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How do I donate a car to an animal charity like Kitten Rescue?

If it’s time for a change of vehicles, there is an easy way to make a car donation to Kitten Rescue. With a cat young cat playful pet 64147simple phone call, you can donate your car to Kitten Rescue and support an organization that believes every cat has the right to a high-quality of life, a loving home, or long-term care at a pet shelter.

But, as passionate as you are about the cause of animal protection, you need it to be headache-free, because you don’t have time for hassles. We at Cars2Charities leap into action when you call, picking up your car donation for at a time and location that is convenient for you. 

After you call 855-520-2100, within 24-48 hours we pick up your vehicle and our repair staff uses a 16-point inspection to determine which changes can bring your car to its maximum resale potential. The more we sell your vehicle for, the more money goes to fight animal cruelty.

Did you know your car doesn’t even have to run?!

You may have heard about cars for charity where you have to get your car to an auto donation location or limp it somewhere for a government rebate. But at Cars2Charities, we come to you and tow away the vehicle. We’ll do everything needed to parlay the car you no longer need into fuel for the cause of pet rescue.

What's the best car donation for an animal charity, such as Kitten Rescue?

On top of the tax deduction you get if you donate a vehicle to an animal charity like Kitten Rescue, the goal is to contribute the most money to rescue pets. The beauty of Cars2Charities is that our process maximizes the value of your car because of the repairs and upgrades we make to the inside and the outside of your vehicle. 

Because you are a big believer in animal cruelty-prevention, if you donate your car to an animal charity, such as Kitten Rescue, it enables your resources to stay in line with your values. You are – literally – putting your money where your mouth is!

kitten cat fluffy cat cute 62321What if you don’t need to replace your car for a very long time? You can also donate an RV to an animal charity, such as Kitten Rescue. If you’re not into roughing it in a camper, there are plenty of other auto donations that can rescue animals. We’ll take your car, SUV or truck, but also ATVs, quads and water vehicles.

Has it been ages since you took your boat out to the lake? Donate your boat to an animal charity like Kitten Rescue through us and let someone else enjoy the water. We even take jet skis, Sea-Doos and all-terrain cycles.

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Your golf cart donation, a camper donation – any vehicle donation to Kitten Rescue is a way to promote pet adoption. You can make a difference with your contribution to Kitten Rescue. The organization has foster parent programs for kittens, a cat adoption process – even its own shelter!

Within the first 10 years, Kitten Rescue has built a private, no-kill facility. In fact, the big picture goal of Kitten Rescue is to make all of Los Angeles a no-kill city.

It’s too easy to pass up. You don’t have to post ads and wait for buyers for your vehicle. Call 855-520-2100 and when we pick up your car, you can spend more time volunteering for a cat rescue facility.

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Where can I get the best car donation tax deduction for an animal charity like Kitten Rescue?

It feels good to generously offer your car for the cause of animal adoption, but you get another benefit: a tax write-off!

While some people may be accustomed to just trading it in to the dealer or using CarMax, you may not realize

cat 82072that you typically only get about 30%-40% of your vehicle’s value with those methods. But, with car donations to an animal charity like Kitten Rescue through Cars2Charities, you can deduct 100% of its sale value.

Researchers at USC found that car dealers charge you more for the new car you buy if you trade in your old one. The business school students found that dealers automatically conclude that shoppers with a trade-in are less concerned about the cost, so they hold out for a higher price!

At Cars2Charities, we create the best car donation tax deduction for Kitten Rescue and other animal charities. With the improvements our expert technicians make to the car, the sale price is usually 25%-50% higher than your vehicle’s value without making the changes.

And you can trust there is nothing slick or tricky about our process – we keep it totally transparent and we follow all the guidelines dictated by the IRS. We sell your vehicle and report the exact sale price – both to you and to Kitten Rescue. You both receive IRS Form 1098 within 30 days of the sale. 

You’d be surprised at the hidden value of an older car. Not only can we convert your SUV, truck or motorcycle donation to an animal charity into a powerful gift, it just might save you some dollars. When you contribute a golf cart with a dead battery, you’re saving quite a bit of money, because their batteries are costly to replace.

Call 855-520-2100 and we take care of every detail if you donate a car to animal charity, from working with the DMV – even if you can’t find the title, or registration has expired -- down to handing the check from your car, truck or SUV donation to an animal charity like Kitten Rescue. Support of their Kitten Rescue Homeless Cat Sanctuary means they can save more animals, move faster in emergencies and perform large-scale rescues. Did you know that if you take an animal to a shelter it only has a 10% chance of finding a new home before it’s euthanized? If you donate a car to Kitten Rescue, we make the car you don’t need a part of reducing the number of cats that don’t make it to loving homes, and help save the thousands of cats that are abandoned, abused or neglected.

So when you’re ready to donate your car to rescue kittens, we are here for you.

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