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Car donation to the Better Business Bureau

There’s nothing better than the testimonial of another person when you’re putting your hard-earned money into a product or service. And what you want isn’t random griping, like people sometimes do on Yelp or Facebook. You need verified, unbiased information.
BBBA car donation to the BBB continues the valuable recommendations they provide for the almost 400,000 accredited businesses that meet the non-profit’s high standards.

Why should I donate my car to the Better Business Bureau?

Consumers need an ethical hub with testimonials they can trust! For more than 100 years, the BBB has been there for Americans who need to know more before they shop or hire services. A vehicle donation to the Better Business Bureau through Cars2Charities means the value of the car you no longer need can fuel more help, more guidance for decision-making.

If you’ve never really thought about what it’s like to donate a car to charity, you probably don’t know the tremendous advantages. There’s more than just the benefit to the BBB.

When was the last time you bought a new car? Was one of the Bushes still in office? (Let’s hope it wasn’t Bush #1!)
It may be high time you started shopping. If you’re used to just doing a dealer trade-in, wait a minute! You’ll lose 60-70% of your car’s value that way! That’s too much!

At USC School of Business some students completed a study showing that not only do you lose money in the value of your car (obviously they need to make a profit). Dealers who know their customer has a trade-in tend to price the new cars higher. They assume, perhaps subconsciously, that since you don’t mind the obvious loss in the value of your old car, that you’ll pay more for a new one!

When you make a car, truck or SUV donation to the Better Business Bureau through Cars2Charities, you’re letting the value of the vehicle do some good ... and it helps your bottom line also!drivingjpg

How do I donate a vehicle to the Better Business Bureau?

Are you expecting a new baby, so you need something bigger than the MINI you got last year? Or is it the opposite issue? You’ve had the gas guzzling Tahoe since the car pool days, but your kids are grown now?

If you’re pretty sure you need to move a vehicle down the road, our process of donating a car to the Better Business Bureau is super easy for you.

Just call us at Cars2Charities at 855-520-2100 or make your donation online. We get your basic BBB2information, then send our towing professionals to wherever you are. That’s pretty much it – for your end of the deal!

Did your car refuse to start after work? If it’s constantly in the shop, that’s a good reason to replace it. And the average age of a car is about 10 years old, so if you’re driving something older than that, it’s worth considering. There was an article in U.S. News & World Report that speaks to the reasons a new car is a good idea, especially if you foresee a lot of upcoming repairs – especially big ones, like replacing the transmission.

Can I get a car donation tax deduction when I make an auto donation to the Better Business Bureau?

That’s one of our clients’ favorite aspects of auto donations. In addition to adding accountability to the marketplace with a charity car donation to the Better Business Bureau, there’s a great benefit to you. It’s a smart financial decision – one that your CPA would approve of.

Do you often find yourself googling to see what counts as a tax write-off? Any time of year you can donate a car for that purpose, do it with Cars2Charities so the value of your car donation is maximized. After we pick it up, our technicians look it over and decide if it needs any alterations. Then we get it sold. You don’t have to do anything (as in, sell it yourself), plus we’ve found that cars with the improvements we make tend to sell for about 25-50 % more than those without the changes. That makes your donation higher and your tax write-off too!Calculater

One of the major values of the BBB is integrity, which is what you get with us too. With our car donation program, the whole transaction is transparent. So, when you make a car charity donation to the Better Business Bureau through Cars2Charities, you’re working with seasoned industry professionals. After handling all the paperwork – the IRS and DMV forms — we send you and the BBB IRS Form 1098 within 30 days of the sale of your vehicle. It includes the final sale price of your car for your records. 

Can I donate a golf cart to the Better Business Bureau? An RV or a boat?

Yes, you can! If you’re lucky enough to live in a 55+ community, your main form of transportation is probably your Club Car! At Cars2Charities we can pick up your golf cart donation to the Better Business Bureau and let that ride do some more good in the hands of a non-profit.

We accept all kinds of vehicle donations. If you’ve made a lot of memories in your Rambler, but you don’t hit the KOA campgrounds much anymore, it may be time to move it along. Want to get out of cleaning it out, parking it somewhere with a “for sale” sign on it and fielding phone calls? We thought so! Let us pick up your RV donation to the Better Business Bureau and call it a day.

Do you have a storage unit with quads, Sea-Doos, jet skis or other vehicles? You can donate a boat to the Better Business Bureau and save yourself some money!

Do you have a motorcycle meetup? Don’t sweat it when you have to part with your old Harley. It’s painless when you let us sell it through a motorcycle donation to the Better Business Bureau. You benefit your tax outcome plus your fellow consumer!

Let the vehicle you don’t need bring you – and everyone else – informed, credible information about thousands of businesses. When you donate a car to the Better Business Bureau through Cars2Charities, that’s what you’re doing. Not only that, your vehicle gets another life with somebody else!

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How to donate your car – and get the best tax deduction. You Simply...

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  • We handle all paperwork, including full release of liability
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Why donate a vehicle?

  • Tired of paying storage fees – or other ownership costs?
  • Are your repair bills higher than the car is worth?
  • Do you want to avoid the headache of selling a car?
  • Will a dealership give you the value your car deserves?

Whatever your reason for donating a car, we make it so easy. Simply tell us a few key details, or call to speak with a knowledgeable and friendly Coordinator. We can be reached 7 days a week, at 855-520-2100.

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