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Are you in need? How to obtain a free car

October 17, 2019

When One Man's Junk Isn't Any Man's Treasure

It’s true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but everyone needs a junk removal company sometimes. Nobody wants to be surrounded by unsightly trash. Most of us want to be surrounded by home goods, furnishings and décor that we consider beautiful and that brings us joy.

September 30, 2019

Your Next Trip to San Francisco

If you haven’t taken a trip to San Francisco in the last couple of years, you’ll find it’s always evolving, so there’s much more to see. That’s why it’s one of the most famous vacation spots in the world. 


September 18, 2019

Everything You Need To Know Before Going On Your First Backpacking Trip

Active vacations such as walking and backpacking are great fun for anyone looking for that little bit of adventure. Not only are they a great form of exercise, but they will also allow you to see some of the world’s greatest travel destinations in a whole new way.


September 12, 2019

Moving Into a Cheap College Dorm

With the amount of cash you need for a college education, finding a cheap college dorm is a goal for a lot of students – and their parents. Some aspects of attending college have changed a lot, but there are still those constants – dormitory decisions and needs for the purchase of everything you or your student needs for the semester. 

August 26, 2019

Free Car Donation

Whether you are in need of a car or are looking to donate a car to charity, your heart is in the right place. Perhaps you have been hit with hard times and are in need of a little help or, alternately, you have an addiational car at home and want to help a person or cause that’s struggling.

When Googling car donation, you will most likely bring up a car donation company like ours (a company that accepts cars to sell in order to send the sale money, or proceeds, to the charties they work with), but that doesn't mean there aren't comapnies out there that specialize in giving a free car to those in need.

If you are considering a replacement for your current vehicle, it may cross your mind that someone with limited resources could use what’s left of its usefulness. Or maybe you are that person who needs a vehicle like this. 

The following article discusses why Cars2Charities does NOT give away free cars (but explains how our good work makes a difference by helping charitable organizations) and also offers suggestions of a few organizations the might give free cars to people in need.

August 17, 2019

Back to School Shopping: Donate First & Make Room for More

Back to school shopping is an important time to prepare your child by stocking up on the resources they need for optimal learning. They typically include clothes, accessories, notebooks, stationary supplies, snacks and backpacks, among other things.

August 06, 2019

Donations – They’re Not Just Hand-Me-Downs

When you donate a car to someone in need, you transfer the value of your vehicle to a place where it can do some good. And the best part of it is, you get to choose whether it becomes a comfort to the sick, additional resources for veterans, or another form of benefit to others.

There are many ways to contribute to persons or causes you care about. You can obviously give cash to support a scholarship fund or foundation. And when you donate a car you are doing much the same – the money that’s garnered from the sale of your vehicle goes to the greater good through any channel you choose.


August 04, 2019

Car Donation: Is it a Scam?

You’ve decided it’s time to finally get rid of that vehicle sitting in your driveway and car donations have been on your mind lately. The thing is, you don’t know enough about the process, and you’re weary because you’ve heard a horror story or two. You know that donating a car to charity is a worthy option for finding your old car a new home, but you also want to find a trustworthy source to handle it. No one wants to fall prey to a scam artist.

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