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New Beginnings for Animals Car Donation Program

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Car Donation to New Beginnings for Animals

The sad eyes of a cold, shaky, lonely puppy just sears your heart. When you walk through an animal shelter you can hardly contain your emotions. A car donation to New Beginnings for Animals gives solid support to new beginnings1an organization with a mission to save as many innocent creatures as possible.

Why should I donate my car to New Beginnings for Animals?

When you meet up with individuals who really care that pets get the warmth of a home and family, escaping death from euthanasia, you cheer them on. It’s hard to understand why the lives of sweet, unfortunate dogs and cats have to lose their lives because there’s just not enough room for them. A charity car donation to New Beginnings for Animals through Cars2Charities puts real money toward their life-saving work.

New Beginnings is an all-volunteer non-profit based in Mission Viejo, California where more than 30 volunteers give comfort to abandoned dogs and cats, removing them from overcrowded shelters throughout California. Many have a slim chance of getting out alive due to sickness, injury or lack of kennel space. Your vehicle donation to New Beginnings for Animals offers a new life to one more four-legged friend.

Part of what the non-profit does involves re-homing these pets. Each rescued animal is examined by a licensed veterinarian, receiving vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and then they are bathed and groomed, flea treated and AVID microchipped. The charity finds foster families or provides boarding with a veterinarian until they’re adopted.

And some of the shelter animals, particularly adults and seniors in need of medical care, have little chance of survival unless they receive expensive treatment. It’s hard to believe that an auto donation to New Beginnings for Animals through Cars2Charities can do so much for a sick, abandoned creature.

How do you donate your car to New Beginnings for Animals?

Very, very easily! We do all the work for you – just call us at 855-520-2100 or donate online and we pick up your donation car for free. Our towing professionals get to you, typically, between 24-48 hours.

Did your car break down at work? Or is it still at the auto mechanic? There are experts who say that houstonrepairvehicles spending too much time in the shop are costing you too much, and it’s time to let go. Have you been considering it may be time to downsize or go green?

You have to jump through a lot of hoops when you sell a car yourself. You clean it, photograph it, post it, print out the Carfax for potential buyers and – the worst part – wait for shoppers to respond.

Were you thinking of just swinging by Range Rover or maybe getting something used at Anoosh? Whatever you do, just don’t do a dealer trade-in. You lose too much of the value of your vehicle!

The same goes for CarMax. They keep 60-70% of the car’s value. But, by contrast, a car charity donation to New Beginnings for Animals ensures you get a tax write-off for the full sale price of your car! And we handle that part for you!

Does a person who donates a car to New Beginnings for Animals get a car donation tax deduction?

Yes! It’s one of the big benefits to our process. Not only do you feel great about saving animals – re-homing pets AND your old car – you get to write it off of your taxes. It sounds almost too good to be true.

new beginnings dog catImagine that. With one phone call you don’t have to deal with anything, from selling your car to standing in line at the DMV. Through us at Cars2Charities you also contribute to the comfort of a poor, furry little one with a vehicle donation to New Beginnings for Animals.

Then you get to please your CPA with your deduction!

And for some really good news – when you donate a car to charity through us at Cars2Charities, your write-off is maximized due to our amazing process. Our technicians look over donation vehicles to see if they would benefit from some alterations. The changes tend to garner a 25-50% higher sale price!

We’re a family owned-and-operated company in business for 30+ years, so we know what we’re doing. We follow all the IRS guidelines, which means we not only take care of your car, we handle all the paperwork, including the Form 1098-C.

Just like abandoned pets being paired up with the perfect home, the car you no longer need gets into the hands of someone needing modest transportation.

Can I donate a boat to New Beginnings for Animals? A motorcycle or golf cart?

Sure!! There are lots of vehicles that can secure the future for a dog or cat through this amazing non-profit.
If you love camping (okay, glamping) and want a bigger, better fifth wheel, you can donate an RV to New Beginnings for Animals.

Are you in the Lake Mission Viejo Association? If you have your boat stored there (or at a slip on the coastline) but seldom use it, why don’t you consider a boat donation to New Beginnings for Animals?

Do you ride with the Capistrano Eagles MC? If so, you know the great feeling of mounting a new bike. You can donate a motorcycle to New Beginnings for Animals when it’s time to make a change. 

For more than 50 years, the Mission Viejo Country Club has been at the heart of some of the most important fundraisers and provided hours and hours of fun. If you’re loving life on the links, but want new wheels, donate a golf cart to New Beginnings for Animals.

This Mission Viejo non-profit has its hands full. And so do you, if you’ve got a vehicle to move. Houston1 4When you donate a car to New Beginnings for Animals through Cars2Charities, you shift that responsibility to us, guaranteeing an easier prospect for cleaning out your garage. At the same time, you get to be a hero to animals that need you.

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