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Car Donation to Alliance for Children Everywhere

If you want to help kids in crisis, you can donate a car to Alliance for Children Everywhere and play a part in bringing loving families to boys and girls who need them. There are innocent kids who have been abandoned or who are orphaned, and thanks to the Alliance for Children Everywhere, they can become a part of a loving family.

It’s more than just a conventional orphan charity. The Alliance for Children Everywhere is a Christian child placement agency, as well as a group home and school. Your generous vehicle donation raises funds to support the ministry, which means more children get to experience the love of God through the lives of loving adults.hom 2

Why should I donate my car to Alliance for Children Everywhere?

Opportunities to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate don’t come every day. But if you’ve got a car that’s in the shop more than it’s in your garage, you have the chance to benefit others, while gaining a tax deduction for yourself.

A charity car donation to Alliance for Children Everywhere puts cash in the hands of a trusted, effective nonprofit organization, fueling the work they do to rescue children and empower families. Founder Jennie Woods began doing ministry more than 40 years ago – first by caring for kids on Apache and Navajo reservations.

She was a director for House of Samuel, a Christian nonprofit placing children with adoption families, which included a school for special needs children. Jennie has brought her ministry to Guatemala, Peru and Zambia.

When you look at the life challenges of young people in these countries, it hardly seems possible that something we climb into every day and tend to take for granted – our cars – can be so useful to others.

A vehicle donation to Alliance for Children Everywhere through Cars2Charities is a means to turn the value of a car you don’t need into support for an orphan charity.

How do I donate a vehicle to the Alliance for Children Everywhere?

Have you felt convicted recently that you’ve been blessed with plenty of resources and need to find a way to share it with others? Imagine how far the value of your vehicle donation can go.

Do you have way too much car? If your kids are grown, that Escalade is probably twice as large as you need – or want. Many people want to reduce their carbon footprint and electric cars on the market are amazing ... there’s even a Volvo hybrid!

DashcarGearing down to a smaller car, like a Miata or a Smart Car? It’s a killer way to save gas money.

If you were considering a vehicle trade-in, you might not have heard about the study done by USC business students. It showed that there’s evidence that you tend to lose A LOT of value that way. We all know that they only put about 30-40% of your vehicle’s value toward the car you buy. But the research showed that dealers have a tendency to assume you aren’t concerned with finances and, as a result, hike up the price of the new car you’re buying.

Donating a car to Alliance for Children Everywhere benefits multiple parties, which is why it’s such an ideal option. You can get out of the car you no longer need, the nonprofit can get funding, and you get a nice tax write-off too!

It’s super easy. Just call us at Cars2Charities at 855-520-2100 or donate online. We schedule with you a time and place to pick up your car donation. And you’re pretty much done at that point!

If you’ve been frustrated by your car not running right, you may have hung onto it a bit too long. The average age of a car is about 10 years old, so if you’re driving something older than that, it’s older than most of your friends’ and family members’ cars. An article in U.S. News & World Report talks about the wisdom of investing in a new car if you can pretty much predict a slew of upcoming repairs – especially big ones, like replacing the transmission.

And as far as your old car goes, a car charity donation to the Alliance for Children Everywhere is a way to give your vehicle a second life with a new driver. You can actually think of it like recycling.

Can I get a car donation tax deduction when I make an auto donation to the Alliance for Children Everywhere?

Yes, you can – and you do! We know it’s actually a generous gift, not just a means to benefit your bottom line. What’s important to you is helping to fund Faithworks Schools and incredible resources like House of Moses in Zambia.2016 HOM 007 Lazarous Front Door HOM

Opened in 2000, House of Moses is a facility where orphaned and abandoned children can live. There they receive support – physically, emotionally and spiritually. It’s where they live until they are able to find a family of their own.

Alliance for Children Everywhere is one of those nonprofits that moves you to tears, when you hear about orphaned infants needing milk and households struggling from HIV/AIDS. Partnering with churches and fueled by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, ACE changes lives with unbridled love and support. The Nutrition & Nurture Program provides the physical needs for these families, to help them survive, while also gifting them with faith.

When you help orphans through a vehicle donation to Alliance for Children Everywhere, it sometimes comes in the form of parental and family support. For instance, the Nutrition & Nurture Program provides job training and social welfare services such as:
• Community savings program
• Job skills training
• Positive parenting training
• Childhood development and nutrition training

You’re joining God in his work, caring for those who can’t provide for themselves. Because of car donations like yours, the volunteers from ACE are helping orphans find loving homes and the loving arms of God.

As an added bonus, you get the thumbs up from your accountant. A decision to make a car, truck or SUV donation to the Alliance for Children Everywhere shares the love – literally.

If you find yourself at tax time scrambling to find write-offs, this is a way to avoid that. You can donate a car to charity any time of year.

Cars2Charities offers you an added bonus. Because of our system, you get the biggest tax deduction possible. When we tow away your car, we take it to our technicians who assess your vehicle for necessary alterations.

Our donation cars tend to sell for 25-50% more than vehicles in other programs where they don’t make improvements. Your tax write-off is higher too!

When you’re supporting such nonprofit goals as Helen DeVos Christian School, integrity is a priority. Cars2Charities has a reputation built over three decades as a car donation program that’s transparent. You can be sure that you’re able to help orphans through your vehicle’s value, and with Cars2Charities, you can rest assured it’s being handled by seasoned industry professionals. After handling all the paperwork – even the DMV forms — we follow IRS guidelines and send you and Alliance for Children Everywhere IRS Form 1098 within 30 days of the sale of your vehicle. The paperwork gives you the final sale dscf0843price for your records.

Can I donate a golf cart to the Alliance for Children Everywhere? An RV or a boat?

If you’re wondering how to help orphans when you don’t have a car or truck to replace, there are many other vehicle donation programs available through Cars2Charities.

When you’ve had years of fun in your Airstream or Rambler, but you haven’t gone camping in years, you have a reason to let it go. When you’re ready, let us know and you can donate your RV  to Alliance for Children Everywhere and help orphans at the same time.

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