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Focus on the Family Car Donation Program

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Car Donation to Focus on the Family

It’s been more than 40 years since Focus on the Family began helping husbands and wives create healthy marriages and started reaching out to parents with biblical principles to raise their children in a way that honors Jesus Christ. Focus on the Family has continued bringing a message of hope and help through various avenues including broadcasts, films, telecasts, podcasts, blogs, webcasts, and radio drama programs.

A car donation to Focus on the Family supports the important work of the non-profit organization, offering more opportunities for men, women, and children to hear and understand God’s message for their family needs.

Why should I donate my car to Focus on the Family?

The practical insights that families have received over the years from Focus on the Family continue to make a difference in the lives of individuals and groups. Through a wide range of media, their Christian message still guides church leaders as well as officials involved in the American political process.

A vehicle donation to Focus on the Family brings support to the cause of Christ and spreads the Gospel while encouraging individuals to be good stewards of their faith and their households. Issues like the sanctity of life and God’s plan for singles are among the many topics available in downloadable resources.

You can put practical, tangible support into the hands of this upstanding Christian ministry through a car charity donation to Focus on the Family through Cars2Charities. It pumps money into the organization, ramping up valuable programs, creating clean, appropriate educational entertainment for kids, and providing useful resources to those seeking guidance with life’s challenges.

And it’s tax-deductible!

How do you donate your car to Focus on the Family?

If you’re getting ready to replace your vehicle, keep in mind a Focus on the Family car donation is a way to reach more moms, dads, and children for Christ, and it’s very, very easy to do!

You simply call Cars2Charities at 855-520-2100 or donate online and your part is done, thou good and faithful servant!

We have such a streamlined donation process at Cars2Charities – it seriously takes you about 5 minutes to make a difference.

After you make contact with us, we come to you – at a time and place that’s convenient for you – to tow your donation car, which we bring to our expert technicians to assess for necessary alterations.

Our goal is to maximize your tax write-off, which is based on the selling price of the vehicle. Our research shows that donation vehicles typically sell for 25-50% more than those without the changes, which not only benefits your bottom line, it means more funding for Focus on the Family.

A generous individual wants to be wise when it comes to charitable giving, and that’s the beauty of a charity car donation to Focus on the Family through Cars2Charities. We’re a family-owned business, honest and transparent, and have been in this industry for three decades.

We not only sell your donation car, we complete all the paperwork for you (even the title transfer!). Then we send a check to Focus on the Family with IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale and give you the completed paperwork for your IRS tax filing. You get to play a part in continuing the work of this ministry with virtually no effort!

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Can I donate a golf cart to Focus on the Family? A boat or RV?

Yes, you can – all of the above!

Do you live in a 55-and-up retirement community where everyone hops into their Club Cars to visit friends in the neighborhood? When you face the prospect of purchasing new (expensive) batteries, or when you want to upgrade to a Buggie Scooter, you can make a golf cart donation to Focus on the Family.

Do you have lots of memories of traveling with the family to places like the Grand Canyon in your Pace Arrow? If those memories are mostly behind you, we can process an RV donation to Focus on the Family and let the proceeds from your motor vehicle reach the world for Jesus Christ. You can also donate quads, or even jet skis and Sea-Doos.

And speaking of life on the water – do you love fishing or water skiing? Give us a call when you want to upgrade your 22-foot Bayliner to a 35-foot cruiser. A boat donation to Focus on the Family through Cars2Charities converts the value of your vehicle into money for ministry.

Did you do what Chuck Swindoll did and hit the back roads on a motorcycle after retirement? And now Franklin Graham and author/speaker Lisa Harper ride, too. If you and your buddies in your motorcycle club are ready to move up to an MC-07 or an Iron 1200, you can donate your motorcycle to Focus on the Family.

How do I process a car donation tax deduction to Focus on the Family?

Whether you have a high-powered CPA or save money doing your taxes through Turbo Tax, you can benefit when you donate a car to charity through Cars2Charities. You don’t have to wait until you’re sitting down with your paperwork. Any time of the year, an auto donation to Focus on the Family is a great way to make a difference on your taxes.

Have you heard of Charity Navigator? If you visit the site, you can see why donating cars to charity is a relied upon measure to save on your taxes.

On top of making it a part of your own giving plan to further the gospel, if you’re the executor of someone’s estate you can make a car, truck, or SUV donation to Focus on the Family.

And there’s another winner here that we sometimes forget. Someone is out there who needs a modest form of transportation. Your old car may end up in the hands of a missionary on furlough ... or a struggling single mother who needs to get to work. Don’t forget your generosity can move mountains.

At Cars2Charities we’re ready when you are when you’d like to donate a car to Focus on the Family and reach the millions in the world who don’t know Christ. Just let us know, and we’ll walk you through the process.

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