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KALW is local public radio from the San Francisco Bay Area. BBC, NPR, and innovative local programming including Crosscurrents and Your Call.

Where Can You Donate Your Car to KALW (an NPR station) for a Tax Deduction?


When you decide to give a car as a charitable donation, you choose where you would like your car to go. National Public Radio's KALW, part of the Public Broadcasting System is a great place to donate your vehicle. When you donate a car to KALW, you are supporting local public radio in San Francisco and one of the nation's most useful and well-respected organizations.

Your favorite news, music and entertainment are all on KALW in addition to NPR and BBC reports on important issues every day, including the latest on the environment, health issues, and national and international news. With your help, these programs and others like them will continue to benefit those living in the Bay area, in addition to anyone tuning in on line.

What's the Best Way to Donate A Car to KALW (an NPR station)?donate car kalw your call npr

Not only do you have to determine the right non-profit organization to receive your donation but you must also choose the right way to handle the donation process. If you want to donate your car to KALW, be sure to give through an organization that IMPROVES the value of your donated vehicle whenever possible.

How Do I Donate a Car to KALW (an NPR station) ?

We make the process easy. When you donate a car to KALW, we make it hassle-free -- so you have nothing to do but enjoy the knowledge that your vehicle will be providing the funds to continue great programming on public radio. When donating a car to KALW, here's what happens:

Call 855-520-2100 or simply click the "Donate Online" form on this page. It takes just 3-5 minutes. You provide some basic information about your vehicle, as well as your address. You can arrange for us to pick up your KALW donation almost anywhere, including at your home, garage, repair shop, or your place of business.

We promptly email you a temporary donation receipt / tax deduction with your donation #, our contact information, and any specific requests you have made. We also provide you with guidance on how to file a "release of liability" with your local DMV, and in many states including California and Arizona we actually do the DMV release of liability for you.

donate car kalw radio poets nprWe evaluate donated vehicles to see what value we can add, and we try to maximize the sale price of your vehicle -- so you get the best possible tax deduction, and NPR gets more in net proceeds. We aim to market vehicles to retail buyers whenever that's feasible, which further increases the value everyone gets from your NPR car donation.

You receive your IRS Form 1098-C, which is your official car donation tax deduction, within 30 days of sale -- showing the exact sale price. KALW will receive the same form, so there is total transparency. We send you 2 copies: one for you and one for your tax preparer.

Car donations to KALW are fast, easy and free. As with all fundraising initiatives, we are reimbursed by KALW for the cost of towing, any improvements we make to your vehicle, and a service fee. So call today and enjoy the great feeling that comes when you know you're doing your part to support the great programming we all enjoy on KALW.

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Can I Donate My Car to KALW (an NPR station) Without A Title?donate car kalw npr the spot

Yes, you can donate your car whether or not you can currently find your title (or if there are complications, many times we can help you work through it). All you have to do is call. We can handle virtually all the paperwork for a car donation, no matter what shape the car is in or how old it is. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the knowledge that you are helping to support this Bay area NPR member station with your vehicle donation.

Can I Donate an RV to KALW ... make a motorcycle donation, golf cart donation or boat donation to another NPR station?

donate car kalw npr bullseyeAbsolutely! We welcome most cases of boat donation, truck donation, SUV donation -- as well as all kinds of recreational vehicles: Class A, B and C RVs, camper and trailer donations, as well as "outdoor toys" that may not be getting as much use as they once did. Do you have a jet ski, ATV, or golf cart that's gathering dust? Motorcycle donation to KALW is also fantastic -- even a bus donation, commercial vehicle donation or heavy equipment can be a great gift. If it has an engine and wheels, we can probably turn it into good value. 

While every donation is unique and we cannot guarantee specific outcomes, we work hard to maximize the value of every gift to NPR stations. Call today to learn more about how we can help you get the most out of your KALW (an NPR station) car donation, as you fulfill your pledge to support great radio.

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