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Homeboy Industries Car Donation Program

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Car Donation to Homeboy Industries

Residents of Los Angeles have so many challenges stemming from crime and poverty. A car donation to Homeboy Industries sends much-needed resources to a powerful inner-city nonprofit that gives hope and training to previously incarcerated former gang members. They get the chance to develop skills, gain work experience and redirect their lives.

Why should I donate my car to Homeboy Industries?

Boys and girls who grow up in neighborhoods filled with crime and gang activity have fewer options than residents of wealthy suburban communities. They struggle to find meaning and gain the experience they need to become independent and raise families of their own.

More than 10,000 former gang members from Southern California come through Homeboy Industries every year, including a solid workforce development opportunity. The organization operates a bakery, a solar panel company and a silkscreen/embroidery business. There is no larger tattoo removal operation than Homeboy in Southern California.Homeboy4

You can be a part of this hugely successful organization when you donate a vehicle to Homeboy Industries through Cars2Charities.

Father Gregory Boyle developed this circle of compassion more than 30 years ago where individuals are trained, supported and employed so they can become more personally and financially stable.

Men and women who become a part of Homeboy Industries enter an 18-month work readiness program that focuses on healing from trauma and developing a strategy for success. The value of your car charity donation to Homeboy Industries has a direct impact that sustains the nonprofit’s ability to continue its work.
We all know what it’s like to endure general hassles at times when life isn’t going smoothly, such as struggling with unreliable transportation. While you have the luxury of seeking out your next car, it’s nice to know you can also make life better for someone who doesn’t have a lot of options.

If you’re missing work because you’re constantly dropping off or picking up your car from the mechanic, it may be a good time to replace your vehicle and take the opportunity to make a car or truck donation to Homeboy Industries. You gain a tax write-off while they gain some cash to enhance the success of their programs.

Do I get a car donation tax deduction with a car charity donation to Homeboy Industries?

Yes, you sure do! The benefits never cease. You’re bringing joy to innumerable individuals who need some positive movement in their lives while doing some good for your own bottom line. The organization wins, you win, and someone who needs modest transportation can buy your donation car.Homeboy3

Imagine the applause from your CPA. Or if you typically use Turbo Tax, read about the easy way to file your vehicle donation to Homeboy Industries. And beyond the information they give you, we complete all the paperwork, so it’s a breeze.

There are also further benefits to making a car, truck or SUV donation to Homeboy Industries through us at Cars2Charities. We have a unique process that offers a boon to your tax situation.

Because the organization is a 501(c)(3) you’re able to write off the donation and it’s based on the sale price of your donation vehicle. Because our technicians assess donation cars that we process, there are times when we make changes to the vehicle, which results in a higher sale price. And that boosts your write-off.
If you want some more opinions about car donations, visit this website to see what some Orange County CPAs have to say.

We’ve been in this business for more than 30 years, so you can be sure the details are handled quickly and completely. We do everything according to IRS guidelines, sending you and Homeboy Industries the paperwork, including Form 1098-C, within 30 days of the sale. You just take the write-off!

Can I donate a motorcycle to Homeboy Industries? A boat or RV?

Yes, we pick up all kinds of vehicles – whether you have a tent trailer or a Suzuki Sportbike. If you and your buddies in the North Los Angeles Bike Club or Iron Order are all considering new bikes, let us know. You can make a motorcycle donation to Homeboy Industries through Cars2Charities and make a big impact on men and women who want to make changes in their lives.

Your Pace Arrow or Airstream can help them make progress as well. We pick up your RV donation to Homeboy Industries using the same process as a car.Homeboy2

Do you have a house at Canyon Lake? Or do you fish up at Arrowhead? There are times when you have to replace your watercraft. Donate a boat to Homeboy Industries to benefit the program and improve your time on the water. 

If you live in a community like Playa Vista or have a home on the golf course, you and your friends may putter around in an EV vehicle. How is it working? When it’s too big for storage or loses some of its battery power, make a golf cart donation to Homeboy Industries.

How do I make a vehicle donation to Homeboy Industries?

It’s incredibly easy to make a charity car donation to Homeboy Industries. We take you through the whole process and all you do is hand over the keys.
Just give us a call at 855-520-2100 or donate online.

Our associate will schedule a pickup of your donation car at a time and place that’s most convenient for you. Whether it’s at your workplace or still with your mechanic, we come to you and tow it free of charge.

It’s a great way to take your donation car off your hands, plus our work doesn’t end there. We prepare the vehicle for sale – cleaning and assessing it for necessary alterations. Not only are you off the hook in terms of the work involved, our changes typically increase the value of the donation vehicles by 25-50% according to our research.

Homeboy1It leaves time for you to shop for something new or volunteer some extra hours down at Homeboy.

You can also pat yourself on the back because of the good you’re doing for those who are getting on their feet after incarceration. When you donate a car to Homeboy Industries you support the job training they offer and help sustain their many programs that reduce domestic violence, improve mental health and give thousands of individuals lives of hope. Let us know when you’d like to move forward.

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Homeboy Industries provides hope, training, and support to formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated men and women allowing them to redirect their lives and become contributing members of our community.

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