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Car Donation to Saha Global, Inc.

Everyone deserves clean drinking water – period. When you imagine individuals in the African desert without water, it’s heartbreaking. A car donation to Saha Global is a way to make a critical Saha Glboal4contribution to the cause.

A non-profit aimed at ending the worldwide water crisis, Saha Global, Inc. partners with African communities to bring low-cost water treatment technology to their areas, and train local women to manage the systems.

Why should I donate my car to Saha Global, Inc.?

There are more than 750 million people in the world without access to safe drinking water. The heroic philanthropists of Saha Global, Inc. want to chip away at that figure in this generation.
The program not only brings clean water technology to those who need it; more importantly, the system is sustainable. Saha Global will not install a water system in any community until the organization is able to finance 10 years of monitoring and evaluation of the system.

Water-related diseases such as cholera and dysentery are real threats to millions of people across the globe. In fact, they kill more people than any death by violence, including war.
But you can help stem the tide with a vehicle donation to Saha Global, Inc. through Cars2Charities.

Owning a car is an impossible thought for most citizens of Northern Ghana, where the non-profit organization has been working for more than a decade. But for Americans, a vehicle is actually a piece of property that needs to be upgraded and replaced on a routine basis.

Do you use your car for work and need updated features? For instance, new cars and trucks today are manufactured with additional connectivity, which makes it easier for you to talk to clients and conduct business on the road.

The decision to change what you’re driving can be life-giving if you make a car, truck or SUV donation to Saha Global, Inc.

Perhaps you’re shopping for a truck with better trailering systems, including electrical diagnostics and tire-pressure monitoring. Imagine your purchase being able to double down on efforts to bring fresh water to entire villages.

How do I donate a vehicle to Saha Global, Inc.?

It’s incredibly easy to support the mission of Saha Global Inc. – and there’s no reason not to.
All you need to do is call us at 855-520-2100 or donate online. We send a tow truck driver to you – to the car, actually – to pick it up where and when it’s most convenient for you.

Did you limp your car to the auto repair shop? Our professionals can go wherever it’s located to pick it up.

Are you thinking that, because you no longer have kids at home, it’s time to downsize? Reducing Saha Global1your carbon footprint may be your motivation, or you might just want something easier to handle on the road. But whatever the reason, there’s a great opportunity here.

By changing your “mom car” for a Miata, you burn less gas and give back to the environment. But have you also considered that donating a car to Saha Global is a form of recycling?

Edmunds.com has an article discussing the pros and cons of replacing your vehicle, and there are lots of great reasons to make the change. In some cases, you’re spending too much time at the repair shop and dumping too much money into your old car, and it’s not worth it.

Your car can help people in pain, who are becoming ill because of a water shortage. A charity car donation to Saha Global is a great motivation to live out your dreams with a sportscar, or to upsize so you can carry a carload of kids every day to school.

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What’s the best car donation tax deduction for Saha Global, Inc.?

You always need tax write-offs, and it’s especially meaningful when you believe in the cause you support.

Saha Global2A car charity donation to Saha Global, Inc. benefits men, women and children you won’t meet in person, but you know their needs are dire. You want to make wise financial decisions, which is understandable. In this case, you’re benefiting your tax situation while investing in a trusted 501(c)(3).

This organization was founded by two women who were conducting graduate research on the water crisis. Your Saha Global car donation gets a thumbs up from your CPA while contributing to an effective non-profit with powerful results.

If you’re accustomed to doing a dealer trade-in or using CarMax when buying a new car, this is an opportunity for a first. When you make a car or truck donation to Saha Global, Inc., you’re being resourceful – affecting the lives of others while giving yourself a gift as well.

The problem with trade-ins is the cost to you – the car owner. You lose about 60-70% of the vehicle’s value that way. In fact, the USC School of Business did a study that showed that when customers with trade-ins go to a dealership, the salesperson actually increases the sale price of the cars the clients buy. 

But with an auto donation to Saha Global, Inc. through Cars2Charities, you write off 100% of the sale price of the car. And on top of that, the process we use at Cars2Charities can give you an extra bump. When we tow away your donation car, our technicians go to work on it, making necessary alterations before we sell it. Cars tend to sell for 25-50% more than those without the changes. It makes your donation higher and, of course, your tax write-off!

You can rest assured we follow IRS guidelines. After handling all the paperwork, we send you and Saha Global, Inc. a copy of IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale of your vehicle, which shows the final sale price of your car. 

Can I donate an RV or make a motorcycle donation to Saha Global, Inc.?

Yes, a recreational vehicle donation to Saha Global, Inc. through Cars2Charities means you can

Saha Global3

make a difference, and it doesn’t have to be a car. We process your donation of an Airstream, Winnebago, camper, fifth wheel – any kind of RV donation to Saha Global, Inc.

Is your garage stacked to the rafters, or do you collect “toys,” like sportscars, quads or other vehicles? Do you have watercraft you don’t use?

Sometimes owning a boat becomes burdensome. It can be fun to take the family waterskiing while the kids are young, but later on you get too busy to get out on the lake. If you have something just sitting in a slip somewhere, donate a boat to Saha Global, Inc. through Cars2Charities. 

Do you live in a retirement community? If you and your neighbors get around in Club Cars, let us know when you need to replace yours. Even when the batteries die, they’re expensive to replace! You can donate a golf cart to Saha Global, Inc. in the same way you donate a car.

If you love life on your hog, you may be putting a lot of miles on it. If your Yamaha isn’t cutting it for you anymore, donate a motorcycle to Saha Global, Inc. and kill two birds with one stone.

Saha Gobal5The vehicle you own can literally save lives. When you donate a car to Saha Global, Inc. through Cars2Charities, you make a generous contribution to the world. The millions of individuals across the world who don’t have clean water are counting on the loving care of the rest of us in order to survive.

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