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Bentley School Car Donation Program

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The Bentley PromiseTo pursue academic excellence from Kindergartento the threshold of college,To cherish potential and, even more, fulfill it;To explore the arts, to love the sciences,and embrace curiosity of all kinds;To teach us all how to think, but not what to think;To feel the balance of mind and bodythat comes from companionship on the field of play;To lead when the time is to lead,And learn critical thinking that makes for good, reasoned choices;To celebrate diversity in thought and deed,And be a citizen of the world in all the best senses;To expect a lot of yourself,But care and cooperate for the good of all;In sum, to feel the enthusiasm and funThat make learning a lifetime pursuit —These are the goals of Bentley School,and the community inside and around it.

Donate a vehicle to Bentley School

Looking for a way to support Bentley School? Donate your vehicle! While car and truck donations are our most popular type of vehicle donations, we also accept motorcycles, golf carts, motorhomes and more. Vehicle donations are one of the most generous ways to give to non-profits AND it doesn't cost you anything — except maybe an old car that you don't need anymore. When you donate a car to Bentley School you are supporting their mission .

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With more than 30 years of experience, Cars2Charities has the expertise in making vehicle donations easier than ever. Cars2Charities is designed to provide donors with a simple, fast, and secure way to donate to Bentley School.

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  • We arrange a fast, free, and easy pickup
  • We handle all paperwork, including full release of liability
  • We maximize the value of your gift: we improve how it looks and runs – so you get the biggest tax deduction

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