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Esperanza Entertainment Boosters Car Donation Program

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How can I donate my car to Esperanza Entertainment Unit?

pexels photo 788838If you’ve been hoping to find an opportunity to contribute to EEU without writing a check or paying in sweat equity, we’ve got an easy way for you to do it. You can donate your car to Esperanza Entertainment Unit any time you’d like, directing the proceeds to the booster club and receiving a tax deduction.

A quick phone call to us and we make all the arrangements. It’s not only a great benefit to Esperanza band boosters, it’s an effortless way for you to make good use of the car you no longer need. It is nice to know that the value of your vehicle can be streamlined straight to the lives of teenagers who are continuing to learn and grow. If you’re that parent who is always in the audience for performances, or providing the last minute needs of band members before a competition, the EEU booster club counts on you. The kids count on you.

How would you also like to be the one whose contribution means that more teens get the chance to be a part of the excitement, to make music, make friends and make memories? Fair Share cost are approximately $400 per student, which becomes tough to manage when families have more than one child in the band. The cost of participation is much higher during “band tour years.”

“When I was a junior, I traveled to New York for a week with the high school and has the amazing opportunity to play in Carnegie Hall,” said Abby, a recent Esperanza High School graduate. “And just last year, the band went to Hawaii for some parades and performances, as well.”pexels photo 417456

It’s the opportunity of a lifetime for teens who get the chance to perform in significant venues. A few years ago, the jazz band was invited to perform at Lincoln Center in New York City, and the talented musicians perform at the Reno Jazz Festival every year.

Would you like to be the reason more talented teens gain the chance to share their music in other parts of the nation? If it’s time to upgrade your vehicle, or if your car no longer runs and you just need some help moving it along, let it be a tool to bring the Esperanza band experience to another boy or girl.

Just let us know the location for the vehicle pick up and the time that is most convenient for you. We tow away your car, and maximize your contribution with our unique process. Our experts do a 16-point inspection to determine if your vehicle needs repairs or upgrades. We’ve found that our cars get proceeds that are 25-50% higher than they do without the improvements.

You receive paperwork for your Esperanza car donation tax deduction, and more local high school kids gain access to an activity that impacts them for a lifetime. Your contribution creates a win-win, adding momentum to a program with opportunities for kids to perform jazz, read music, and take part in the drama of musical performance.

Why should I donate a car to Esperanza Entertainment Unit?

The teen years are perhaps the most complicated time of a young person’s life, and entering high school is, for many, the hardest step. Each student gets a new set of teachers and more classmates than ever, along with the pressure to excel in sports or outpace peers in the classroom. Add to all of those challenges the tremendous social needs of a teenager and you’ve got a pretty big transition phase.

One of the chief ways to secure a smooth entry into high school is for a student to find an activity on campus, where the teen can not only gain skills, he or she can also make friends. As adults, many of us look back on this “band of brothers and sisters” forged by the fires of adolescence and see that these are the relationships that last a lifetime. If you have memories of a bonding experience from being a part of a group like the marching band or performing in the color guard, you know how important these programs are.

Engaging in music has layers of enrichment for boys and girls, including the tremendous benefits to brain development and the experience of performing. Many band members are learning skills they will use in their careers, while others are gaining a productive pastime for the duration of high school that, many times, becomes a lifelong hobby. Our youth need exercise and they get plenty of it through marching in parades, performing as members of an auxiliary unit, practicing for halftime shows and participating in winter guard.

More of these kinds of experiences require the support of the community. “Esperanza Entertainment Unit consists of a massive amount of hard work and dedication and it could not be possible without your support!” says JoD Apitz, EEU booster club board president.pexels photo 417456

Even the work of volunteers, plus the drive and talent of students isn’t enough to maintain the program. Donations by those willing to partner with the program are a necessity as well.

“While the boosters and the kids work hard to keep the unit running, we depend on donations to be the major reason we can participate in field shows, parades, color guard competitions, and jazz festivals,” says Janet Shaad, EEU booster club treasurer. “Your donation will pay for uniforms, color guard costumes, flags, field expenses, and excellent coaches.”

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Can I donate an RV to Esperanza Entertainment Unit?

Yes – you can make a recreational vehicle donation to the EEU booster club. If you want to donate a boat to the Esperanza band boosters, or donate jet skis or other watercraft, let us know and we can pick them up.

Do you have a golf cart donation for EEU? It’s the same easy process. You can donate a motorcycle to Esperanza band boosters also. There are numerous options for vehicle donations to EEU, all contributing to a wider reach for the program. Any motorized vehicle can be sold for the benefit of the EEU program. If you have a trailer or would like to make a golf cart donation to the Esperanza Entertainment Unit, give us a call.

Whether you donate an SUV to the Esperanza booster club or if you have quads or a fifth wheel, we take care of the title transfer and all of the paperwork. After we sell your donation vehicle, we report the actual sale price of the vehicle to you and to EEU, following the guidelines prescribed by the IRS. You both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale. 

The lessons learned in an environment that dovetails skill acquisition, mental focus and emotional bonding are priceless. When you donate a car to Esperanza Entertainment Unit, more teens can experience the value of getting in step with other talented students.

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