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Car Donation to A Walk on Water-Surf Therapy

Children with disabilities have so few activities available to them. A car donation to A Walk on Water gives more kids the opportunity to spend the day in the waves, having fun with their families.

Why Should I Donate My Car to A Walk on Water-Surf Therapy?

Surfer riding waves during a sunset- walk on water charity car donationSometimes called AWOW, this nonprofit uses the transformative power of the ocean to grant disabled youth a day of acceptance and empowerment. Everyone is an athlete – able to enjoy the beach and gain some skills on a surfboard.

Providing surfing instruction to children with needs from down’s syndrome to blindness, the surf therapy experience is both calming and electrifying. Many kids, for the first time, get to “walk on water” and gain a level of confidence that has a crossover effect. More than 2,000 adults and children with needs have been aided by AWOW since it began its work in 2012.

When you donate a vehicle to A Walk on Water-Surf Therapy through Cars2Charities, you play a part in the lives of entire families. The nonprofit’s surf therapy is more than just standing on a board. The whole family is treated to a day of food and drinks, music, yoga and live music.

Building family bonds while also finding a new home for a vehicle you don’t need is a double benefit. Whether you’re a surfer or not, you can see that talented volunteers who work with the kids are sharing the best parts of the surf culture – challenging themselves physically, but with a carefree attitude.

When you donate a car to charity you share your resources with worthy individuals. And a vehicle donation to A Walk on Water-Surf Therapy sends support specifically to people who can use a day off.

How Do I Make An Auto Donation to A Walk on Water-Surf Therapy?

It’s extremely simple! Just call us at 855-520-2100 or contact us online. It begins the process of removing your responsibility to find a new home for your old car, while giving kids a worry-free day on the beach.

One of our friendly staff members will schedule a pickup of your donation car at a time and place that’s convenient for you. After that, you’re free to go surfing yourself – or pick out a new car.nlCcwf3Q

When we take care of your car charity donation to A Walk on Water, we prepare your vehicle for sale using a process designed to maximize your gift to the charity. We tow away your donation vehicle at no cost to you and we complete every bit of paperwork. In other words, we handle the entire process, leaving you with the tax break and A Walk on Water-Surf Therapy with a check!

It’s what makes us stand out among car charity programs. A car or truck donation to A Walk on Water-Surf Therapy through us requires nothing from you.

Are you still on the fence, deciding whether or not to replace your car? Like every surfer knows, there are a lot of things in life that aren’t worth worrying about. But having a reliable car is pretty important. If you’re spending more time at the auto mechanic’s shop than you are working, there’s a problem.

If your carpool days are recently behind you, there may be some motivation to downsize. You also do the environment a favor. And if you have a favorite make of car – Lexus, Volvo, Audi, etc. – you have a growing number of hybrid and electric car options. You just need something big enough for your board!hIkQWNDw

If you typically do a trade-in with the dealer and drive away in something new, you may want to consider a different route. Not only do you get just 30-40% of your car’s value from a dealer, the USC School of Business did a study showing more reasons you do NOT want to trade in your car. Research shows they simply jack up the price of the new one you’re buying to make up for it!

By contrast, when you make a charity car donation to A Walk on Water-Surf Therapy through Cars2Charities, you can write off 100% of your car’s value.

Do You Get a Car Donation Tax Deduction When You Donate Your Car to A Walk on Water?

Yes, you do. Because it’s a 501(c)(3) you get a tax advantage when you make a car, truck or SUV donation to A Walk on Water. You’re a generous person and you don’t give just to receive, but that’s what makes this process special. More disabled individuals get to experience a day riding the waves and you get to make your CPA happy. (Or yourself, if you’re a Turbo Tax user.) j9mbp2d0

There’s an advantage to the Cars2Charities process, as well. Unlike some car donation programs, we pick up donation cars and our technicians assess them for necessary alterations. From our own research, we’ve found that these cars garner about 25-50% more than cars without the changes.

Isn’t it nice to know you don’t have to schlep your car to a used car lot – or worse – sell it yourself? Using AutoTrader or Craigslist is pretty burdensome. If you’ve ever sold something large such as a car, you know how it is. First there’s a massive cleaning project. Then you have to shoot images like you’re Annie Leibovitz. And finally, there are car shoppers to deal with.

But a vehicle donation to A Walk on Water-Surf Therapy through Cars2Charities involves none of that. You simply hand over the keys and collect your tax break! And at the same time, you can feel good about where the donation’s going – to provide more families with disabled kids the opportunity to feel the sun and wind on their faces and gain some much-needed relief from challenging circumstances.

And finally, we follow IRS guidelines to the letter. We send you and A Walk on Water the IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the tax deduction for the total. 

Can I Donate a Boat to A Walk on Water-Surf Therapy? What About an RV or motorcycle?

Yes to all of the above. If water sports are your thing, you probably have a boat. And if you get out to ski on a regular basis, you may be drooling over the newest Crownline or Larson models. When you have to get rid of what you have, make a boat donation to A Walk on Water through Cars2Charities.

And talk about freedom. Nothing gets the wind in your hair like a good motorcycle ride. You and your fellow riders sometimes need new bikes, so remember you can donate a motorcycle to A Walk on Water when it’s time.

olgrs5ePHow do you get your board to the beach? Atop a Volkswagen Vanagon? If you’re camping on the beach year-round you may be looking for an upgraded set of wheels. You can donate an RV to A Walk on Water when you do.

There are a lot of over-55 communities along the coast, and some of them allow you to get around on carts. If you’ve got a Club Car and you want to upgrade to a Garia, let us tow away your old one through a golf cart donation to A Walk on Water. It’s an easy way to share the wealth! 

When you’re lucky enough to be born into the American middle or upper class, it’s both a privilege and a responsibility to care about those who have a more difficult time. And when you donate a car to A Walk on Water, you’re putting your money where your mouth is. Add to that your tax write-off and everyone wins.

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