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Car donation to Veterans through Heroes in the Rough

Veterans serve us all. They protect our freedom all over the world, sacrifice time with loved ones, sometimes paying the ultimate price. Look no further to help support them- donate a car to veterans.

And we’re losing them—22 every day who commit suicide due to the mental anguish created by their heroic service.Heroes In Rough 1

Would you like to counter that painful statistic? You can contribute to the comfort and care of a veteran when you donate a car to veterans through Heroes in the Rough.

Why donate your car to veterans in need through Heroes in the Rough?

Have you thought about becoming a conduit for good in this world, but haven’t found the way to do it? At Cars2Charities we can facilitate that for you by processing your auto donation to veterans in need through Heroes in the Rough.

You don't have to be a Pebble Beach regular to recognize what a great thing this non-profit is. The organization takes our hurting men and women who served in the military and gets them outdoors, swinging a golf club, returning to the athletics they used to be a part of. No more isolation—no more loneliness. The more than 30,000 who were wounded in just the Afghanistan and Iraq War need somewhere to turn.

Their families are hurting too, which is why the organization includes opportunities for loved ones to participate in golf clinics, lessons and tournaments. Getting out there means disabled veterans add balance, coordination, muscle memory and stamina to their skills.

You become an advocate for healing when you donate a vehicle to veterans Heroes in the Rough through Cars2Charities. And that’s a heck of a lot more than you can do with a dealer trade-in.Heroes in Rough 4

Have you been spending time car shopping, maybe considering an upgrade or downsizing? There are many good reasons to replace your car. If you’re spending too much time at the repair service or picking up (yet another) rental, you’re losing money—after all, time is money!

Or if you have growing concern that when your Hyundai hits a hundred thousand you may end up on the side of the freeway—you may want to consider a change.

How do I donate my car to veterans through Heroes in the Rough?

If you’re a golfer, you probably like things streamlined, you like to drive the ball straight down the fairway. That’s a great way to describe the process of charity car donation veterans through to Heroes in the Rough through Cars2Charities.

It’s super simple to tee it up. Just call us at 855-520-2100 or go to Cars2Charities.org to donate online.

It’s fast, free and friendly. We come to wherever your car is located, at a time and place that’s convenient for you. If it never made it out of the service center, we go pick it up there.Heroes In Rough 3

We handle everything from there, making it as easy as possible for you. We contact Heroes in the Rough and after selling your donation car, we send both you and the non-profit the paperwork for your records. And according to IRS guidelines, you both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the car charity donation tax deduction for the total.

Can I donate a golf cart to Veterans? What about a motorcycle or boat?

If you like to get out and tee it up, or the only magazine you read is Golf Digest, then you’ve got something in common with this non-profit. If you live in a 55 and up community, or even just a neighborhood with pathways, you might be one of the many people with your own neighborhood electric vehicle. When you want to get a new one (or find that you rarely use the one you have), let us know. A golf cart donation to veterans  through Heroes in the Rough contributes to the ability of a wounded veteran to get out on the links too! 

Are you in any meetups? A lot of bike owners belong to clubs and go on weekend trips all the time. You can donate a motorcycle to veterans through Heroes in the Rough as easily as any other vehicle.

Water skier? Fisherman? If you love the water, you may own a boat. If so, remember us when you’re ready to upgrade—or when you’re at that point they call the second favorite day for an owner. A boat donation to veterans Heroes in the Rough through Cars2Charities is another good way to benefit veterans. We also pick up Sea Doos and jet skis. Here is your chance to donate a vehicle to veterans.

How can I get the best car donation tax deduction with a vehicle donation to Heroes in the Rough?

Are you tired of paying for a storage unit? After awhile you realize you could’ve purchased everything in it twice for the total you’ve paid to store it!Heroes in Rough 5

Likewise, you want to be smart with your tax situation. At Cars2Charities we have a special process whereby we maximize your donation, thus giving you a bigger bump to your bottom line. When our towing experts pick up your auto donation, they bring it to our technicians, who size it up for any necessary alterations*. We found that our cars sell for 25-50% more after the changes! This is how we give you the best tax deduction for your car.

Also, you may not know the down sides to a dealer trade-in or using CarMax. Most of all, you’re losing A LOT of value. They’re only offering you about 30-40% of your vehicle’s actual value!
When you make a car, truck or SUV donation to Heroes in the Rough, you can write off 100% of the sale price of your car. So, everyone wins: the charity gets proceeds, you get a tax break and someone else gets wheels.

Whatever vehicle you have in your storage unit, garage, or just on your property, veterans can gain from it—individuals who are having a hard time coping. You can improve their lives by contributing to such a great cause.

At the risk of using a ridiculous pun, what you drive can enable a veteran to drive (and putt). A car donation to Heroes in the Rough through Cars2Charities means the program gains support, all because of your generosity. 



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