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Car donation in Marina del Rey, California

Have you noticed your friends at the Marina Yacht Club have rolled up in some really nice cars lately? Have you stopped by Chequered Flag International to look at a few beauties for yourself? When you get behind the wheel of something new every few years, you get the latest bells and whistles, superior sound and updated technology.marina del rey 1

But there’s another huge advantage to buying a new car. You can donate a car in Marina del Rey and give your generous support to the non-profit of your choice.

Why should I donate a car to charity in Marina del Rey?

Chances are you’re looking into a lease or considering a dealer trade-in. We’re here to tell you there is an opportunity missed with those options. In fact, you lose a good deal of money with a dealer trade-in, which you may already know.

The USC Marshall School of Business completed a study showing that dealers simply increase the price of the new car when someone does a trade-in. There’s an assumption that “money is no object” to the car buyer, so they can charge more. https://www.marshall.usc.edu/news/releases/2015/consumers-beware

There’s always something to do in the Marina. You definitely don’t want to go through the hassle of selling your car yourself. You’d rather be out on the water or visiting with your grandkids than dealing with your car. That’s the advantage to donating a car in Marina del Rey.

Have you wanted to put cash into a favorite charity, but didn’t want to simply write a check? If you’re a parent, you may want to contribute to kids. What about Girl Scouts or PTA? https://www.cars2charities.org/give/girl-scouts-car-donation

Or are you a member of a temple or church? You can make a car, truck or SUV donation in Marina del Rey to any religious institution that’s a 501(c)(3). You can also turn an ordinary, practical item like your old car into a form of assistance for indigenous people groups through The Sacred Fire Foundation, or care during disasters through Can-Do.marina del rey 2

Want to benefit your bottom line? A car donation tax deduction in Marina del Rey will make a noticeable difference to your CPA. But don’t just take our word for it! See what other Southland CPAs have to say about auto donations. http://www.wndecpa.com/tax-accounting-orange-county/?s=donating+a+used+car

Can I donate a boat in Marina del Rey? A motorcycle or RV?

If you like to make a splash, you probably own at least one boat. When you’re ready to part with one, a boat donation in Marina del Rey can put cash in the hands of a favorite charity while offering you a tax write-off.

Do you live in the Marina? If you have jet skis you no longer use, we can pick those up too. Do you love the RV scene? If you like to go out in your vintage Silver Stream, keep it up! But if you don’t go much now that the kids are gone, you can donate an RV in Marina del Rey and put some bucks in the pocket of a charity.

Does your community allow golf carts? When you’re done toodling around in one, or if the batteries are dead, give us a call at Cars2Charities. We can pick up your golf cart donation in Marina del Rey whether it runs or not.
http://www.cars2charities.org/golf-cart-donationmarina del rey 3

What about your hog? Do you still get a kick out of riding it on weekends? Or did you bail on that bike club you used to belong to? If it’s just picking up dust, donate a motorcycle in Marina del Rey also. http://www.cars2charities.org/donate-vehicle/motorcycle-donation

We take them all at Cars2Charities. You can relax at Chace Park or take the grandkids for a swim—it’s a hassle-free way to get a tax deduction.

What are donors saying?

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How do I donate my car in Marina del Rey?

Simply go to your computer or phone. It’s really easy! You can donate online at Cars2Charities.org or just call us at 855-520-2100. https://www.cars2charities.org/

Our towing experts come to wherever your vehicle is, whether that’s your house, the office, or at the repair shop. Need 24-hour service? No problem!

What we do now is why we’re different than other car charity programs. Our experts assess your car to see if it needs any repairs or upgrades, and if so, we make them. Our research shows that donation cars usually sell for 25-50% more than if we didn’t make the changes. Of course, the higher the sale price of your car, the bigger your write-off and the more money that goes to the charity you choose!marina del rey 4

Your CPA will be so proud of you, and you can feel good about yourself too! And there’s a third recipient benefiting from the transaction. It’s been our pleasure to make, literally, thousands of car buyers happy—people who need some wheels to get them to work, but don’t have the means to buy something brand new. Your car gets a second chance!

We’re happy to walk you through the whole process, and most of our clients rave about how easy it is. We do all the work—you just hand over the keys and log in your tax deduction. Making a car donation in Marina del Rey is an easy decision to do something productive with the vehicle you don’t need and help others at the same time.

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