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Breast Cancer Car Donation Program

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Breast Cancer Donations

You’ve finally found the best charity for breast cancer donations. Call (855) 520-2100 to donate your vehicle to breast cancer awareness through Cars2Charities. Your donation to breast cancer will help spread the word about breast cancer awareness, prevention, treatment, and help those affected by the disease find the support they need.

breastcancerawarnessWhen choosing the right company to handle your breast cancer car donation, you want to make sure charity handling the vehicle donation is sending the money to the right cause.

By donating a car to breast cancer awareness, your donation is helping women (or men) and their families struggling with the day-to-day life associated with a breast cancer diagnosis. If you or a loved one has ever been through a serious illness, you know there are many things that affect your life. When you decide that a breast cancer car donation is the route you want to go, you are making a conscious effort to give back struggling families trying to find the right treatment and individuals looking for answers about breast cancer questions.

Every breast cancer charity donation we handle goes to preparing women and men to fight for this cause by offering information about preventative measures, screenings, patient services, breast cancer research for the cure and even treatment options. Cars2Charities’ breast cancer car donation services offer 24-48 hour towing in most locations and we handle all of the paperwork for you!

Did you know that breast cancer is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer among women in the United States? Donating a car to a breast cancer charity is such an amazing idea, but what about helping the spread of breast cancer awareness? One of the simplest ways to catch breast cancer early is to do annual mammograms, and self-examinations. Find out more about breast cancer awareness from the CDC website.

Millions of breast cancer cases surface each year, and breast cancer affects women and men from all walks of life. A tribesperson in Namibia is just as likely to develop breast cancer as a tradesperson on Wall Street. It does not discriminate; however, we do not have all the answers. There is not enough information about this harmful disease and early detection is the best way to control it. WHO, World Health Organization has so much information about breast cancer awareness.

If you’re looking for more information about breast cancer awareness, prevention and treatment, we’re here to help.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Facts about Breast Cancer
• Having high risk does not mean you are bound to get the disease. There are so many factors involved, the best thing you can to is speak with your doctor and discuss breast cancer prevention and early detection.

• Breast Cancer cannot technically be prevented, however there are things you can do to lower your risk of developing it. Genetic counselling, staying at a healthy weight, physical activity, limiting alcohol consumption, learning about possible diets or supplements associated with lowering breast cancer risk are all possibilities and strides you can take to lowering your risk.

• Breast cancer can be found early. Although many cases are diagnosed after symptoms appear, there has been success in finding and treating breast cancer early, which helps a person’s chances of beating the disease. Regular screenings are highly recommended by doctors and medical associations across the world.

• Mammograms- low does x-rays designed to screen for breast cancer. donatetobreastcnacer

• There are many treatments for breast cancer. Some treatment options include, Chemotherapy, Hormone Therapy, Target Therapy, Immunotherapy. Depending on the diagnosis the treatment might vary. There are local treatments or treatments that might affect the entire body. Each therapy is specialized case by cases, but there are options.

• You’re not alone. If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, you are not alone, there are millions of people who have similar diagnoses. Not to mention you have your friends, family, doctors, and breast cancer charities to lean on. And many car donation’s to breast cancer awareness will help find a cure for everyone affected.

American Cancer Society has answers to many of your breast cancer questions here.

Donating your car to breast cancer awareness is not an easy decision. Your car has been with you for years, and when it’s time to let it go, you want to make sure you are working with a company that will take care of it for you. Cars2Charities has been around for over 25 years. We have been handling car donations for the best charity for breast cancer car donations and many other types of nonprofits as well. Not only has Cars2Charities been in business for decades, but we are a family and women owned and operated car donation company. There is something to take away from a female company advocating breast cancer car donations and awareness.

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How to Donate to Breast Cancer Research

Now that you’ve decided to donate your car do the best breast cancer charity, you may be wondering, how does the process work? It’s pretty simple!

Step By Step Car Donations to a Breast Cancer Charity

Step 1 - Give us a call and when you have your Certificate of Title, or “pinkslip” (as it’s sometimes called) in hand. One of our friendly donation coordinators will ask you a few questions about your vehicle and get you scheduled for a pickup appointment- based on your availability!

carkeyStep 2 - Meet the driver at your home, the repair shop, car dealership, or wherever your vehicle is located. Please make sure you have your signed title and keys, and kindly hand them over to the driver. He will take the paperwork and car to our local auction house or storage facility.

Step 3- Relax! Once the driver has your car hooked up, you are no longer liable for it. We take it from there. Next, we process your paperwork through the local motor vehicle office and your car will go up for auction. Once it sells, we send you a donation receipt for the sale price of the car, and your breast cancer charity will receive the car donation proceeds.

That’s it! We do 99% of the work, all you have to do is decide to donate your car to breast cancer, give us a call, and we’ll do the rest.

Did you know that your car donation to breast canceer is tax deductable? You can claim up to $500 when the tow truck hauls your car, or you can wait until we sell your car, then you can claim the entire sale price! Will send you a tax receipt and all of the tax decution paperwork you need. If you want to know more about the value of your breast cancer charity car donation, check out IRS Publication 561.

Thank you for choosing Cars2Charities to handle your breast cancer car donation. Your generosity truly supports women, men, and their families devastated by this disease.

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