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Car donation to Biola University

If you had the power to grant a Christian education to the best and brightest, would you?

For the world’s most gifted minds to be people of faith requires that leaders are born in institutions of faith. But, leaders sometimes come from economically limited circumstances, where they get edged out by the competition for funding.

Your car donation to Biola University can help level the playing field, so that young men and women from all economic backgrounds have access to the quality Christian education provided by Biola. For you to play a role in that movement – to make sure our most promising future leaders are followers of Jesus – requires very little.

One phone call to Cars2Charities, Biola’s car donation program, at 855-520-2100.pexels photo 256520

Our fast process turns your Biola charity car donation into cash for the college in the easiest way possible. We come to you within 24-48 hours – wherever and whenever is most convenient for you – and tow your car to our technicians, who determine what improvements could be made to the car. We sell the Biola vehicle donation for you, hand a check to the university and you get the tax break.

Biola University is a leading Christ-centered university in Southern California that offers a premier, nationally ranked education within the setting of an all-Christian community.

Founded in 1908, Biola is committed to the mission of biblically centered education, scholarship and service — equipping men and women in mind and character to impact the world for the Lord Jesus Christ. With more than 6,300 students at its Los Angeles-area campus and around the world, the university offers 145 academic programs through its six schools, ranging from the B.A. to the Ph.D. 

You literally have a global opportunity to affect lives. Did you ever imagine that the car you don’t need is a means to bring a standout student – one who has a vision for missions, and maybe medicine – into a classroom at Biola?

It’s true. Donate a vehicle to Biola University and you do more than donate your car to a Christian organization. You prepare young men and women for a lifetime of knowledge and service.

How do I donate my car to Biola? 

Whether your car is spending too much time at the repair shop or you’d just like to upgrade to more bells & whistles or downsize out of the “mom car,” you have to figure out how to get the job done.

If you’re thinking donate vs. sell my car, you may want to consider the leg work involved. If you’re hoping to spend the next week cleaning out your car, washing the outside, taking pictures and writing Facebook posts, followed by waiting for Craigslist buyers who don’t show up, then selling is a great idea.

pexels photo 306534If, however, you really don’t have time for that, let us do it for you. If you were just thinking of a dealer trade-in or CarMax, you want to consider that you typically only get about 30%-40% of your car’s value that way.

Consider instead the ease of a car donation program, where we tow it away and make sure Biola benefits from the sale. By the way, we usually sell auto donations privately, finding car shoppers who see the value of the vehicles, rather than selling them at auction, where they sell for less.

And did we tell you … for Biola, vehicle donations don’t even have to run! Because we come and tow your car, through our Biola vehicle donation program you don’t have to limp your car to a drop-off spot.

Then we hand you the finished paperwork from your car, truck or Biola SUV donation. We take care of the title transfer, the DMV paperwork – everything – while you get the tax benefit.

It’s hard to believe that just a 3-5 minute call to 855-520-2100 and you’re giving students the benefit of a college education at a nationally ranked institution with a 100-year-old history of transforming spiritual lives.

Does the Biola car donation program accept an RV donation, and other vehicle types?

Yes, all kinds of recreational vehicles are part of our Biola car donation program. A Biola RV donation includes campers, motor homes and trailers – even quads/ATVs. If you’re in a bike club, but hardly ride anymore, consider our Biola motorcycle donation program.

Do you play water sports or go camping? Make a Biola boat donation through us, or if you have water vehicles you no longer use, such as jet skis or a Sea Doo, they can also generate money for your generous Biola vehicle donation.

Do you have a golf cart that’s been gathering dust? If it needs new batteries, you may want to reconsider repairs and instead choose a Biola golf cart donation. It not only gives you the tax benefit, it may be saving you a lot of money. Did you know that the batteries costs about $160 each – and each cart typically needs about 6-8 of them?!

When you call 855-520-2100 and we handle the process, your car, truck or Biola camper donation means you have more time to spend fellowshipping with friends, or shop for a new vehicle, if that’s the case.

What’s the best car donation tax deduction for Biola?

When it comes to everyone’s favorite April 15th chore, we like to know the decisions we make are wise. So, it’s nice to have confidence that the choice you make in a Christian car donation, in terms of tax deduction, has a very good track record. Our Biola car donation tax deduction program is one with integrity that you can see.pexels photo 1205651

The transaction is totally transparent. We follow the IRS guidelines for your tax deduction, such that both you and Biola receive carbon copies of the same IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale of your vehicle. Both you and the university also receive paperwork indicating the final sale price of your car.

Another advantage to our Biola car donation program is that your gift can make a greater impact because of our process, which maximizes the value of your car. Your auto donation receives the added benefit of being evaluated for potential improvements, increasing the odds that your contribution to Biola (and tax deduction) is higher. Our experience shows that auto donations sell for approximately 25-50% more than they do without the improvements.

Before you make a decision whether or not to donate your car to Biola, you can check our positive track record by reading some of our donors’ stories to see how satisfied they’ve been with Cars2Charities.

If it’s time for a new vehicle, or you’re eager to make a difference by shaping lives to make an impact all over the world, call us to get started with your vehicle donation to Biola.

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  • Tired of paying storage fees – or other ownership costs?
  • Are your repair bills higher than the car is worth?
  • Do you want to avoid the headache of selling a car?
  • Will a dealership give you the value your car deserves?

Whatever your reason for donating a car, we make it so easy. Simply tell us a few key details, or call to speak with a knowledgeable and friendly Coordinator. We can be reached 7 days a week, at 855-520-2100.

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