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pexels photoWhy donate your car to High Hopes? 

More than 1,600,000 head injuries are estimated to occur in the United States every year. And in California alone, the number of traumatic brain injuries totals a startling 22,400.

Thankfully, organizations like High Hopes are there to support individuals who suffer impairment due to strokes, vehicle collisions or sports-related accidents. Their rehabilitation programs include services from occupational and speech therapies to physical assistance, such as therapeutic swimming and weight training.

You can also support victims of traumatic brain injuries with a car donation to High Hopes Head Injury Program. It’s nice to know that the car you no longer need can be a vessel of comfort to families of TBI victims and reduce the financial burden facing them.

By allowing your old car to benefit High Hopes, those struggling to cope with the emotional and physical costs of an accident or illness can take part in the organization’s effective programs.

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Why donate my car vs. sell it?

When you find yourself with a car you no longer need, there may be methods you’re used to employing, such as doing a dealer trade-in or calling CarMax. Those are definitely easy. 

There’s a down side to those options, however. Did you know you’re only getting about 35-40% of the car’s value when you trade it in or get a quote from CarMax? But donating a car to High Hopes means you get to write off 100% of the sale price of your car!

Are you thinking of downsizing your vehicle, planning to give up your SUV for a sedan? According to Edmunds.com, there comes a time when letting go of your car is a wiser move than hanging onto it. Consumer advice editor Ronald Montoya says, "One quick way to come to a decision is with some simple math: If the cost of repairs is greater than either the value of the vehicle or one year's worth of monthly payments, it's time for another vehicle."

You may agree wholeheartedly, but you’re still stuck with the question, “What do I do with my old car?”

Selling your car is an option, of course, but it’s a lot of work. First, you have to get the car in good working condition. Then, you have to clean it and take great photos. And after you list it, you have to meet up with prospective buyers (who can be a little flaky, frankly).

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Car donations to High Hopes enable drivers to get the job done and know that, because of their generous gift, an individual with a brain injury can take part in the nonprofit group’s day treatment program, with rehabilitation activities for both cognitive and social challenges.

Are you trying to reduce your carbon footprint? A vehicle donation to High Hopes offers an added benefit to those who are committed to environmental responsibility. John Ydstie at NPR explains why car donation is a great way to do just that.

Don’t forget, on top of feeling good about your choice to benefit others, you also get a tax write-off!

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What happens when I donate a car to High Hopes Head Injury Program? 

Simply make a 3-5 minute call to us, and we come tow away your donation vehicle within 24-48 hours. Just let us know the time and location that’s most convenient for you. Is your car stranded at the auto mechanic? No problem! We pick up your car from virtually any location.

Next, our experts do a 16-point inspection to determine whether your car would benefit from some improvements or upgrades. Research we’ve performed shows that donation cars typically sell for 25-50% more than they would without the improvements.

The best part is, not only do we sell the vehicle for you, proceeds from the sale benefit High Hopes Head Injury Program. They get a check and you get a tax write-off. After the sale, we hand you the finished paperwork from your car donation to High Hopes. We take care of the title transfer, the DMV paperwork – everything else – while you get the tax benefit. 

Do you still have questions about the process

Your car donation tax deduction for High Hopes is a way to share the love – it does more than just benefit you; injured individuals and their families will feel the effects of your contribution as well.

Can I donate an RV or make a motorcycle donation to High Hopes Brain Injury Program?

Yes! At Cars2Charities we accept all kinds of vehicles. Do you have a motor home you haven’t used much in the last few years? A camper or trailer?

A recreational vehicle donation to High Hopes Brain Injury Program can come in just about any form. It's the same easy process. We pick up smaller “toys” as well, such as quads/ATVS, etc.

bigstock Children holding thank you heart purpleHas it been awhile since your water craft have actually hit the lake? We accept jet skis and Sea-Doos also. Of course, we’ll also accept a boat donation to High Hopes. The added benefit is you can clean out a storage unit or your garage at the same time!

Do you have a golf cart with a dead battery? Did you know it costs around $160 each to replace those? It may really make more sense to donate a golf cart to High Hopes. Also, if you donate a motorcycle to High Hopes, we handle it the same way as we do other vehicles.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, everyone is at risk for a traumatic brain injuries, which means organizations like High Hopes may be reaching out to someone you know someday. Your generous gift supports programs like Ryan’s Reach, which offers scholarships to students with brain injuries, or it may finance a ReoGo Robot to help an individual with upper extremity rehabilitation.

There are so many possibilities for your car donation to High Hopes. You don’t want to miss the opportunity!

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