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SPCA - Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Car Donation Program

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  • Best tax deduction

Why donate to East Bay SPCA?

Animal Friends Rescue dog sitting with catHow would you like to donate a car and save an animal’s life? Well, it is now possible through the East Bay SPCA vehicle donation program, in partnership with Cars2Charities. When you donate your vehicle, you will be helping hundreds of animals find loving, permanent homes.

Dedicated to the welfare of cats and dogs in the East Bay area, the East Bay SPCA strives to eliminate animal cruelty, neglect, and overpopulation by providing programs and education that support people and companion animals. In order to do this, the East Bay SPCA needs a constant stream of donations to meet rising costs and prevent them from having to turn away animals in need.

Cars2Charities has partnered with the East Bay SPCA with their cars for charity program. Funds from the sale of donated cars benefit all shelter programs sponsored by the East Bay SPCA. In fact, by working with Cars2Charities, donors maximize their gifts by 25-50% because of our unique approach to vehicle donation. Getting you the best tax deduction!

What's the best Car Donation Program?

Why do donors look to work with Cars2Charities? We offer free towing for your vehicle when it is most convenient for you (Your charity will reimburse Cars2Charities for the towing, improvements, and handling). Our value-creating approach works for the benefit of our donors. We use our 25+ years of experience in the automotive industry to enhance the look and performance of each vehicle.  Our personalized attention and commitment to service excellence set us apart. After we optimize the vehicle's appearance and performance, we find a private buyer so that we get the maximum amount for each vehicle.  It is easy to donate through Cars2Charities!

Our vehicle donation program  for East Bay SPCA is a win-win for all parties!

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  • Convenient for you, the donor. Never worry again about insuring or storing an old vehicle. Our donation process is simple; we do all the work so that all you have to do is enjoy the knowledge that your gift is helping others.
  • Helps animal lovers pay it forward with the SPCA.You will feel good knowing that your gift is being used to save animal lives and make them better.
  • Encourages the many volunteers at SPCA, who see animals saved each day through your kind support. Volunteers are excited to have the funds to save more animals and to find loving homes for the many who end up in shelters every year.


  • Just as importantly, when you donate a vehicle, you also receive the best possible tax deduction – typically 25-50% more than the value of your vehicle in its “as is” condition. 

Other than car donations to SPCA, you can also donate a boat, RV, golf cart and more

We accept all types of vehicles, including, motorhomes, and trailers and RV donations. East Bay SPCA would appreciate your golf cart donation, boat, ATV, and even a motorcycle donation.

Vehicles do not have to be in tip-top condition either – we accept vehicles in any condition, then we improve them to create value. With our unique approach to improving vehicles then finding private buyers rather than auctioning them, we are often able to give you much more value for your vehicle donation than many other donation organizations. We promise to work hard to maximize your gift so that you and the charity of your choice will always benefit!


Donating a car to charity is a simple process: Call us at 855-520-2100 for a quick 3-5 minute call to get the process started. Don’t delay – get started today and save an animal’s life!

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