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Why should I donate my car in Martinez?

adorable 1850465 640It may be time for an upgrade - to a newer car, boat or other vehicle, and you're considering all the options, including what to do with the old one. Whether you have your eye on a new car or you'd just like to free up some space in the garage, you want to make it easy on yourself … and so do we. Your decision can get a lot simpler when you consider donating your car to charity. 

When you donate a car to charity in Martinez, and we take care of every detail. We tow away the vehicle you don't need, whenever and wherever it's convenient. Towing is FREE to you, as the charity you choose reimburses us for the cost of towing, improvements and handling. We make selective improvements to how your vehicle looks and runs, we market it to a network of interested buyers, and then give 100% of the net proceeds to your favorite charity. Because of the value we add along the way, you get a 25-50% better tax deduction. 

Just like Martinez native, Joltin' Joe Dimaggio, you can hit one out of the park! Sure, the city of Martinez does an amazing job of preserving its past, from many preserved 19th century homes to the John Muir National Historic Site. But, a car from ancient history eventually becomes a burden, with endless repair bills and less-than-useful features. 

You may feel it's time to move forward and replace the vehicle you have, but you want it to be easy and, at the same time, a smart financial move. Not only is our process free, we give you lots of options for which non-profit you'd like to support when you make a car, truck or SUV donation in Martinez. 

How can I donate a car in Martinez?

With our quick, efficient process it takes just 3-5 minutes on the phone with one of our expert coordinators and you've done it! 

Cars2Charities Tow TruckHere's how it works. After we gather some key facts about your preferences, an expert towing driver will meet you where and when you say. He will provide you with a temporary donation receipt, show you where to sign, and bring your donated vehicle to our processing center. We make selective repairs and improvements - whatever will add to the vehicle's value the most. We then market the automobile or recreational vehicle to retail buyers who can appreciate its remaining value and make the most of the life
 it has left. Simply call 855-520-2100 and let go. We do the rest. The only thing we can't do is figure out what to do with the extra space in your garage.

Your car doesn't have to run. We often pick up vehicles from a mechanic's shop that are just not worth the cost of fixing further. Many donors choose to part with a “project car" or motorcycle they, or someone they love, have been meaning to finish restoring for years. Feel the freedom from being saddled by an RV, camper or other vehicle that's too heavy to move and fills your garage or yard. And if it's a storage unit you're clearing out, think of the money you'll save!

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Can I donate a boat in Martinez? What about a motorcycle, RV or golf cart donation?

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Yes, we turn all kinds of recreational vehicles into support for non-profits - so the “toys" you no longer need can become a boon to your favorite charity. Have some of your water sport vehicles been parked in the Martinez Marina for too long, without getting the kind of use they once did? Or maybe just sitting in dry-dock, at home or at a facility? Clear out your storage unit or a garage that's housing an under-utilized boat, jet ski, Sea Doo, ATV or quads. RV donation in Martinez is also very popular, and a motorcycle, truck, SUV or camper donation can make a bigger difference than you might imagine.

Just think of the costs and hassles you can avoid. If your vehicle needs major repairs, it may just not be worth it. The website cars.costhelpers.com says that some full-time RVers recommend a maintenance/repair fund of $3,000-$5,000 a year. If that's you, and you're upgrading or one of your rec vehicles need to hit the road for other reasons, simply call 855-520-2100 to see how we help you turn a headache into a blessing.

How can I get the BEST car donation tax deduction in Martinez?

Just like the gold rush pioneers of Martinez, you measure the value of your choices. Our seasoned process maximizes your tax deduction, so your bottom line is something even your accountant can appreciate. Our technicians complete a 16-point assessment to decide appropriate changes your vehicle needs, and these repairs affect the sale price, typically about 25-50% higher than your vehicle's value without the changes (Ultimately maximizing your tax deduction). 

Another advantage to a car or truck donation in Martinez through Cars2Charities is that we almost never send a car to auction, because it doesn't get as high a price that way. A car, truck, SUV or motorcycle donation in Martinez tends to benefit you more than a dealer or CarMax, where you won't receive the actual full value of your vehicle. 

You and your accountant will find that we follow proper IRS guidelines when you make a car, truck, RV, boat or golf cart donation through Cars2Charities. The legal guidelines we follow allow you to deduct the FULL SALE VALUE of your charity car donation in Martinez. The forms we provide you and your nonprofit within 30 days of sale, include IRS Form 1098-C. You and the charity both receive the same document, so there is complete transparency about the sale price.  

What's the best charity for vehicle donations in Martinez?

Whichever one you choose! We can direct money from the sale of your vehicle to just about any non-profit -- whether it's a car donation to Catholic Charities in Martinez or to cancer research in Martinez, to name a couple.

doctor 650534 640If you'd like suggestions for charities that could use the proceeds from vehicle donations in Martinez, we can offer that as well. Perhaps you know someone who has battled breast cancer. Car donations to Breast Cancer Solutions helps patients pay for bills when they experience a loss of income. Or you can sow more broadly with a car donation to the American Cancer Fund.

Alternatively, you might donate your car in Martinez to the Arthritis National Research Foundation. Or perhaps you've had loved ones suffering from dementia and would like to donate a car to the Alzheimer's Association in Martinez. We can make either happen.  

Sometimes in medicine, miracles do happen. Your car donation to Ronald McDonald House in Martinez can change lives by supporting the experiences created for those with serious illnesses.

There are some well-known nonprofits that benefit community members who need a leg up. You play a part in fighting joblessness with a Goodwill car donation in Martinez. And most people know of a similar charity known for supporting men and women who need a second chance. You can donate a car to Salvation Army in Martinez to maintain programs they've had in place for 100 years.  

Maybe you're a National Public Radio fan? If you'd like to become a supporter, you can donate a car to NPR in Martinez, contributing to the insightful programming you and many others enjoy.  

If you don't have a charity of choice, we can make sure the money from the sale of your car, truck, SUV or RV donation in Martinez goes to a worthy cause. All you need do is call us and say “Cars2Charities, choose a charity for me." Every 1 in 4 donors do just that! Donating a car is easy when you call Cars2Charities.

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