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A Place Called Home Car Donation Program

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When you donate your car it can help underprivileged youth.

Donating your car to A Place Called Home will help fund their many programs for youth. This wonderful nonprofit wants all children to have opportunities to find success and happiness. The staff at A Place Called Home have worked for 30 years with young people in South Los Angeles.

Donate your car to help the youth in South Los Angeles that come from generational poverty. When underprivileged children are helped with the wonderful resources A Place Called Home provides they learn skills that can help them throughout life. There is counseling, tutoring, and even vocational training. A Place Called Home helps with college scholarships, civic engagement, entrepreneurship, and job placement support.

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The programs offered at A Place Called Home help a community that's crime rate is 60% higher than the national average. In South Los Angeles 88% of families reported living below the federal poverty line. Almost half of high school students drop out before graduating. Donating your old car to A Place Called Home can help put money toward programs that keep children interested in school and their future. 

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Other programs your donated vehicle can help A Place Called Home provide are nutrition, agriculture, art, music, dance, and sports. They work for the development of healthy, self-reliant, motivated, community-minded young adults. Also assisting with the growth of healthy family systems.

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With your help, A Place Called Home can continue to assist the youth and families of South Los Angeles. Guiding them to take control of their lives and make a change. A Place Called Home has worked with over 20,000 young people and families over the years. They would like to help another 20,000 in the years to come.



Donate a vehicle to A Place Called Home

Looking for a way to support A Place Called Home? Donate your vehicle! While car and truck donations are our most popular type of vehicle donations, we also accept motorcycles, golf carts, motorhomes and more. Vehicle donations are one of the most generous ways to give to non-profits AND it doesn't cost you anything — except maybe an old car that you don't need anymore. When you donate a car to A Place Called Home you are supporting their mission to to provide a safe, nurturing environment with proven programs in arts, education and wellness.

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