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How Donating to Charity Can Help Impact The Community

Before donating to a charity you may pause and wonder how your donation will help the community. Well, there are a multitude of ways a donation to a cause can help the community. Some being affordable home ownership, education, helping the environment, and hunger in America. Every charity has different goals that they want to achieve to help those within the community. Some help cater to specific needs, and others have a broad range of needs that they help with. With your donation charities are able to take the proceeds towards any causes they support.

8 Ways to Help Your Family Become More Charitable in 2022

The best way to show appreciation to your community is to give back. It’s also a great time to show your kids that any charitable action — big or small — can have a real impact on people. Getting the whole family on board with philanthropic endeavors is a bonding experience unlike any other. There are a variety of ways to get your kids involved that will make lending a hand feel effortless, and Cars2Charities explains how. 

Practical Ways to Help Your Community During the Holidays

If you’re an immigrant looking for practical ways to give back to your new community, the holiday season is a beautiful time of year to get involved. The spirit of generosity is in the air, and many communities feel a stronger sense of togetherness during the holidays. 

How to Clean the Car Interior

Like you love to clean your car from the outside, it is also essential to keep its interior clean to make it look good inside out. Safety and cleanliness always come first when it comes to the condition and maintenance of the car. Your car interior needs to be cleaned at least every month, but its cleaning depends on how the car is being used, the car's condition, how frequently you drive your car, and how many passengers are using the car.


These Are the Smartest Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

Is there any better excuse to treat yourself than an unexpected influx of cash? Your tax refund can be a great opportunity to buy something you’ve been eyeing for months, but before you blow your entire refund shopping, ask yourself if there’s a better use for your money. Here are seven smart ways to spend your tax refund that won’t leave you with buyer’s remorse.

How to Set Up a Charity Poker Game

From donating CDs, DVDs, books - and even cars - to donating time to a fundraiser or mission, there are lots of ways to help those in need without running your personal reserves dry. And often you can do greater good for your favorite organizations without opening your chequebook.

10 Resources for Getting Ready to Run Your Own Nonprofit

Maybe you’ve been trying to get in touch with other people who are invested in the same causes as you, but you’ve found a dearth of relevant organizations in your area. It might be time to think outside the box and start your own nonprofit! You can get inspired by nonprofits like Cars2Charities, which maximize the value of vehicle donations. We’ve collected a few resources to help you prepare for nonprofit ownership.


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