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Shiloh Israel Children's Fund Car Donation Program

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Car donation to Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund

When you turn to any international news program you can see the need to help young Israelis shiloh2through the destruction of war. A car donation to Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund enables kids to get the help they need after suffering the trauma of terrorism, as well as rebuilding stability in the biblical heartland of Israel.

Why should I donate my car to Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund?

When Shiloh mayor David Rubin and his son were struck by terrorists’ bullets while traveling home from Jerusalem, it could’ve been the end of their lives. What it became, however, was the beginning – of a vision for those in the Middle East to come to the aid of those who are suffering from the effects of terrorism.

A vehicle donation to Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund sends necessary resources to a sincere, effective non-profit devoted to the cause of safety in the Middle East.

Would you like to see a regeneration of international peace? The next generation can lead a restoration of Israeli people, who can then be a light unto the nations. When you make a car charity donation to Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund, you’re supporting therapeutic, educational and recreational projects for children in the Shiloh bloc of communities in Israel.

Do I get a car donation tax deduction when I make a charity car donation to Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund?

As important as the health and welfare of children is, there are other benefits to donating a car to Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund through Cars2Charities.

As Americans, you know that charity contributions are encouraged on our income taxes. Your CPA has probably made you well aware of the benefits, and you may already have a complete understanding of the tax code.

When you pay close attention to your finances, being careful to make the right choices, it sometimes seems like a gamble to try something new. Perhaps you’re hanging on to your aging car, as a result.

The car site Edmunds.com suggests that, despite the fact it’s often a better decision to hang onto the car you have, there are circumstances where the opposite is true. When you spend as much at the mechanic as you would on a new car payment, you may as well be sitting at the wheel of something with updated features and modern-day comforts.

Do you have vehicles in storage? That’s also a drain on your finances, especially if you’re not really using and enjoying the vehicles you have.

If you’re looking for the best car donation tax deduction to Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund, you shiloh5came to the right place. We have a process that maximizes your tax write-off. We do an analysis of donation cars to see if making necessary changes will bring about a higher sale price. Of course, your tax deduction is based on the car’s sale price, so you benefit – and so does the charity – when you donate a vehicle to Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund sells for a higher price.

If you’ve wanted to focus on making your life meaningful, it’s nice to have an opportunity to feel the satisfaction of helping others without dipping into your bank account!

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How do you donate your car to Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund?

While good people are working night and day to provide necessary healing following terror attacks in Israel, you can make your decision about replacing your vehicle. At Cars2Charities it Shiloh1requires practically zero effort on your part!

You simply call us at 855-520-2100 or donate online and you’re good to go. We arrange a pick-up time that’s convenient for you. Like we mentioned, our trained tow truck associates bring your donation vehicle to our technicians to be checked out. Then we – not you – go through the whole routine to get it ready to sell.

And we follow all of the IRS regulations for car donation programs. Within 30 days of the sale of your car, we send you and the non-profit a copy of the 1098-C with the sale price on it for your records.

That means you’re free to shop for a new set of wheels, while your car or truck donation to Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund begins to make an impact on kids – in a therapeutic, educational, or recreational program.

There are plenty of children revealing their exposure to violence and fear. Many are themselves demonstrating negative emotions, from angry outbursts at parents and friends to acute concentration deficits.

Some of the problems Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund addresses are:
• Speech
• Language
• Handwriting issues
• Organizational problems

Certified therapists work closely with school staff and parents to help the children, as they are all mainstreamed into regular schools where they can learn alongside other children and fully achieve their potential.

Your actions can affect future plans for the non-profit. A car, truck or SUV donation to Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund supports their dream to build playgrounds and parks within the communities so kids can go outside to play – to run and jump and swing and slide – in safety within their own neighborhoods.

Can I donate a golf cart to Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund? A boat or motorcycle?

Yes, of course you can! Do you live in a Del Webb community? People love their homes in retirement communities. Are you considering a bigger/better golf cart? Make a golf cart donation to Shiloh Children’s Fund and let someone else use it while blessing the little ones in Israel.

Are you a water skier? Or a fisherman? When your boat has lost its usefulness, instead of going through the headache of selling it, donate a boat to Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund through Cars2Charities.

Have you been to all of the national parks? In an RV? If you used to get around in a fancy Pace Arrow, let it go – it will free you up (not to mention reduce storage fees). Donate an RV to Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund.


You don’t have to ride with the Jewish Motorcycle Alliance to recognize the value of a motorcycle donation to Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund. When you upgrade to a better ride, you can also upgrade the lives of these youngsters whose lives hang in the balance.

Your generous donation means that summer camps can be expanded from three to six weeks and add top-notch adult supervision. It brings direct financial support to kids. When you donate a car to Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund you become part of building something thousands of miles away, to mend the lives of youngsters in the Middle East conflict.

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