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girl with dog in car both sunglassesWhen you choose a car Donation to a charity as a way to maximize your giving power, you are making a wise decision.  A vehicle donation not only benefits the charity of your choice but, when handled properly, can also benefit an individual who may need a vehicle but cannot afford one.  While some car donations must be sold for scrap due to their condition, Cars2Charities tries to maximize the value of every donation by performing cleanup and repair when necessary to sell the car in usable condition.

Unlike other car charities, Cars2Charities helps you get the most from your vehicle donation by first improving how your vehicle looks and runs.  When you donate a car through Cars2Charities, we do not auction the vehicle as most charitable organizations do.  Instead, we ensure that your car donation is sold privately, thereby increasing the amount we can obtain for your vehicle.

What Happens When I Donate My Car?

family in back of carWhen you donate your car through Cars2Charities, we take care of the process from beginning to end to make it easy for you.  There could be a great deal of paperwork involved in donating a car to charity, so we make sure you are never overwhelmed.  Instead of asking that you fill out form after form, we make it very easy for you to donate a car to charity. 

All you have to do is call or go online and we take care of the rest.  If you have the title to the vehicle, we will handle the transfer; if you do not have a title, we will simply ask you to sign some paperwork and we will get a copy of the title ourselves.  Those who donate cars through Cars2Charities will never have to worry about standing in long lines or paying high fees; we take care of everything for our donors.

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Can I Donate My Car For A Tax Deduction?

hands poor poverty 9749If you choose to give your car as a charitable donation, you are permitted by the IRS to take the value of the car as a tax deduction.  The full sales price is used when determining this deduction, so it is very important that you get the maximum amount possible for your vehicle. 

charitable car donation with Cars2Charities is not only easy but effective.  We do not sell your car at an auction; instead, we make sure that we find the right buyer to get top dollar for your donation.  This benefits you in two ways: you maximize the amount of good your donation will do for your designated group and you benefit yourself with a larger car donation tax deduction.

Where Can I Donate My Car to Charity?

Find car donation charities through Cars2Charities is easy! Simply take the following steps, and we will handle the rest:

Contact Cars2Charities online or by phone to share your information.  We have a quick and easy form online, or one of our friendly representatives will be happy to take your information on the phone or online.

Arrange for pickup.  We will pick up your car in any location you choose.  If the vehicle is not running, we will arrange for a tow at no cost to you.  We can also pick up vehicles at garages, mechanics and at storage facilities.

Take the deduction on your taxes.  Once we have sold your vehicle, we will send you a receipt that you can use to take the vehicle deduction on your taxes.  This form will be filed with your tax paperwork and verifies the actual sales price of your vehicle.

It is so easy when you choose Cars2Charities to make a real difference in someone's life!  Our simple process allows you to donate quickly and easily and to maximize your charitable giving in the simplest way possible.

Can I Donate To Several Charities?

As long as a group meets the requirements for a non-profit or 501(c)(3) group, Cars2Charities can work with them.  This means that if you do not have a charity in mind to benefit from your donation, or if you want to donate to more than one charity, we can help.  We have an extensive list of charities and civic groups with whom we have worked in the past.  We are also happy to add your group to our list and will take care of all of the items necessary to benefit that charity with a car donation.

Can I Donate A Boat or Other Vehicle?

tax calculatorYour contribution power is not limited to cars alone.  We also take boats, trailer, motorcycles, RVs, golf carts, ATVs and any other vehicle—even dune buggies!  As long as it has an engine we will probably take your donation and turn it into cash to benefit your favorite cause.

We also take non-running vehicles.  Unlike some groups, we do not expect you to bear the expenses of removal; we pay for all towing and associated fees.  We can apply for new titles and handle all the paperwork related to your donation as well.

What better way to clear that old vehicle out of your driveway or garage at no cost to you?  At Cars2Charities, we truly do make it easy to donate your vehicle.  Just making a phone call or filling out a brief online form is all that is required; we will do the rest!

Will All of My Car Donation Funds Benefit My Charity?

While we do have normal overhead expenses that must be met, we give more money to the charities you benefit than other groups for a simple reason:  we do not auction vehicles.  Auctions bring the very lowest prices for cars and other vehicles, so we use a different method.  Instead of quickly auctioning your car or other vehicle, we arrange for private sale through our network so that you get top dollar.   We always ensure that we get the most money for your car or other vehicle by investing to improve it beforehand.

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