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Temple Beth Shalom of Sun City, Inc. Car Donation Program

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Car Donation to Temple Beth Shalom of Sun City, Arizona

Temple Beth Shalom is such a great fit. Its’ multi-generational, so everyone’s welcome – grandparents,Temple beth shalom sun city logoparents and children, and the rabbi is both knowledgeable and nice. The reform Judaism taught there is the doctrine you identify with, and the programs are both bonding and inviting for new congregants.

You can support this place of worship without getting out your checkbook with a car donation to Temple Beth Shalom of Sun City. It’s more than just a physical act ... car donations like this one are spiritual gifts that give back to those who give you guidance and care when you need them.

Why should I donate my car to Temple Beth Shalom of Sun City?

Are your friends driving up to mahjong or the tennis court in new Mercedes and Lexus sedans? Was your model from the Obama years, or even before? If you’re not happy with the features in your car, or little things have been rattling and wearing out, this might be a good time to make a change. And whether you want to pick something out at iAutoHaus in Tempe or you’re just retiring from driving and taking Lyft or Uber from now on, you have to decide what to do with the car you don’t need. temple beth shalom jaguar

One of the big advantages to parking something new in the garage is the chance you have to benefit others with a vehicle donation to Temple Beth Shalom of Sun City through Cars2Charities.

Imagine that good feeling – that you contributed to the resources for the next high holiday, or the children’s Purim program. That’s where you can direct the proceeds from your car donation.

For half a century, Temple Beth Shalom has been a part of the west valley’s landscape – helping your friends and neighbors when they needed it. Now you can be the one giving assistance.

If you’re used to just heading to Luxury Auto Collection in Scottsdale and doing a trade-in, let us tell you why your car is losing value that way. Sure, dealers need to make a profit (they aren’t doing it for their health!). But you don’t want to miss the opportunity you get with a car charity donation to Temple Beth Shalom of Sun City.

Some USC researchers completed a study showing a little something most people may not know. When you walk in and tell the dealer you have a trade-in, he or she subconsciously assumes that “money is no object” for you! So, they hike up the price of the new car you’re buying.

How can I get the best car donation tax deduction for Temple Beth Shalom of Sun City?

You’ve seen it before – a lot of talk, but when it comes down to it, your bottom line doesn’t get the benefit. We assure you, this is not like other car donation programs.

Cars2Charities is a family-owned company, working in this industry for decades. We know how to benefit you. In fact, we boast a higher write-off than some, because of our process of making improvements to Temple beth shalom paperworkyour car before selling it!

As you know, you get to write off 100% of the sale price of your donation car, which means the higher the sale, the greater the tax benefit. Our experts look over your car as part of the preparation process, and we’ve found that our necessary adjustments to donation vehicles typically garners 25-50% more from the sale. In other words, a bigger boost to you and the charity when you make a car, truck or SUV donation to Temple Beth Shalom of Sun City through Cars2Charities!

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Can I donate a golf cart to Temple Beth Shalom of Sun City? Or a boat?

Yes, you can ... just give us a call at 855-520-2100 and we can process your donation just like we do cars. Were you part of the Sun City parade celebrating the golf cart drivers advantages set in place a few years ago? If you live in Westbrook Village and love to get dinner at Sunset Bistro or hit the ball on the course, you may be wearing out your golf cart. If the batteries are dead you may not want to replace them (they’re expensive!). Call us if you want to make a golf cart donation to Temple Beth Shalom of Sun City. temple beth shalom golf cart

Did you make memories in your Pace Arrow, but now that the kids are grown you don't use it? Donate an RV to Temple Beth Shalom of Sun City and clean out your storage at the same time!

Are you one of the millions of retired men and women who have taken to the roads on a motorbike? If you’ve taken that scenic route to the Grand Canyon, you know what it’s like to ride a nice, new Harley or Yamaha. If you’re thinking of an upgrade, consider a motorcycle donation to Temple Beth Shalom of Sun City through Cars2Charities.

Or do you prefer water sports? Then you know how amazing Lake Havasu is – especially if you like to water ski. If you’ve been thinking about giving up your slip fees and being free, you’ll need to do something with the watercraft you don’t need. Donate a boat to Temple Beth Shalom of Sun City to create some good with the value left in the vehicle.

How do you donate your car to Temple Beth Shalom of Sun City?

With one call or an online donation. That’s it!

Just pick up your phone and dial 855-520-2100 and our friendly associate will let you know the details of the process, which is really, really easy for you.

We send a trusted towing professional to wherever you are – actually, wherever your car is – and pick it up, all for free, and go to work! Meanwhile, you get the luxury of figuring out your next move. You can go to work, start some volunteer work, play with the grandkids – whatever!

The good news is, we at Cars2Charities do all the prepping and selling and paperwork.

Tell your CPA it’s all good – When you donate a car to charity, we send you and Temple Beth Shalom the appropriate IRS documents within 30 days of the sale. Following IRS regulations, you will receive the 1098-C and so will the synagogue, so you both can complete your tax responsibilities. We take care of the title temple beth shalom sun city purim servicestransfer and everything.

You honestly are hard-pressed to find a more streamlined system than ours at Cars2Charities, not to mention a way to feel you’re contributing something to the world around you. The kids, the staff and other parents and grandparents of the congregation will appreciate your generous gift. And it’s as easy as can be. Give us a call when you’re ready to donate a car to Temple Beth Shalom of Sun City.

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