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Car Travel with Pets: 10 Tips for Safety and Security

Don’t you just hate leaving your little furball at home alone when you and the family are out for a picnic or a weekend getaway? You’re always wondering what the little one is up to at home and you just wish she was there with you. We know you love your animal and you want her to be safe at all times. Now you can forget the worrying and travel with your little friend anywhere you go.

Car Travel with Pets: 10 Tips for Safety and Security

You can take your pets for a long drive with you and even on regular daily commutes. All thanks to these safety and security tips for travelling with your pets.

Go For a Test Drive

Any changes in your pets’ regular environment can cause them to become very uncomfortable. So, if you are planning for a long drive anytime soon, make sure your pet is ready for it. Take them on small rides and then gradually increase the duration. This will get the animal adjusted to the setting and they can start feeling more comfortable. If you notice they are showing any signs of discomfort, you may want to reconsider your idea. However, if you have smaller animals, you can consider buying a crate, as it makes them feel more secure.

Get Your Pet Vaccinated

If your pet will be travelling long distances, interacting with other dogs or even just hanging out in an unsanitary environment, make sure you get them vaccinated. You wouldn’t want them to be catching or spreading any kind of disease or bacteria. Additionally, there may be a legal requirement for certain vaccines in several areas. So, having a quick consultation with your vet about the trip would be advisable along with some online research about such laws.car donation animal rescue

The Correct Ride is Important

You must ensure that you have a clean and spacious ride, so your pet has a safe and comfortable experience. Ideally, a big pick-up truck like vehicle is preferred over smaller hatchbacks so that you can pack some people and luggage in there. If you have plans of travelling on a bike or scooter, we would advise against that adamantly. Trust us, Tom, that’s not a good idea!


You must ensure that your furry friend is properly tagged with updated information in case of any necessity. There are several technological advancements in that particular field you might want to look into. You can consider electronic tags that record your canine’s health and location data; such tags can be tracked quite simply through your smartphone. Also, you can consult a vet for microchip implants, but that is the more complicated route.

Emergency Kit

Make sure you have, at all times, certain emergency items available on your ride at all times. One of the most important items is a first-aid kit packed with things such as medications, ointments, nail trimmers, wet wipes, etc. Make sure you have ample number of poop baggies, a leopard gecko habitat and litter boxes for those special little moments. Lastly, you need doggy treats and toys to keep them occupied … and also lots of water. UwxkwUxw


Ensure you are taking frequent breaks to allow your pet to stretch out and feel relaxed, especially if you are planning a longer ride. It is also very important to allow constant flow of fresh oxygen through the vehicle to make sure that your pet doesn’t start getting car sick. However, do make sure you don’t let your buddy wander off in the middle of the road or towards a random field.

Don’t Let Your Pet’s Head Out of the Car

This point is just majorly concerned with dog owners. People think that letting your dog stick its head out of the car is not a big deal, but it is. Though those little idiots find it absolutely joyful, it can be very dangerous and can end up causing a lot of harm. You may crack the window a little bit though, so there is fresh air in the car, but that should be the extent of it.

Pet-Friendly Locations

So, this is not really a car tip, but it is something really important if you're planning a vacation. When you are searching for hotels or homestays, please make sure that they are pet-friendly, because you cannot expect them to go against their policies. You don’t want to search for a new hotel in the middle of the night, especially after a long drive.

Drive Safely

SArRL8dATo keep yourself and your pet safe, make sure you are obeying all traffic laws at all times since safety is the utmost priority when you are on the road. Try to stick to the speed limit and ensure that your pet, along with everyone else in the car, are properly harnessed and secured.

Don’t Leave Your Pet in the Car

Tesla has recently launched a “pet mode” in their cars, however it is still illegal in many places to leave your pets alone in a car. So generally, we would advise against it, as it can be very claustrophobic for the animal – especially the big ones. Also, depending upon where you live, the temperature of the car can also get very uncomfortable. Not to mention, your pet or some pedestrian may end up causing damage to your car.

Now that you have the proper tricks and tools to keep your pet safe while travelling, you can feel less worried and more connected to them. However, you must understand that you know your pet the most and can tell whether or not they are comfortable. So, go with your gut and if you feel that there is something wrong then try to reconsider, but hopefully you won’t have to.

About our guest editor:

Harsh Arora is a proud father of four rescued dogs and a leopard gecko. Besides being a full-time dog father, he is a freelance content writer/blogger and a massage expert who is skilled in using the best massage gun.