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car donation tucson fastWhy should I donate a car in Tucson?

You’d much rather hit the links or hike Rincon than spend time in and out of the auto repair shop. Whether your car is racking up too many miles or it’s just time you upgraded to more fuel efficiency or a better size, a car donation in Tucson can make sure your favorite charity gets a check and you get a nice tax break.

With one call to Cars2Charities – 855-520-2100 – the car you no longer need becomes wheels for someone in need of a car, a means of relief for someone in need, and a boost to your bottom line.

Did you know that to donate your car to charity in Tucson it doesn’t have to run?! You’ve probably heard of other cars for charity programs where you have to limp your car to a government rebate site or auto donation location. But, at Cars2Charities, we tow away your car – at no cost to you. Charities reimburse the cost of towing and expenses accrued from making improvements to your car, truck or SUV donation in Tucson.

At the Marshall School of Business at USC, researchers found that car dealers charge you more for the new car you buy if you trade in your old one. The students found that dealers automatically conclude that shoppers with a trade-in are less concerned about the cost, so they hold out for a higher price!

If it comes down to donate vs. sell a car, we can give you some good reasons why donating a car in Tucson is a better idea. Were you thinking of just trading it in with a dealer or CarMax? Did you know that you normally only get about 30%-40% of the actual value of the vehicle?car donation tucson value

Donating is easy when you know that you’ve got a tax deduction for 100% of the car’s value. And it doesn’t stop there. After we do a 16-point inspection of your vehicle donation in Tucson, we often see a powerful punch added to its value. Donation cars normally go up 25%-50% in value after the improvements. And our process isn’t just limited to a car or truck donation in Tucson.

Can I donate a golf cart in Tucson? An RV or a boat?

All of the above! While you may have gotten all the use you can out of your car, you’ve been through a lot with some of your other vehicles too. You may be surprised to know that a recreational vehicle donation in Tucson still has quite a bit of value.

Has it been a long time since you took your boat to the lake? Donate a boat in Tucson and you get the tax write-off, just like you do with our easy car donation. Also, jet skis and Sea-Doos make some of the best charity car donations in Tucson.

Is camping your thing? If you donate a camper in Tucson you can kill two birds with one stone – get something you aren’t using off your property and grab a nice tax deduction.

car donation tucson freeDo you have a golf cart with dead batteries? Because they’re so expensive to replace, you may find it makes more fiscal sense to make a golf cart donation in Tucson than get it fixed. Batteries cost about $160 each and golf carts use 6-8 of them.

Do you want to de-clutter your property, the garage or a storage unit? We can take care of an RV donation in Tucson, such as a trailer, a quad/ATV, or if you’d like to make a motorcycle donation in Tucson. 

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What’s the best car donation tax deduction in Tucson?car donation tucson charity

Because of repairs and upgrades we make to most cars for charity before selling them, we maximize your vehicle’s value, which raises the selling price (meaning a bigger tax write-off for you and a bigger check for charity). Vehicle donations in Tucson through us tend to sell for 25%-50% more after the improvements.

Another feature of our process is that we sell cars privately to individual buyers, who are willing to pay more than wholesale buyers at auction houses – again, maximizing the profit when you donate your car in Tucson.

When you donate a vehicle in Tucson through us, you avoid all the fees and taxes associated with the sale, and your non-profit cause pays no taxes for your donation. After the sale, we have a speedy and transparent process, where you receive the papers for tax purposes and your charity receives a check within 30 days of the sale.

Check out what individuals have to say about buying a car through Cars2Charities.

What’s the best charity car donation program in Tucson?

Your auto donation tax deduction in Tucson is nice, but you also get to support a charity you believe in. Do you want to donate to breast cancer in Tucson? To local schools or donate to animal rescue in Tucson?

If you or a loved one is battling cancer, you may want to make a car donation to the American Cancer Society in Tucson. Or you may prefer to donate a car to benefit the American Heart Association in Tucson. You can assist in the effort to find breakthroughs in battling issues of dementia if you donate a car to the Alzheimer’s Association in Tucson, we can take care of that for you.

Big fans of National Public Radio sometimes want to get onboard to stimulate more programming that appeals to them. An NPR car donation in Tucson would do just that.

car donation tucson easyMost people know the two big names in thrift store shopping: Goodwill and Salvation Army. But, did you know that a Salvation Army vehicle donation in Tucson puts men and women back to work? In the same way, you can promote financial independence for those needing a second chance with a Goodwill car donation in Tucson.  

You’ve likely heard about the big name in nonprofits who often gives the most memorable gift in the life of a terminally ill patient. You can be a part of it if you donate a car to Make a Wish Foundation® in Tucson.

Would you like a car donation program in Tucson that benefits your place of worship? We can do that, or benefit another nonprofit religious cause, such as a car donation to Catholic Charities in Tucson.

There are numerous reasons why a car donation in Tucson is a wise choice. Just call us for a fast, free pick up: 855-520-2100.

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