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car donation sun city az easyWhy should I donate my car in Sun City instead of selling it?

Has retirement been good to you, but you’d like some added comfort on the road? You definitely don’t want to to break down on a desert highway, which is a good reason to start shopping for a vehicle upgrade.

If you think it’s time for a new car, we can help you with the vehicle you no longer need. A car donation in Sun City, Arizona is not only easy, it’s a benefit to its next owner, to you (for your taxes) and profits your favorite charity.

You’re probably familiar with CarMax, or perhaps you’re leaning toward just doing a dealer trade-in. Did you know that you only get about 30-40% of your car’s actual value?

A study by USC students at the Marshall School of Business shows that dealers hike the price of the car you’re buying, because they automatically assume you’re not concerned with the cost! 

In addition to the obvious – your car spending too much time at the repair shop – another good reason to move on to another car is to find something more eco-friendly. Car donations in Sun City, Arizona enable others to buy secondhand vehicles rather than putting additional wheels on the road. Talk about environmentally friendly! Meanwhile, you can look into a hybrid or electric car, or at least one with better gas mileage.

car donation sun city az freeThere’s a big win-win-win with auto donations. The charity you choose gets money, another individual gets to drive your old car, and you get a tax benefit. That’s right, pick any 501(c)(3) you want and we’ll hand them a nice check.

Don’t know which non-profit to choose? We’re happy to help you select one, or let us know if you’d like to benefit your church, school or service organization. We do the outreach on your behalf, and they often end up with even more donations, because we form partnerships that way.

How can I donate a car in Sun City, Arizona?

You have a great opportunity to be a part of our car charity program – it’s SO EASY.

When you make a 3-5 minute call to us at 855-520-2100 we take care of your auto donation start to finish. You can relax, head to the pool or golf course – there are so many ways to play in Sun City – and we handle the whole process, benefiting you and your favorite charity. 

We pick up your vehicle donation in Sun City and make repairs or upgrades as necessary, find a buyer for your car, and donate proceeds to your charity. There’s no waiting. We come within 24-48 hours at the time and location that’s best for you, and you’ve played your part in donating a car to charity in Sun City!

car donation sun city az fastYou don’t have to drop off the car at a designated location like some vehicle charity programs or government exchange arrangements. You also don’t have to deal with photos and potential buyers from Craigslist or any other social media platform. We send a skilled driver to tow your car for free, whether it runs or not.

You get a confirmation email letter with an outline of each step in the process along with a temporary donation receipt.

Finally, it’s a nice bonus that we handle the stress of all the red tape, like DMV paperwork and title transfer of the car. As you can see, you don’t even have to know how to donate a car in Sun City, because we do the whole thing for you!

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How can I get the best car donation tax deduction in Sun City, Arizona?

car donation sun city az value

It’s one of the easiest tax breaks you’ll find this year. We not only pick up your car, we make a 16-point inspection to determine if we can make improvements to your vehicle. The car’s value usually goes up about 25-50% as a result of the changes, which maximizes your tax write-off. The charity reimburses us for towing, repairs and a standard service fee, and then they get a donation check.

A charity car donation in Sun City, Arizona is a way to avoid making last minute decisions about tax write-offs, when paperwork is at your accountant’s office or you’re sitting at the computer doing Turbo Tax

We follow all the guidelines dictated by the IRS when you donate a vehicle to charity. We sell your vehicle and report the exact sale price – both to you and to the car charity, so the transaction is transparent. You both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the tax deduction for the total.

Do you want to know more about your tax deduction or the money going to your favorite non-profit? We have several videos to answer your questions

Can I make an RV donation in Sun City? A golf cart or a boat?

Yes, a recreational vehicle donation in Sun City is a great idea! 

car donation sun city az charity

If you aren’t bringing your Gulf Stream or Winnebago out much anymore, you can donate vehicles like your campers, trailers and quads, or donate a motorcycle in Sun City. In other words, your Harley can get a second life with a new owner and you can cancel that storage unit or make room on your property. 

If you love to be on the water but haven’t been out to the lake fishing in awhile, you can donate a boat in Sun City or call us to pick up your Sea-Doo or jet skis.

If you’re part of the active golfing community, you may own a cart you aren’t using. You may want to consider a golf cart donation in Sun City, especially if yours has dead batteries. With 6-8 of them at $160 each to replace, it can be well over 1,000 dollars! 

Whether you’re a young parent who wants your family safe on the road or in retirement and are done with hassles, if you donate your car in Sun City, we’ll help you move on to your next vehicle while reaping the tax benefit you deserve.

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