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Best Car Donation in Irvine, California

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Best Car Donation in Irvine, California

Even when you live in a beautiful, planned community you know there are people in your area whose lives are difficult. When you donate a car in Irvine you can contribute to their comfort and care. In fact, you may offer support to the nonprofit of your choice. And at the same time, you receive a tax deduction.

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Why should I donate my car in Irvine?

Do you commute to L.A. and see your car’s mileage moving up into the 6-digit range? If its age means knobs are falling off and it’s constantly at the dealer getting fixed, it may add weight to the idea that it’s time for a new car. You can offset the expense of the purchase with an additional write-off through a vehicle donation in Irvine.

Are you a big believer in environmental causes? You’ve probably seen the Tesla, which holds a charge 2 or 3 times as long as some of the other electric cars. Have you seen all the charging stations in Irvine?

If you decide to replace what you’re driving and you typically do a dealer trade-in, we have some incentives that may change your mind. When you make a car or truck donation in Irvine you are letting your vehicle’s value brighten someone’s day. irvine2

For a trade-in, you only get a part of your vehicle’s value, as you probably know. They need to put it on the lot later and they have to make a profit, of course.

Research shows even more evidence that you lose money that way. Students at USC’s business school did a study concluding that buyers who bring trade-ins to the dealer don’t get very good deals. Salespeople tend to assume that if you’re doing a trade-in you don’t care about money, so they raise the price of the new car.  

But when you make a car charity donation in Irvine through Cars2Charities, your deduction is based on 100% of your car’s sale price.

How do you donate your car in Irvine?

It’s so easy! Just call us at 855-520-2100 or contact us online and we arrange to pick up your car. Our technician will go to wherever it is and will flex around your schedule.

Then we handle the entire donation process, leaving you with the tax break and the charity gets a check.

Our process is unique, by the way, which benefits you. After we tow away a donation car, our technicians inspect it to see if it would benefit from any alterations, so it’s in the best shape to be sold. We then sell your donation vehicle, maximizing your write-off through the necessary changes.

So, not only is our system easy, but you can pull up to 3D Fitness in a shiny, new car while actually boosting your portfolio.  https://www.3dfitnessgym.com/

Your auto donation in Irvine through us at Cars2Charities can benefit any 501(c)(3) you choose. So, if your kids are grown and you just don’t need the Escalade anymore, now you can reduce your carbon footprint and donate to a favorite charity.

How can I get the best car donation tax deduction in Irvine?  

While you know you stand to lose with a dealer trade-in (about 60-70% actually), you may wonder what it means to earn a car donation tax deduction in Irvine.

irvine3According to our research, the improvements we make to vehicle donations tend to increase their sale price by 25-50%. And since the sale price of your auto donation is the basis for your tax break, your deduction is greater.

If you’re used to dropping off your paperwork at Hall & Company, do they mention that your portfolio could use some write-offs? Now you have a chance for another one and, depending on the make of your car, a sizable one. With a car, truck or SUV donation in Irvine, there’s a nice tax break whether you use a CPA or prefer to use Turbo Tax. Check the Intuit site for an explanation about how to apply a vehicle donation to your return.

At Cars2Charities we have decades of experience and guarantee we will complete the IRS paperwork properly and as promptly as possible. We send you and your chosen charity the IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the total for your records. (For some people it’s a big deal that we do all the paperwork, even the title transfer.)

If you still want to investigate the advantages of donating a vehicle to charity, check this Orange County CPA firm’s discussion about the decision. 

Can you donate a boat in Irvine? What about a golf cart or an RV?

If you think it’s fun to look around at Sun Country, you probably have a boat. If you don’t get out on the water much but used to be an avid fisherman, you can make a a boat donation in Irvine through Cars2Charities and transfer its value to support for animals, Girl Scouts or others! irvine1

What about a storage unit? Have you built up a fleet of vehicles at Townsend Self Storage and want to get out of your lease? Think of the money you save with an RV donation in Irvine.

So many men and women shed their cars for life on a bike. If you joined a motorcycle meetup and want a shinier or more reliable ride, make a motorcycle donation in Irvine to benefit a non-profit and get a tax write-off.

If you’re lucky enough to live at Irvine Cove, you probably get around in your cart. If you’ve made new friends and now need a 6-seater, or if the batteries are dead and you’d rather upgrade, give us a call. You can donate a golf cart in Irvine and help a struggling nonprofit.

You’ve been blessed and you know you have an opportunity to bless others. It’s nice to know you can lower your tax base and benefit a nonprofit at the same time with a car donation in Irvine through Cars2Charities. Let us know when you’re ready!

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