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Car Donation to Davis Street Community Center

The families of Eden in the San Francisco Bay Area have a life-giving force, and you can contribute with a car donation to Davis Street Community Center. Because of the active non-profit, families have proper medical care and children are fed and clothed. The center serves areas with greatest needs, including San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Castro Valley, Cherryland, and Ashland.

Why should I donate my car to Davis Street Community Center?

jim strasma 78RRCeKx HU unsplashAccording to the Eden Area Chamber of Commerce, there are dozens of parks and beautiful spaces for shopping, dining and entertainment. But there are certainly areas that need help as well.

The Davis Street Community Center Food Pantry provides whole grains, fruits, vegetables, canned foods, and perishable items to local families. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Because of income instability, families in Alameda County are hurting. What Davis Street does is to contribute to their health and well-being through culturally appropriate services. There are wellness workshops, medical care, parenting assistance and practical aid such as food and clothing.

When you make a car or truck donation to Davis Street Community Center, you keep that help coming. Strengthening residents of the area results in greater safety in those communities and gives kids a chance to learn and grow. It’s a great feeling to know that the car you no longer need can get into the hands of someone who needs modest transportation, at the same time as sending cash to the work of this nonprofit organization.

Children are victims of their circumstances, but perhaps at this time in your life you’ve been blessed. If you can’t volunteer and become personally involved with those less fortunate, a vehicle donation to Davis Street is a way that you can help.

How do you donate your car to Davis Street Community Center?

Very easily! Simply call us at 855-520-2100 or donate online and we take over from there. First, we schedule a towing professional to pick up your car at a time and place that’s convenient for you.

Is it in your parking lot at work? Or is it still at the car repair shop? No problem. Our clients will tell you that we bend over backwards to make the process fast and easy for you. You don’t have to navigate the tiring process of selling your car – through online means or at a separate location. Plus, there’s no giving up cash to a car lot to sell it for you.davis4

It almost seems too easy – by handing over the keys you hand over the responsibility of selling your car, but at the same time you send resources to this deserving program.

If you live outside the area but drive to your job at Eden Medical Center, for instance, you’ve witnessed the needs of residents. When you see your odometer miles rising, which brings you closer to wanting a newer model car, you also see you can benefit these families with a car, truck or SUV donation to Davis Street Community Center.

Can I get a car donation tax deduction when I donate a vehicle to Davis Street Community Center?

Yes, the truth is that despite your generous nature, you also benefit when you donate a vehicle through Cars2Charities. Your CPA should approve of you adding to your tax write-offs for the year.

And there’s good news about our process. Your tax break is based on the selling price of your donation vehicle and we do our best to maximize that dollar amount. After we pick up your car, our technicians look it over and make any necessary alterations to make it more salable. Our research shows that these vehicles tend to sell for 25-50% more, and therefore, your tax benefit is higher and so is the contribution to the cause.

davis5Whether or not you use Turbo Tax, you can turn to Intuit for an explanation of the car donation tax credit regulations.

There are certainly other ways you can get rid of your car besides a car charity donation to Davis Street Community Center. If you typically do a dealer trade-in, you can probably see the disadvantages of that route. Most car shoppers knowingly give up about half their car’s value simply because it’s easy. 

But by donating a car to Davis Street Community Center through Cars2Charities, 100% of your vehicle’s value determines your write-off.

Can I donate a motorcycle to Davis Street Community Center? Or a boat or golf cart?

Yes, of course you can. We pick up a huge range of vehicles, from RVs to Sea Doos.

Are you keeping your boat at the San Leandro Yacht Club? If you’re paying for slip fees but rarely get out on the water, consider parlaying your resources into support with a boat donation to Davis Street Community Center.

If you ride with the Oakland Motorcycle Riders Club, you may be putting a lot of miles on your Harley. When you upgrade your bike, let us know. You can make a motorcycle donation to Davis Street Community Center through Cars2Charities.

Life on the vineyard at Trilogy is a luxury and you’re aware of that fact. That’s what makes it nice when there’s an opportunity to show your gratitude by giving to others. You can donate a golf cart to Davis Street Community Center and send support where it’s needed - providing medical care, counseling and other services to Eden families.davis2

Do you have amazing memories raising the kids, taking trips in your Airstream or Winnebago? There comes a point when remembering those days is enough and taking care of your vehicle is a lot of work. You can donate an RV to Davis Street Community Center when it’s time to part with your recreational vehicle.

If you’re like a lot of Americans, you’re cleaning things up, streamlining your home, your garage and your property. It’s a tremendous time to take your extra resources and share it with needy individuals. The families you benefit when you donate a car to Davis Street Community Center will be eternally grateful. And you get some of those benefits as well – a tax write-off and the good feeling that you’re sowing kindness.

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