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Car donation to The Embracing Project

It’s easy to view youth who are in crisis as troubled kids, with no hope for a positive outcome. Some live in homes with domestic violence, while others are victims of sex trafficking or gang violence.

Don’t you wish you could gather all of these kids and take them to a safe place? You may not have the The Embracing Project2power to change every situation, but you can impact a number of them when you donate a car to The Embracing Project.

Why should I donate my car to The Embracing Project?

Americans are increasingly aware of problems for individuals who are under-resourced. They become victims of violence, abuse and gang life. But for Las Vegas area teens, The Embracing Project is there to offer youth assistance in dealing with a variety of painful circumstances.

One of the focuses of The Embracing Project is the restoration and healing of children who are slaves to human traffickers. That process involves physical aids, such as clothing and hygiene materials, plus emotional support through mentoring and life skills training.

Would you like to play a part in saving a child or teen who’s living on the street? A charity car donation to The Embracing Project through Cars2Charities will make it possible!

The non-profit organization developed a 12-week curriculum to educate young people, in order to bring an end to youth violence. The charity is also involved in international humanitarian projects aimed at promoting peace and healing for children and youth.

If you have a vehicle you no longer need, you can make a car or truck donation to The Embracing Project to specifically fuel this program. It’s hard to believe an everyday object like what you’re driving can be so powerful.

Have you thought about upgrading your car? Perhaps you do a lot of work on the road and need better technological features, or you want to get better gas mileage. Or it may be time to downsize – maybe the kids are gone and you no longer need the “mom car.”

The Embracing Project1Whatever the reason, enabling the vehicle you no longer need to be a charity car donation to The Embracing Project is also a chance to do something heroic.

Do I get a car donation tax donation with a car charity donation to The Embracing Project?

Yes, you do. It’s a 501(c)(3) which means it comes off your taxes. If you live in Las Vegas and go to one of the CPAs at Ellsworth Stout, or you do your own taxes, there are a lot of reasons to donate a car to charity. For some thoughts from a Los Angeles area CPA firm, click here.

One of the advantages of donating a car to The Embracing Project through Cars2Charities is our unique process. You have the extra bump to your bottom line because we don’t just take your car, as-is, and pawn it off on someone. Our expert technicians assess your donation vehicle for necessary changes, which we’ve found have the usual result of a 25-50% higher sale price. And since the final number is what determines your tax deduction – you’re getting a break!

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Can I donate a motorcycle to The Embracing Project? A boat or RV?

Your vehicle of just about any sort can support the organization – just give us a call. We pick up your RV donation to The Embracing Project, no matter what type it is, for the most part. Is it a fifth wheel? A trailer?
If bikes are your thing, you’ve got cash for the cause as well. If your friends at Eagle Riders are upgrading, be sure to let them know they can make a motorcycle donation to The Embracing Project through Cars2Charities. We can make sure the value of the bike they don’t need contributes to the benefit of kids victimized by challenging circumstances.

Have you been to Lake Mead this year? If your boat is firmly planted on your property, it may be time to letThe Embracing Project5it go. (Remember – the two best days in a boat-owner’s life?) Seriously, you can donate a boat to The Embracing Project and let it do some good for others.

If you live at Sun City – or any other community in the Sun Belt, you may get around on an E-Z-Go. Do you need to retire it? If so, make a golf cart donation to The Embracing Project through Cars2Charities!

How do I make a vehicle donation to The Embracing Project?

We walk you through the very short, very easy process! Just give us a call at 855-520-2100 or donate online.

Done – or almost, anyway.

We send our towing professionals to wherever your vehicle is located. Still at the mechanic’s? Or your home? We come to you!

Once we take your donation car off your hands you’re free! That gives you time to hit the links or shop for something new. Meanwhile, we get your car ready, then sell it and send you the records. Car donations to The Embracing Project are handled according to IRS guidelines – to a “T.” We send you and the charity the completed paperwork within 30 days of the sale. You just take the write-off!

You’re supporting a non-profit with a wide scope, so not only are you contributing to TEP’s Drop-in Center, it is a collaboration with many other worthy causes. Some of those include East Valley Family Services, Purple Wings and Planned Parenthood. Reaching out to incarcerated youth, as well as those who are in families but aren’t getting what they need, The Embracing Project provides personal assistance. 

The Embracing Project6It couldn’t be easier ... and saving the lives and maintaining the well-being of youth who need help gives you beautiful motivation to make the next move. We’re ready to make sure The Embracing Project car donation is a reality where everybody benefits.

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