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Rewarding Our Educators: Teacher Appreciation Week

Every American has been influenced by an educator, and Teacher Appreciation Week drives home the impact they’ve had across generations and at every level of learning. 

Many famous leaders and philosophers have validated the importance of our educators...

BF Skinner: "Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten."

Helen Caldicott: "Teachers are the most responsible and important members of society because their professional efforts affect the fate of the earth."

Henry Brooks Adams: "Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops."

Plato: "If a man neglects education, he walks lame to the end of his life."5RVwExxR

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk: "A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others."

Barack Obama: "If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life."

History of National Teacher Appreciation Week

When is Teacher Appreciation Day?

Typically held during the first week of May, National Teachers Day is the focal point of an entire week spent giving regard to educators of choice. Elementary, junior high and secondary level schools across the country are dedicating a week to thank and reward instructors for their efforts.

Finding an authority on the true beginnings of National Teachers Day isn’t easy. According to the National Education Association, or NEA, just before the end of World War II an Arkansas teacher named Mattye Whyte Woodridge addressed political leaders about designating a day to honor teachers on a national level. Eleanor Roosevelt responded to Woodridge and in 1953 the 81st Congress proclaimed a National Teachers Day.

While the work of the NEA got teachers their recognition, the decision about when is Teacher Appreciation Day had not been permanently determined. Congress declared March 7, 1980 as National Teacher Day and it remained a celebrationZcGb6c R during the month of March until 1985 when National Teacher Day was moved by the NEA Representative Assembly to the first Tuesday in May and became National Teacher Appreciation Week.

The Teacher Appreciation Week program is run by the Council of Chief State School Officers and Google is one of the sponsors. The tech company partners with DonorsChoose.org to boost opportunities for students and teachers.

The nonprofit organization brings classroom dreams to life; in fact, it’s the number one classroom funding site for teachers. Founded by a Bronx high school teacher in the year 2000, DonorsChoose.org accepts requests for classroom projects, providing more than $20 million and funding over 1,402,490 projects since its inception. The nonprofit has touched 10 percent of all public schools in the country and is supported by 3,711,723 people.

One of the reasons many parents voice the idea that teachers deserve rewards is the fact that they typically spend their own, personal finances on classroom supplies for their students. So, while they inspire students and provide lifelong lessons and advice for the kids, they’re whittling down their earnings with these expenses.

That’s where the PTA comes in to help defray these costs and offer physical assistance as well. The PTA website offers a lot of suggestions for teachers’ day recognition. Parents can participate in gifting, offering money and supplies, as well as launching programs and spearheading events.

What You Can Do for National Teacher Appreciation Week

Calling it a shout-out to the “T” in PTA, students and parents can pool their resources to make their teachers’ day in creative ways.

Some of the more conventional methods spearheaded by PTA groups every year include:

  • Heartfelt cards and letters with messages of appreciation for teachers
  • Artwork, poems and video message
  • Certificates and award
  • Special ceremonies
  • Decorating classrooms and administrative lounges
  • Extra volunteerism
  • Surprise assemblies/events

Uploading pictures and Throwback Thursday photos of your favorite educators

The PTA site also has ready-made thank you cards, flyers and certificates you can download and fill to let them know they’ve made a difference. They can also help you with social media graphics if you need help sharing photos and activities during Teacher Appreciation Week.

kksH MqiThere are a lot of other gift ideas that put your own personal stamp on them. You can also customize gifts by engraving metal, painting wood or just using Crayons.

• Books
• Classroom supplies
• Gift cards
• Homemade card
• Mug and coffee
• DIY projects 

Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week through Donations

If you just completed your taxes and realized you need more write-offs for next year, you can celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week with a donation to a nonprofit education foundation.

If you don’t have extra cash, or if you want to contribute another way, you can donate a car to education through nonprofit groups. When you donate a car to charity it pays off in several ways. You benefit kids, of course, but you also find an easy way to dispose of a car you no longer need – plus garner a tax write-off.When donating a car through Cars2Charities there’s no drop-off locations to deal with, and the company fills out all the necessary DMV paperwork. In other words, you make a phone call or donate online and your vehicle is picked up – it’s extremely easy.

We work with hundreds of charities, all with their own mission, goals, and passions. We conveniently organize our charities based on their "cause". When making a Teach Appreciation Donation, take a look at our educational charities, as well as our arts charities, and our children's charities.  

Your tax break is based on the sale price of the car. When Cars2Charities sells your car, the company sends you the paperwork for your taxes. You simply decide which nonprofit to receive proceeds – any 501(c)(3) is eligible.