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Secrets to Sweetness when Single on Valentine’s Day

It may be just a Hallmark holiday, but being single on Valentine’s Day can feel like a big deal – if you let it. Rather than ignore the significance of February 14, the best idea is to celebrate it in your own way – with a date with friends or simply a date of treating yourself.

Movie Night

Whether you do a girls’ night in or a night out on the town, nearly every American loves the silver screen.

There’s more than one opinion about the best movies to watch when single, but there are top contenders. Town and Country Magazine made a list of the top movies for celebrating Valentine’s Day. Some of the most romantic movies, according to the publication, are:
• Pride & Prejudice
• La La Land
• The Notebook
• Romeo + Juliet
• Breathless
• Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
• Ten Things I Hate About You
• It Happened One Night
• Love and Basketball
• When Harry Met Sally

Cinematherapy is a real thing, according to experts. It sounds like a good excuse for easy entertainment, but watching movies can actually benefit you mentally.

Film Therapy has a lot to offer, says PsychCentral. First of all, it’s a tool for escape. Films can alter the way we feel and think, so we can target the kind of relief we need and choose a movie accordingly.

According to Gary Solomon, Ph.D., MSW, who has authored two books about cinematherapy, watching films can have a therapeutic effect when they mirror our own challenges. It offers an opportunity for individuals to release their emotions through laughter and tears, which is helpful to those who don’t typically feel comfortable emoting.

A night out eating, shooting pool or dancing doesn't put you in contact with your feelings like films can.jK8VHtng

Though it sounds counter-intuitive, you can actually become more cheerful by watching the saddest movies. It encourages you to express your true emotions and it contributes to feelings of appreciation when you see the suffering of others. And if you have a girls’ night in, you can share that experience.

All cultures pass down wisdom through the means of storytelling. It’s an effective method for transporting us to a better place for a while. Another ironic phenomenon is the effect a suspenseful film can have on you. The stress hormone cortisol is released in the brain when you’re scared, then it’s followed by dopamine, which results in pleasurable feelings.

Bar Hopping

Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to stay at home. A girls’ night in is great, but if you’d rather get out of the house, you still have options – even if you’re single on Valentine’s Day. Check your area’s events to see if there’s a pub crawl happening this February 14th.

Cupid’s Bar Crawl in Washington, D.C. is an example of the kinds of activities that celebrate the season of love. You and your single friends can join other crawlers using public transportation and making it to as many stops as possible.

The company arranges transportation for ticketholders and provides participants with a souvenir mug and no cover charge to bars. They also arrange professional pictures, food and drink specials and raffle entries.

The Stupid Cupid Bar Crawl in Los Angeles says “find love at the bottom of a bottle” and in San Diego the tagline is “Roses are red, violets are blue … Cupid is stupid, so come drink a few!”

Spoil Your Friends

Single on Valentine’s Day or part of a couple, it’s a holiday that celebrates the people you love, which includes your friends. Make it special by communicating that love to them. If you host a girls’ night in, make it special with party favors or host a sleepover.

You don’t even have to schedule a meetup to gift them perfectly. Turn to the internet to send something from Overstock.com. The company has a Valentine’s Day sale (like other internet options) which lightens your wallet a little less than paying full retail.

Some of the most common gifts advertised for Valentine’s Day 2020 fall into traditional romantic categories such as jewelry, perfume, candles, bedding and candy. That takes care of “her.” k0ag0DJAFor “him” there are electronics, leather bags, grill accessories and watches at the top of the list.

Treat Yourself

You deserve a celebration, even if you’re single on Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t come up with your “favorite things,” now is a great time to make a list. If money were no object, what would you do? Do you have a favorite hobby you can invest some time and money into?

Spa Day

A spa day is a popular purchase – why not buy one for yourself? Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t receive gifts, even from yourself.

Lara Davidson, the director of The Spa at Pebble Beach, discusses how to spend the perfect day at a spa. First, she suggests bringing your best friend. Just because you’re single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to be alone!

She suggests starting your visit by bellying up to the juice bar for refreshment. Then head to the steam room for a while, followed by a cold shower which increases circulation.

