Warrior Project® provides, look no further. The Wounded Warrior Project has grown into one of the nation's largest veteran groups. The organization helps injured veterans with their transition back into civilian life by providing financial assistance, offering counseling, rehab programs, and much more. This article will discuss new programs provided by the Wounded Warrior Project that continually help veterans and how helpful donating your car to charity can be for their organization.

veteran donationsWounded Warrior Project Partnership with Verizon Wireless + Esports

The Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) partnered with Verizon Wireless to raise $120,000 during the annual Capture the Flag event. This event is one of the many esports tournaments offered to WWP community members who have a passion for gaming. By participating in esports, the company can fundraise while helping veteran participants become more physically and mentally fit, while giving them a sense of belonging.

Wounded Warrior Projects’ Suicide Prevention Programveteran family

Wounded Warrior Project® surveyed veterans and found that one out of four had thought about suicide in the past year. To help combat mental distress or suicidal thoughts, Wounded Warrior Project® created a new Veterans Crisis Line Number. In addition to this program, veterans and their families can take part in "WWP Talks". This service offers weekly phone calls that last 20 minutes with the same teammate. The Wounded Warrior Projects’ goal is to meet veterans where they are on their journey, offering a personalized experience based on the warrior or family member’s goals and objectives.

Wounded Warrior Projects’ Carry Forward 5k!

wwpWounded Warrior Project® is organizing a campaign to get veterans to participate in 5,000-meter races called the "Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) Carry Forward® 5K!". The initiative gives injured veterans confidence by participating in events with other veterans who have gone through similar experiences as them.

Grants and Scholarships

The Wounded Warrior Project® collaborates with other military and veteran support organizations to maximize the effects of its efforts.  Last year, WWP awarded 28 grants to organizations dedicated to our nation's service members and families as well as 200M in direct programs and services.

Partnership With Car Donation Programs

Wounded Warrior Project® partners with amazing companies that give back a portion of their proceeds when you purchase with them. For example, Wounded Warrior Project partners with Cars2Charities. A female owned company that provides cars donations to veterans in need. If you would like to donate your car to the Wounded Warrior Project® you can support our veterans by calling 855-520-2100 or visiting ​​www.cars2charities.org.veteran car

Car Donations for Veterans


One of the great benefits of donating to Wounded Warrior Project is that they have the option to accept car donations near you. The process of donating a vehicle is fast and easy through Cars2Charities. You may be wondering, can you donate your vehicle if it is running or not? The answer is, yes! Who would have thought getting rid of your used and possibly non running vehicle can benefit you and charity. Donating a vehicle to veterans can help all the amazing initiatives that Wounded Warrior Project has created thus far and ongoing for the future.  

veteran equine therapyHealing Through Horses (Equine Therapy)


Wounded Warrior Project offers a uniquely creative way to receive therapy for veterans. Their Equine therapy program allows veterans to experience the power of caring for and riding a horse. It is inclusive, allowing people of all abilities to interact with a horse. Wounded Warrior Project® offers an adventure-based, 12-week program called Project Odyssey, which engages veterans in equine interaction and helps them manage their invisible wounds. It also enhances their resiliency skills and empowers them to live productive, fulfilling lives.

 veterans with family



The Wounded Warrior Project® continues to explore new and creative ways to support veterans, service members, and their families. Their efforts are truly inspirational. We hope this article helps you better understand the Wounded Warrior Project and their mission to help veterans. Through unique programs offered at Wounded Warrior Project many veterans can have a positive future to look forward to.