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Car Donation to It’s The Pits Dog Rescue

If your vehicle needs replacing, you can get both your car and a furry friend off the street through a car donation to It’s The Pits Dog Rescue. Finding forever homes for unwanted pets in the greater San Diego area is the mission of the nonprofit group. And you can play a big part in giving these dogs hope for the future.

Why Should I Donate My Car To It’s The Pits Dog Rescue?

pitsdog3The faces of neglected and homeless animals sitting in shelters can be devastating. Dogs need love as much as humans do. It’s The Pits is a dog rescue that finds foster homes and adoptions for dogs, specializing in American Staffordshire Terriers (“Am Staffs”), Staffordshire Bull Terriers ("Staffys") and American Pit Bull Terriers. They also help find homes for other breeds as well.

Your vehicle donation to It’s The Pits Dog Rescue through Cars2Charities is a way to turn the value of your car into comfort for one of these pups. And not only does this nonprofit provide immediate relief for sheltered dogs, they educate the public as well. Their website offers resources for such services as spaying and neutering, and they explain the many benefits to dogs. These procedures not only limit the number of unwanted pets coming into the world, they also serve to calm their personalities and minimize their chance of developing health disorders and infections.

You can also browse dozens of photos and descriptions of dogs available for adoption on their site. Even if you can’t personally offer a lonely dog a new home, you can make a car or truck donation to It’s The Pits Dog Rescue and give life to dogs who are scheduled to be euthanized.

It’s also an opportunity for families to own a new pet and create memories with their new furry family member. It’s The Pits works to match dogs with their new families according to personality and lifestyle.

How Do I Donate My Car To It’s The Pits Dog Rescue?

It’s a little like they do at It’s The Pits – at Cars2Charities we re-home your vehicle for you. It takes a load of responsibility off of you, because we take care of all the details – even the DMV title transfer!

pitsdog2When you call us at Cars2Charities at 855-520-2100 or fill out our online donation form, you’ve done all the work you need to do. We send one of our towing associates to pick up your donation vehicle wherever it is – and at a time that’s convenient for you. And from there we take over – prepping the car for sale.

If you’ve been driving a big SUV (maybe to carry your dog here or there), but feel you’d like to save on gas costs, you can look for a hybrid or electric car. It’s what many Americans are doing. You’ve probably seen all the charging stations in the greater San Diego area, plus there are charging plans you can join for cheaper fueling.

The beauty of letting us handle your car, truck or SUV donation to It’s The Pits Dog Rescue is that you have more time to do some research and scope out a new model of car.

If you were planning to do a dealer trade-in, we recommend otherwise. Everyone is aware that they lose money that way (dealers need to make a living), but you can get as little as 30-40% of your vehicle’s value that way.

However, when you donate an auto to It’s The Pits Dog Rescue through us at Cars2Charities, you write-off 100% of the selling price.

Benefits of Donating It's the Pits Dog Rescue

Absolutely! Because it’s a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, the sale of your car goes to the great work they are doing and offers you a tax benefit. It’s an incredible win-win. Pits and other dogs gain new homes and more stable circumstances while you benefit your bottom line.

If you’ve dropped off your papers at LevitZacks or another local accounting firm, they may inform you that you need more write-offs. You can make a car charity donation to It’s The Pits Dog Rescue any time of the year.

If you do your own taxes on Turbo Tax, you have the same challenge – what can I do to get a greater return? It’s hard to believe you can reach out to animals at the same time as gaining a tax credit, but you can. 

With Cars2Charities you get the advantage of our unique process as well. We don’t just pick up your car. Our technicians assess donation cars and make necessary alterations to them, which typically raises the selling price 25-50%. Your tax deduction is based on the actual sale price, which you probably know, and that means our system can get you a better write-off.m0CSTZqA

Can I Donate a Motorcycle to It’s The Pits Dog Rescue?

Yes, we can process a motorcycle donation to It’s The Pits Dog Rescue and we accept many other vehicles you may have but no longer need. 

Maybe you love to glamp, but your Winnebago spends more time at KOA storage than at the national parks. If you now prefer the beds and bathrooms at Airbnb’s, you’ll save money by letting it go. Donate an RV to It’s The Pits Dog Rescue and give some dogs a new home.

Do you have more than one vehicle collecting dust at Big Toy Depot? If one of those takes you fishing (though less and less, these days), you can turn the value of that vehicle into a boat donation to It’s The Pits Dog Rescue.

Do you live in Carlsbad in a community where you can get around on your cart? If you keep making friends, you may need to move up from your 2-seater Club Car to a Black Panther. Give us a call and make a golf cart donation to It’s The Pits Dog Rescue through Cars2Charities!

You can help find forever homes for dogs and turn their lives into a happy, healthy existence instead of the confines of a shelter. The support you offer when you donate a car to It’s The Pits Dog Rescue will grant more of them the chance to be embraced by a family.

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