One of the best services at Davidson’s establishment, she says, is the Thai Herbal Compress Massage. You get warm, relaxing herbal compresses and feel like time has stopped … in a good way. Other services include facials, haircuts and pedicures.

And because adults can benefit from some creative exercises, you can pick up crayons in the conservatory at the Spa at Pebble Beach to spend time with a therapeutic coloring book.

Then you can swim in the pool and get some Vitamin D in the sunshine. But take care to minimize your exposure to the sun, of course. You don’t want sun damage or skin cancer.

You can even get lunch at The Spa at Pebble Beach. One of the customer favorites is the grilled vegetable wrap and signature cocktail – the Strawberry Bliss Martini.1qlIhkeg

“Take some time to do nothing,” Davidson says. “We rarely get the chance to do nothing. Even when we get a free minute, we distract ourselves with smartphones and social media. Take advantage of free time for resting, reading, and doing nothing.”

Retail Therapy

It’s another Valentine’s Day gift you can give yourself. The key is to not break the bank because you don’t want to be paying for it forever after. You can keep your purchases in check by shopping through a discount retail outlet such as Ebay or RetailMeNot.

This year, you’ll find opportunities to get codes for ProFlowers, Shari’s Berries and Edible Arrangements, among many others on RetailMeNot. You can safely assume being single on Valentine’s Day won’t be the case every year, so why not add to your intimates collection with an order from Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s of Hollywood?

Online retail discount companies can even get you savings on the best movies to watch when single if you aren’t just streaming flicks these days. They have partnerships with Redbox, Fandango, AMC and even IMAX.

Since Valentine’s Day 2020 falls on a Friday, maybe you could spend the weekend redecorating a room or giving a corner of the house a new look. You can find discounts when you order online from Pier 1 or Z Gallerie through RetailMeNot. So, if you had your eye on some limited edition artwork or a “floor leaner mirror,” you can shear hundreds of dollars off with a discount code. If you have a special place for a grandfather clock bookcase or a handcrafted iron sculpture, find a discount code for one of those and add drama to your décor for less.

Being single on Valentine’s Day or not, you need clothes to wear and with outlets like Poshmark.

Thredup is one of the best online resources for secondhand clothing. You can choose outfits that have the original tags or shop for designer duds. If you don’t have a significant other, you can crush on the savings you get on merchandise from Madewell, The North Face, Coach and Kate Spade.

Work it Out
Going to the gym or starting your morning with a hike is a good idea all year round. It benefits you physically, of course, but there are other positive effects. And when you’re single on Valentine’s Day, time spent walking trails or climbing hills is particularly useful as it gives you time for reflection, to clear your head.gPDIfmtA

Incorporating regular visits to the gym is a healthy habit, but you can also see if there’s a boutique workout you can do for Valentine’s Day 2020. Your gym may be hosting something special, like a class for yogis or an amped up Zumba session.

More Ideas
If none of these suggestions feel like a Band-Aid for the blues, you may need some customized ideas to ensure that being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t drag you down.

A site called My Domaine has a list of activities for singles to do on Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to partake in a couple’s massage or a carriage ride to have a good time.

The first suggestion is very basic: Just make plans. If it depresses you to be home alone, go out for Valentine’s Day 2020 – somewhere. Just do something.

Why not host your single friends with a girls’ night in or a date with the dames? You’re not alone, so band together and just enjoy a good social occasion.

You can have a Valentine’s Day “crafternoon” to make cards or assemble chocolate-dipped strawberries for yourself or your loved ones. It’s also fun to do a chocolate taste test or a chocolate-and-wine pairing.

What about your parents? They need love too, and it kind of brings things full circle to celebrate them on Valentine’s Day. It’s a loving thing to do, to reach out to seniors – your own grandparents or anyone else who’s single on Valentine’s Day and misses their late partner.

You can celebrate love in many, many ways for Valentine’s Day 2020. Whether it’s a girls’ night in or a night out with your mom, loving yourself and loving others is the goal. Being single on Valentine’s Day is not the end – in fact, it can mean a new beginning.