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Why donate a car to Alzheimer’s Los Angeles?

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Tackling the challenge of caring for those affected by Alzheimer’s and other dementias is a high calling. Here in California, the needs are even greater than other parts of the country. More than 10 percent of Americans living with Alzheimer’s or another dementia live in our state, and so do their caregivers. There is a significant need to serve those suffering from the disease. Donate your car to Alzheimer’s to help us provide support to the family and friends who serve as their caregivers.

Alzheimer’s Los Angeles provides a wide range of services to the community. Alzheimer's LA experts are trained to provide family members with the information and resources they need to navigate the difficult journey that is Alzheimer’s disease. These providers construct personalized care plans for clients and provide invaluable services and programs that benefit both the person living with the disease and their loved ones.

Through a program called “Memory Mornings,” individuals in the mid-stages of Alzheimer’s disease have a safe and supportive environment for activities that stimulate cognitive function and provide much-needed recreation. Participants also have the opportunity to engage in fun, meaningful interaction with their caregivers.

More than one third, or 200,000, Californians impacted by Alzheimer’s are in Los Angeles County alone. In the greater Los Angeles area, the number of individuals affected by Alzheimer’s and related dementias (more than 275,000) is growing at an alarming rate, and the challenges facing this community are becoming even more complex. Free programs and services reach the Latino, African American, Japanese, Chinese and Armenian communities, among others, over a vast geographical area, with language appropriate and culturally sensitive materials, resources and staff.

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From political advocacy to engaging and educating the loved ones of those with the disease, Alzheimer’s Los Angeles is meeting the needs of both individuals and society. The growing expense of programs like these for residents of Southern California impacted by Alzheimer’s disease is almost incalculable. The car you no longer need can be a means to offset the costs of services provided by the non-profit organization.

How can I donate my car to Alzheimer’s Los Angeles?”

It’s simple and takes just 5 minutes to call 855-520-2100 or to complete the “donate online” form. You’ll speak with one of our helpful and friendly coordinators, who’ll gather a few key facts about your specific vehicle donation. We handle the entire process from there.

You tell us what date, time and location are most convenient for you, to meet one of our skilled towing drivers and we arrange for a pickup to take place, typically in 24-72 hours. Once your donated car, truck, SUV, recreational vehicle – or perhaps even a motorcycle or commercial vehicle donation for Alzheimer’s – arrives at our location, we perform a 16-point inspection to determine what improvements may be appropriate for your vehicle. This unique process generates the best results. How? Because, unlike other programs that sell car donations “as is,” the enhancements we make result in buyers appreciating the remaining life of that truck donation or that SUV or station wagon, giving them confidence to pay close to retail prices which leads to a bigger tax deduction for you – typically 25-50% higher than if you were to sell or trade in your vehicle – and more money to support Alzheimer’s Los Angeles.

Consider the 1983 Chrysler New Yorker donated recently. It had just 70,000 miles – but because of its 32 year age (that’s right: 32 years old), the typical program would have gotten a maximum value of just $1,600 for it in its “as is” condition. However, our car donation program experts understand the true value of each vehicle and can see its potential – so we were able to find a great buyer who realized that it was worth the $3,000 asking price after improvements and is excited to have been able to buy this donated vehicle.

Donor Margaret W. remarked, "Mom was afflicted with Alzheimer's, and we received such great support from Azheimer's LA. They helped us learn to be more flexible, more understanding, and better able to accept the worsening nature of this disease. They really helped us cope along the way, and to be able to both mourn in a healthy way as well as celebrate the little things whenever we could. We are so glad to be able to pay it forward, to help other families get the same kind of encouragement." She also appreciated that her car donation tax deduction was almost twice the “as was” value of her car.

Can I donate an RV, motorcycle, golf cart to Alzheimer’s LA?pexels photo 167300

Yes, an RV donation or any recreational vehicle to Alzheimer’s Los Angeles works the same way as car, truck and SUV donations. We also accept campers, trailers, fifth wheels -- almost any type of vehicle -- even if it no longer runs. Gifts of watercraft are also welcome, transforming an old Sea-Doo or jet ski into a means to make someone’s journey a little bit easier. You can donate a boat to Alzheimer’s Los Angeles also, or if you’d like to make a motorcycle donation we make that easy as well.

You don’t have to be acquainted with Alzheimer’s to support the organization. A Southern California man made a gas-powered golf-cart donation to Alzheimer’s Los Angeles, which we improved and were able to find an appreciative buyer for $1,500. The as-is value before improvements was $900. The donor Jonathan observed, “Although no one in our immediate family currently suffers from Alzheimer’s, we know of so many who are touched by it. My grandmother likely had it in her last 2-3 years, but she went undiagnosed back then – there simply wasn't the kind of awareness as there is today. We donated our golf cart to Alzheimer's knowing that if we are ever touched by this disease again, the resources will be there for us to cope."

pexels photo 185772Your vehicle donation tax deduction paperwork, IRS Form 1098-C, comes right to you within 30 days of sale -- with a copy to Alzheimer's LA and the IRS, so there is always 100% transparency about the exact sale price. Meanwhile, we take care of the details of your title transfer: no pesky visits to the DMV or 2-hour wait times.

Donating a car to benefit Alzheimer’s Los Angeles makes an impact on the lives of thousands of families dealing with this disease or dementia. Thank you for your support of Alzheimer’s Los Angeles’s mission to serve those suffering from this disease and their caretakers.

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