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Research shows that Atlanta commuters spend 2 hours a day in the car, which leads to frequent vehicle replacement. Donate a car in Atlanta to make it a sweeter deal – you get to help a cause you care about and get a tax break at the same time.

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Why should I donate my car in Atlanta, Georgia?

If you’re dropping your Audi at European and Domestic Auto Care every other week, it may just have too many miles on it. It’s an assessment we’re all faced with sometimes – do I replace my car or drive it to its last breath?

Sometimes it pays to upgrade. When you’re spending as much repairing it as you would on a car payment, it’s a no-brainer.

Upgrading your vehicle gets you into a nice, new set of wheels, but it also gives you a chance to make a car or truck donation in Atlanta through Cars2Charities and help a great nonprofit program. And your tax write-off can make a significant difference as well.

If you support your PTA or throw money in the plate at church, that’s one thing. But when you donate a car to charity you get to transfer the value of your vehicle into serving others.

Surely you’ve seen the homelessness problem in the city. And you’d solve the problems on the streets if you could. Donating a car to Covenant House or Atlanta Mission is a way to provide shelter to families and individuals who are low on resources.Atlanta1

A charity car donation in Atlanta through Cars2Charities sends financial support to any 501(c)(3) you choose. If you or someone you love has battled cancer or Alzheimer’s Disease, you can play a part in research to find cures for those conditions.  

Are you a supporter of environmental causes? You can donate a car to the Georgia Conservancy through Cars2Charities and help conserve the state’s natural resources. If you’re shopping for a hybrid or have your eye on a new Tesla, donate your car in Atlanta to turn it into support for the cause.

How do I donate a vehicle in Atlanta, Georgia?

If you’re looking for a way to get rid of your old car as easily as possible, we can help.

You simply call us at 855-520-2100 or donate online and we take it from there.

Our friendly associate will arrange for a pick-up at a time that’s convenient for you. At that point, we get to work and you get to play. You can take in a Falcons game or go see the Braves – whatever you like to do.

You don’t have to post it on Craigslist, where there’s a lot of prep work before you even get to the selling part of the process. We take on the responsibility of finding a buyer, while you get to collect the tax benefit!

Were you thinking of using CarMax, or doing a trade-in? You may want to rethink it – the dealer will take 60-70% of your vehicle’s value, for starters. By contrast, a car charity donation in Atlanta through Cars2Charities enables you to write off 100% of the sale price of your vehicle.

You may not have heard the research coming out of USC which found that dealers jack up the price of the car they’re selling when the client brings in a trade-in! They tend to assume you don’t really care about the price, since you’re willing to lose money on the trade-in.

How can I get the best car donation tax deduction in Atlanta, Georgia?

Whether you’re a farmer or a retired professor from Emory University, you’ve got taxes to think about. There are advantages for you when you make a vehicle donation in Atlanta through Cars2Charities. Our expert technicians assess donation cars to decide whether or not they need alterations. That tends to raise the final selling price of donation vehicles, which bumps up your tax write-off, which is based on its sale price.Atlanta2

Your generosity dictates that someone who needs support gets it, but there’s nothing wrong with gaining a boost yourself. An auto donation in Atlanta is something you can do any time of year – you avoid the panic when your accountant says you need more write-offs at the last minute, or when you’re sitting down at the computer doing TurboTax

You can be sure that we follow every guideline dictated by the IRS. After we sell your donation car, we report the sale price to you, and the charity you choose, so the transaction is transparent. You both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the tax total for your tax deduction paperwork.

If you still have questions, please refer to our videos for more information.

Can I donate a motorcycle in Atlanta? An RV or a boat?

Yes – we are happy to pick up vehicle donations from Yamahas to yachts.

If you’re a regular at WOW, it means you like to buy, sell and trade bikes. The next time you need to find a new home for your Harley, consider a motorcycle donation in Atlanta through Cars2Charities. You can add to the support you raise through poker runs or events that benefit military vets.

How long has it been since you brought your boat to the Chattahoochee? Too long? It may be time you dropped your slip fees or cleaned out your property with a boat donation in Atlanta. You can help someone who needs it and regain some much-needed space.

If you never take a trip without bringing your own bed, you probably own a recreational vehicle. Sometimes couples get to an age where they’d rather book a room or try out the Air BnB system. When that’s your situation, donate an RV in Atlanta through Cars2Charities.Atlanta3

Do you live in Peachtree City? If you ride a cart around the community, you may reach a point you want a bigger Club Car or a luxury Garia. When you replace what you have, make a golf cart donation in Atlanta.

Everyone has the experience where their vehicle is no longer what they need. You can also pour resources into your community when you do. A car donation in Atlanta through Cars2Charities benefits your bottom line while funding a cause you care about. Give us a call when you want us to pick up your vehicle and make that happen.

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