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 Donating to a Humane Society

pexels photo 46024Many people have heard of the Humane Society, but did you know there isn't just one. In fact there is probably a Humane Society near you. According to Wikipedia, "A humane society is a group that aims to stop animal suffering due to cruelty or other reasons. In many countries, the term is used mostly for societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals". We handle car donations for many Humane Socieities, and also SPCA's. If you want your car to go to an animal charity, then you're in the right place. When deciding to donate to a Humane Society just let us know where you live and we can reach out to a local Humane Society and send them the proceeds of your generous car donation! We even have quite a few already working with us. You can see Cars2Charities sponsored Humane Society car donation programs on the Causes section of our website. A donation through Cars2Charities quickly enables you to parlay the vehicle you no longer need into a source of life-saving pet rescue efforts. 

Every Humane Society car donation is given to a widely respected cause, recognized by the world, and you have a rare opportunity to contribute. A vehicle donation to the Humane Soceity in your area supplies needed funding to the organization to help with the fight against animal cruelty. It’s hard to believe that the car you no longer need can have so much value – but it does.  Your donation to Humane Society near you supports local efforts to aid the shelters and their animals through advocacy at the highest levels.  One of our favorite nonprofit Humane Societies is the Humane Society of the Desert. They've provided thousands of orphaned, abandoned and neglected dogs and cats with crucial services for over 60 years! (Donate to them directly by submitting your vehicle's information at the top this page!)

With our car donation program at Cars2Charities, the process of donating to your local Humane Society couldn’t be easier. When you donate your car to a Humane Society, we get the ball rolling with a brief 3-5 minute phone call, and make arrangements to pick up the vehicle at your convenience -- typically in 24-72 hours. Towing is free for donors, and when your vehicle arrives at one of our centers, we carefully evaluate what repairs or enhancements may be worthwhile, to maximize its value to the best of our ability. Then we work to sell your vehicle, either at auction or to a retail buyer, to generate the most money for the cause of animal protection -- making you a hero to others who also value animals and work to rescue pets and promote their well-being. 

The added bonus? You get to write-off the car donation contribution on your taxes.

Our process is fast and simple:  we handle all aspects of paperwork, releasing you from liability as soon as your vehicle is picked up.   We take care of the title transfer, the DMV paperwork – everything – while you get to enjoy the satisfaction of clearing out your space, reducing maintenance or repair costs, and knowing you are making a difference.  Humane Society car donations in your city provide hands-on care and services to so many animals each year, and professionalize the field through education and training for local organizations.


Why Choose a Humane Society for Your vehicle Donation? 

kittens cat cat puppy rush 45170Just look to Humane Society of The Desert's vision for the answer! Their vision is to focus in reducing the homeless population of dogs and cats through community awareness programs and partnerships across the country. We are advocates of the No-Kill movement and believe in changing society to value and protect the lives of animals.  has worked to pass legislation to aid in the cause of more caring treatment of animals. Your gift can generate more resources for their effective fight for animal cruelty prevention.  Join the efforts of more than 60 years to reduce suffering for pets and inspire meaningful social change that benefits animals.  Your Humane Society car donation provides more funding to reduce the suffering of all types of creatures we love and admire.

Does a vehicle donation to a Humane Society include boat donations, RV donations or other recreational vehicles?

Yes! All kinds of vehicles can be donated to a Humane Society. We cheerfully pick up motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts and all kinds of RVs – as well as a boat donation for the Humane Society in your area.

Do you play water sports or go camping? If you have water vehicles you no longer use, such as jet skis or a Sea Doo, they can also generate money to ease the suffering of animals and rescue pets with your generous vehicle donation the Humane Society of your city.

Your donation isn’t limited to cars and trucks. We pick up your RV donation to the Humane Society, and take campers and quads also. 

If your golf cart needs new batteries, you are probably weighing the cost of replacement vs. upgrading to a newer model.   You probably know that golf cart batteries typically costs about $160 each – and most carts needs about 6-8 of them.  So if you are on the cusp of shelling out $800-1,000 to get it working again, or it has electrical issues, consider making a golf cart donation to the Humane Society. It not only gives you the tax benefit, it could make more financial sense as well.

When you call 855-520-2100 and we handle the process, your motorcycle donation to the Humane Society, or your camper donation to the Humane Society, allows you the time to spend time with the animals you love, or enjoy a new vehicle, if that’s the case. golf cart 756048 640

What are the benefits of car donations to a Humane Society?

Do I get a tax advantage with a Humane Society car donation? Yes, you absolutely do receive a car donation tax write-off for your auto donation!

When there are so many nonprofits to choose from that do good work on behalf of animals, it’s nice to have confidence that the choices you make, in terms of tax credits, have very good track records. Donating a car to a Humane Sociey is far-reaching, as the name itself means the organization you're chosing is a highly respected animal protection charity. So, your contribution is never taken lightly.

We have the means to make your gift have greater impact because of our process, which maximizes the efforts to add value to your car. Remember that your car donation to Humane Societies through Cars2Charities receives the added benefit of being evaluated for improvements, increasing the odds that your contribution to the cause (and vehicle donation tax deduction) is higher.

Giving makes you a part of the organization’s mission to ensure quality of life to all living creatures.  So if it’s time for a new vehicle, or you’re eager to make a difference to furry and feathered friends all over the world, call donate a car to the Humane Society near you.  Become part of making the world a more humane place for both people and animals with your car donation today


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