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How do I donate a car to Eastern Star Homes?

hands walking stick elderly old personAt a time like retirement, there’s nowhere you’d rather be than in the company of those who share your principles of truth, relief and brotherly love. The comfort that residents of Eastern Star senior living get to experience includes that sense of community, sharing a similar lifestyle with fellow members of the order.

You can play a part in the lives of seniors with an Eastern Star car donation. The value of the vehicle you no longer need can benefit residents and facility at the senior living community, so that more members can experience that advantage.

It’s the simplest process too! After you make a 3-5 minute call to us, we take care of the entire auto donation. There’s no taking pictures of your car, posting it, waiting for buyers – we handle it all! It’s an easy route to offering a free gift to an amazing charity that offers so much to others.

The Order of the Eastern Star is the largest fraternal order from the family of Freemasonry that admits both men and women into membership. The benevolent nature of the organization comes from its focus on self-improvement and living according to the virtues of the order, which each member learns through stories of Biblical heroines. Men who join Eastern Star are affiliated with the Masons as well, and female members have often spent their youth involved in Job’s Daughters International or the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, “Rainbow Girls.”

Why should I make an Eastern Star charity car donation?

For Susan Capwell Holmes of Los Angeles, it was both her own enriching experience in Eastern Star and her father’s lifelong devotion to the Masons that inspired her to donate a vehicle to Eastern Star Homes.pexels photo 1034597

“When it came time to donate a car, there was no question,” said Susan, who made her vehicle donation to Eastern Star through Cars2Charities. “It was my number one choice.”
In her father’s 91 years, Susan was impressed by the infinite support he received from his friends in the family of Freemasons. His lodge brothers drove hours out of their way to bring him to activities and always made sure he and his family were provided for. In fact, the day her father died, he was on his way to a Mason event.

“When a member passes away, they take care of the family. Even after he died, they said they’d be there to help us,” she said. “They did a lot for him. Even to this day, there are some guys I call up and if I say, ‘I need help,’ his lodge brothers say, ‘I’m on my way.’”

Susan read about Eastern Star vehicle donations in a newsletter and she was immediately interested, mostly because she saw that donating a car to Eastern Star Homes for seniors was so easy to do.

“I needed someone to come get it and take it away,” said Susan. “I had a car that needed to be smogged and I hadn’t jumped through all these hoops.”

As the executor for her father’s estate, Susan had a big job to do, and she found a way to benefit a beloved nonprofit cause and gain the support of our fast and free pick up of her car.

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When I donate my car to Eastern Star Homes do I get a tax benefit?

Yes, you do.

After Susan called, we came and towed away her car and had it inspected for necessary repairs and upgrades. After we sold her vehicle, Eastern Star received a check and Susan got her Eastern Star car donation tax deduction. Following the guidelines prescribed by the IRS, we submit the paperwork to you and to the charity you choose. You both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale.

action adult affection 339620We take care of all the DMV paperwork, transfer of title – it’s the easiest tax break you can imagine. While any nonprofit group can benefit from your car, an Eastern Star car charity donation provides even more than just senior living opportunities. You are a part of a group supporting orphanages, scholarships, cancer research, heart disease research, Shriners’ charities and much more. For more than 130 years, the Order of the Eastern Star has promoted benevolence and patriotism among men, women and youth through precept and example. A Disaster Relief Fund aims to relieve the urgent needs arising from such disasters as tornadoes in the heartland, and, recently, Typhoon Haiyan, which devastated the Philippines.

Can I make an Eastern Star golf cart donation? Or an RV?

Yes, we pick up any recreational vehicle donation to Eastern Star, including a camper, trailer, quads, or an Eastern Star motorcycle donation. We even pick up vehicles that no longer run! In fact, if your golf cart no longer runs, you may be better off making a golf cart donation to Eastern Star rather than replacing the batteries, which cost approximately $160 each – and golf carts use 6-8 of them!

sand and seashellsDo you have Jet Skis or a Sea-Doo you no longer use? You can make an Eastern Star boat donation as well, or call us with other watercraft you don’t need.

Whether it’s a car, truck or RV donation to Eastern Star Homes, you get to further the good work of the charity you love. And, like Susan found, a car, truck or SUV donation to Eastern Star Homes will offer members the assistance they need in their later years. “I really believe they kept him going,” she said. “Both the social aspect and memorizing of the floor work (for rituals) helped him. He wasn’t just sitting in a room, trying to get from one room to the next. He had a better social life than I did!”

When you find yourself in the position of estate planning or upgrading your vehicle, we can help you provide the means for members of Masonic groups to experience the accepting, friendly environment provided by an Eastern Star car donation.

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