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"Exploring and Proclaiming the Depths of Scripture"

There has been a shift in our culture. God's truth has been exchanged for a lie. The attacks on God, the Bible, and Christianity are strategically intensifying.

How do we stand firm against a world that corrupts and distorts? The accurate and relevant teaching of Scripture is an anchor in the tossing storm.  Focal Point Ministries is committed to exploring and proclaiming the depths of Scripture to those in desperate need of Truth.
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 About Focal Point
Focal Point Radio Ministries, Inc. is the Bible teaching ministry of Dr. Mike Fabarez. Since 1998 Focal Point has been exploring and proclaiming the depths of Scripture on the radio, online, and in print. Focal Point’s primary medium is a daily radio broadcast on approximately 700 outlets across the United States and internationally on the web.

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Millions of people are reached through the broadcast and online. The ministry began with a Sunday broadcast on two Southern California stations on July 24, 1998. Soon after its launch, Focal Point expanded to a Monday through Friday program and has since grown to over 700 radio stations across the United States. The Focal Point radio broadcast can be heard in most major metropolitan cities and on the Sirius-XM Satellite Network Family Talk Channel 131.
MikeFabarez QAIn addition to our daily radio program, Focal Point offers additional resources on its website and its free smart phone app. Here you can find audio and video of Pastor Mike’s sermons, free mp3 downloads, devotionals, videos answering frequently asked questions and much more.

Please consider supporting Focal Point by donating your vehicle. Your generosity will be helping the ministry continue to explore and proclaim the depths of Scripture. To get started, call: (855) 520-2100 and one of the friendly Cars2Charities Vehicle Donation Coordinators will assist you.

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Donating to the Focal Point Radio Ministries is simple! Click the "DONATE NOW" button, or call Cars2Charities at: (855) 520-2100 and one of our intake coordinators will walk you thru the steps. After providing us with the make, model, year, condition we will take it from there!

The proceeds from the sale of your vehicle, motorcycle, RV, or other mode of transportation will help sustain this Radio Ministry and the programs they offer.


1. To start, Cars2Charities provides FREE TOWING for your vehicle, schedule it when it is most convenient for you, AND we handle all of the DMV and paperwork processing! Because of this and more, our value-creating approach works for the benefit of our donors.

2. We use our 25+ years of experience in the automotive industry to enhance the look and performance of each vehicle. Our personalized attention and commitment to service excellence set us apart.

3. After we optimize the vehicle's appearance and performance, we find a private buyer so that we get the maximum amount for each vehicle. It is easy to donate through Cars2Charities! Click the "DONATE NOW" button below - or - give us a call at (855) 520-2100. Feel good knowing proceeds from the sale of your donation will benefit Focal Point Radio Ministries!

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