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Best Car Donation for End of the Year

Car Donation Tax Deduction

Are you panicked that this year is in the homestretch already?! That means a host of holiday obligations, greeting card correspondence and gifting.

Want an end-of-year gift that keeps on giving? There’s still time for a car donation tax deduction to support a charity and benefit your bottom line!

A lot of experts say this is the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”—to buy a new car. They’re moving last year’s models to make room for the newest ones ... and if you want to drive up to the gym/work/golf club in the best—now’s your chance!

christmas 2971961 640Isn’t it amazing you can double down on the dividends, so to speak, when you donate a car to charity for a tax writeoff? At Cars2Charities we make sure you spread the cheer.

Why should I donate my car instead of selling it?
“All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth” is a great song, but of course, there are people who want—and need—a lot more than that!

You probably have a cause that’s near and dear to your heart. Do you have a loved one who struggled with ALS or Alzheimer’s disease? Or maybe you fought cancer and won, and you’d love to support a treatment center or other non-profit. Donating a car to charity enables you to do that. 

Do you plan to take advantage of all the end of the year dealership specials? If you were planning to do a trade-in or use CarMax, it’s not your best financial decision. You probably know they get something for their effort, but did you know they keep 60-70% of the value of your car?

A vehicle donation through Cars2Charities lets you write off 100% of your car’s value! https://www.cars2charities.org/


How can I donate a car to charity?

If you used up all your AAA calls last year, it’s probably time for something new. Just give us a quick call at 855-520-2100 or donate online. We’ll do the rest! https://www.cars2charities.org/

Your favorite charity gets a bump from your 3-5 minute phone call. And we come to you wherever you need us! Did your car die at work? Is it at the mechanic? No problem!

At that point, we get to work on your vehicle donation – checking your car for any necessary improvements and finding a buyer. And that’s when your charity gets a check!

We can help you choose a non-profit. Visit our page to help you, or choose any 501(c)(3) you want! Are you in Girl Scouts? A sorority alum group? What about your church, temple or mosque?hanukkah 1934637 640

Two big benefits to you are: 1) We handle all the boring paperwork—even the title transfer for the DMV. And 2) Remember that tax writeoff for a car donation?

We send you, the charity and the IRS Form 1098. You receive a confirmation letter and a temporary donation receipt, while we take care of the title transfer. A charity car donation for taxes through Cars2Charities is that easy!

How can I get the best car donation tax deduction?

Christmas cheer gets spread a long way with a car or truck donation for taxes. Your favorite cause gets money, someone with a modest income gets your old car to drive, you get a tax break ... and you make your accountant merry too!relaxing 1979674 640

Want someone else’s word for it? Charity Navigator gives a great explanation for the benefits of charity donations. They say, “The glory of charitable donations is that you give and receive at the same time. You should clearly contribute, rather than throw out, old clothes, furniture and equipment that you no longer use.”

We make that happen for you at Cars2Charities. Remember the changes we make to your car after we pick it up from you?

According to the IRS, the maximum amount you can deduct for your car is the “fair market value.” That’s the advantage of our system! We maximize the sale price of your auto donation for the tax writeoff by making sure it’s the best it can be. The expected bump is about 25-50% in our experience. It increases your donation and your writeoff.

Can I donate an RV to charity? A golf cart or boat?

Absolutely! Almost any recreational vehicle donation works. Other car charity programs might not be able to accept such a wide span of vehicles, like watercraft. Want to make a boat donation? Got water skis or a Sea-doo you don’t use?

If you’re a fan of “Day in the Dirt” and have quads or other ATVs sitting around, did you know you can donate a motorcycle through Cars2Charities and get your favorite cause some support?

Do you drive a golf cart around in your community? Whether you’re a duffer or a scratch golfer, or if you simply ride around in your Club Car, if you’ve got one you don’t need, donate your golf cart and benefit your taxes.

sparkler 477598 640You can see that donating cars to charity sends the money where it’s needed. And, and a car donation for taxes through Cars2Charities is a way to meet those needs and meet some of your own! It also means when you’re singing Auld Lang Syne at midnight on December 31 this year, you can rest in the knowledge that you took every opportunity before time ran out.