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The Search for Children’s Charities that Earn Your Donation Dollar

Looking for a Children’s Charity to donate to? Do your research.

As a company that interfaces with literally thousands of charities, we’ve seen various methods for choosing nonprofits to receive proceeds from car donations to children’s charities. The good news is that you have total freedom of choice – you can benefit any cause, as long as it’s a bona fide 501(c)(3).

Donating to the Childhood Leukemia Foundation

By donating to the Childhood Leukemia Foundation, philanthropists and other generous individuals are supporting programs in more than 250 hospitals across the United States.

Founded in 1992, the Foundation announced its mission – to create programs for kids with cancer that enables young patients to have fun and increase their self-esteem. Utilizing various strategies, the nonprofit organization seeks to educate and empower youngsters under the age of 21 who are living with serious illnesses.

Worthy Options to Make a Difference When You Donate to Children

Seeing the good work of others can inspire you to donate to children and help relieve suffering, provide healing or bring comfort to hurting kids and their families. Nonprofit organizations that raise revenue and provide manpower to further their missions are worthy of our attention and support.


Impressive & Inexpensive: This Year’s Guide to Gift Giving

We all need one this time of year – a guide to gift giving so we can wow our friends, family, boss and co-workers while scoring the best deals to save a little cash. Of course, there’s no perfect list, unless you’re Santa Claus, and everyone’s got their own field of recipients. But when someone else does the legwork for you, its a big help.

What Victims of California Fires Really Need

By the time the Camp Fire in California was finally 100% contained, donations for fire victims were pouring in, as millions watched news reports of the more than 150,000 acres burned. 

Donate Your Unused Miles and Credit Card Points to Charity

Have you gotten a message from your credit card company telling you to “cash in your points before they expire”? You can donate airline miles and points to charity instead of doing something last minute, like scrolling through the choices and picking another home decorator item you don’t actually want.


A Car Donation Goes the Distance in Helping Families with Focus on the Family

For more than 40 years through the grace of God, Focus on the Family has been a support system for families – strengthening marriages and helping parents raise their children by applying Christian principles and proven strategies.

There are households without strong leadership that give children no standards for excellence. There are marriages floundering as couples look for hope and help. A car donation can help offer resources to families that provide biblical wisdom and guidance, as well as needed encouragement and support.

Car Donation for Veterans

With every tragedy involving a veteran in crisis, it’s easy to feel helpless. But a car donation for veterans is a real way to relieve the burden these men and women carry and to save lives in the process. 

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