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Donate a Car to Ford Theatre Foundation

When you make a car donation to the Ford Theatre Foundation you bring more high-caliber, culturally-diverse productions to the stage and educate youth through participatory arts experiences. It is the nonprofit organization supporting the historic John Anson Ford Theatres in Los Angeles.

Why should you donate your car to the Ford Theatre Foundation?

Since the 1920s, theatregoers in Southern California have had the privilege of attending professional performances on stages at the Ford Theatre located in Cahuenga Pass. First named The Pilgrimage Theatre, it was originally a wooden amphitheatre on land that was purchased by Pittsburgh Paint heiress Christine Wetherill Stevenson and wealthy Los Angelean Marie Rankin Clarke.

The new structure was built in 1931 and the theatre has been owned by the County of Los Angeles since 1941. Audiences at the 1,200-seat amphitheatre and 87-seat indoor theatre have seen performances from classic plays such as “King Lear” to concerts by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Ramones.

But more than just hosting high-profile performances, your vehicle donation to the Ford Theatre Foundation through Cars2Charities supports programs such as JAM Sessions, which consists of entertainment for youth that nurtures artistic development and interactive participation. They experience every imaginable style from Bollywood and bucket drumming to salsa and hip hop.Ford the people hold hands

Possibly the best part about donating a car to charity is that you get to transfer the value of your vehicle to a great cause. We’ve all supported fundraisers from a 5K run to a nonprofit’s gala, and nearly everyone in America has enjoyed Girl Scout cookies.

But this is a new opportunity that falls in your lap, where you can support the arts with funds from a donation car.

Can I get a car donation tax deduction when I donate a vehicle to the Ford Theatre Foundation?

Yes, you can! Just as every coin has two sides, so do car donations. When you make an auto donation to the Ford Theatre Foundation through Cars2Charities you get the good feeling of benefiting the nonprofit while also earning a tax credit for yourself.

Maybe you feel you don’t need the write-off … well, you get it anyway, based on the IRS regulations regarding vehicle donations. You want it to be about more than the paperwork and it is – it’s a meaningful gift that meets the needs of a community that deserves a better source for arts and entertainment. But a donation to charity can bless both the giver and receiver.

When you work with us at Cars2Charities you get a benefit that’s not necessarily offered by other vehicle donation programs. Ford the car couple sunsetWe assess each donation car to see if it needs alterations, and if so, our technicians get to work. We’ve found that this process tends to raise the selling price by 25-50% and because your tax credit is based on your car’s sale price it improves your write-off.

This article by an Orange County CPA firm has more information about the advantages of car donation for your taxes. 

Also, at Cars2Charities everything is transparent and above board. We walk you through it, step by step. And not only do we handle all of the DMV paperwork, at the end of the process you, the Foundation and the IRS all receive Form 1098-C so you can apply your tax deduction to your records.

How does donating a car to the Ford Theatre Foundation work?

It’s very simple. When you call us at 855-520-2100 or donate online through our website, the curtain goes up on the vehicle donation process.

You’re nearly done at this point! We come and tow away your car at a time that’s convenient for you, while you go back to work, get to rehearsals, or attend another amazing show or concert.

A car, truck or SUV donation to the Ford Theatre Foundation through Cars2Charities enables us to put our 30 years of experience to work gaining you the tax credit you deserve and supporting the arts in L.A. You play a part in bringing the work of performers to community centers, parks and public spaces through the Foundation.

Our team does the inspection we told you about, which puts your vehicle in the best place to earn the most for the nonprofit, and a big win for your taxes. We take care of everything, all the way through to the title transfer.Ford the steering wheel

The best car donation programs provide a lot more than just a car removal service. We are a company that handles the process beginning to end.

Can I donate a motorcycle to the Ford Theatre Foundation? A golf cart or boat?

Yes, there are many types of vehicles that can be used to support shows at the Ford Theatres.

Are you in the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club? If you’re one of those “renaissance persons” who likes hitting the highway on your Harley, but you also appreciate Shakespeare, you can dovetail those two interests with a motorcycle donation to the Ford Theatre Foundation.

But if you’d rather spend your weekends working on your long game at Hillcrest or L.A. Country Club, you prefer a very different vibe. Give us a call when it’s time to upgrade your Garia. You can donate a golf cart to the Ford Theatre Foundation through Cars2Charities to put its value toward some great performance art.

There’s nothing like pulling into Yosemite Valley in your Coachmen and being wowed time and time again. But eventually, your RV doesn’t suit you anymore. When you consider a nicer EarthRoamer or a hip, high-tech Nest by Airstream, donate an RV to the Ford Theatre Foundation through Cars2Charities.

Anglers and water skiers who are trading their Crownline for a Larson have an opportunity to be a supporter of the live theatre scene with a boat donation to the Ford Theatre Foundation.Ford The 3 women performers

You care about the arts education your children have access to, and probably have some opinions about your own options for entertainment. It’s rare that you have professionals who commit to bringing their cultures and skills to the stage for the edification of the public. 

When you donate a car to the Ford Theatre Foundation, you’re promoting that effort – showing the world that you think it’s a priority. More kids get to learn and more adults get to interact with the process. Let us know at Cars2Charities when you’d like some help with that.

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