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Why should I donate a car to Kittyland?

donate car kittyland tax deductionA black cat lay motionless on the doorstep, near death. Kittyland volunteers Isabel and Jeannette picked her up and she weakly tried to raise her head. It was a December morning and she was so cold her temperature didn’t even register on a thermometer.

Jeannette raced her to the vet, where she was placed on a warming pad, wrapped in blankets and administered oxygen. After eight hours struggling to stay alive, a temperature registered and she made it through the night. The vet said the cat had an acute upper respiratory infection and remained in critical condition, but she improved over time. On Christmas Day she was well enough to move into the Kittyland sanctuary, where she was given the name “Holly Joy.”

It’s expenses like these, hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in medical care, that are needed to save the lives of cats and kittens. Donations and grants are the only way a facility like Kittyland can stay operational. All adoption counselors and caretakers are volunteers, so every bit of support goes to save the lives of felines. It’s nice to know the power of a car donation to kitten rescue and medical care for cats goes straight to the needs of the animals.donate car kittyland fast

The only location in the Coachella Valley where rescued cats can take sanctuary, Kittyland is 2 ½ acres of comfort for felines who aren’t wanted.

“Mrs. Pyewacket” was lost. For a year the furry grey cat wandered – somehow making her way from her home in Palm Desert to Desert Hot Springs. She was hungry and emaciated, living in the garages of strangers.

Thankfully, she found Kittyland Cat and Kitten Rescue, where she had a checkup with a vet, received vaccines and was brought back to health. Volunteers brought her to Petsmart for adoption and, magically, she was identified and reunited with her original owners!

How can I donate my car to Kittyland?

The car you no longer need is easily transformed into a lifesaving vehicle for cats and kittens. It’s extremely simple – in fact, we handle it for you. Just call us and we take it from there.

We pick up your car at the location and time that is most convenient for you. We tow away your car and we have a process to maximize your donation. Our experts do a 16-point inspection to determine if upgrades or repairs are appropriate. We’ve found that our cars get proceeds that are 25-50% higher than they do without the improvements.

Because of the generosity of a Kittyland vehicle donation, more cats are saved from shelters and fewer kittens experience the pain of abandonment.

donate car kittyland freeWhen a cat or kitten loses the one person they love, it’s hard for them to reorient themselves and find a person who wants to give them a forever home. That’s how it was for Cookie.

When Grandma died, Cookie lost the comfort of home with the one person who cared for her. She found sanctuary at Kittyland, living in the rafters for 7 years, only coming down afterhours for food and drink. Then one day, Diane arrived. A new Kittyland volunteer, Diane set out to work with cats, helping them to socialize. Cookie had found her new best friend. She came out of the rafters and connected with Diane, who adopted her, and now Cookie and her new owner live together – half the year in the desert and half the year in Canada.

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Can I donate an RV to Kittyland?donate car kittyland easy

Yes – cats in the Coachella Valley reap the benefits from all kinds of vehicle donations. A recreational vehicle donation to Kittyland works the same way a car donation to an animal charity does. Whatever your motorized vehicle is – tractor, trailer, fifth wheel – we pick it up for you so Kittyland receives the proceeds from your cat rescue car donation.

If you have Sea-Doos, jet skis or other watercraft, we pick those up as well. Donate a boat to Kittyland and you can be confident it goes to the work of cat rescue. If you’d like to make a motorcycle donation to Kittyland, we can handle it for you, or if you have a golf cart – even if the batteries died – let us know. A Kittyland golf cart donation is another way to benefit the nonprofit group.

donate car kittyland valueYour tax benefit paperwork comes right to you. We take care of the details of your title transfer. We sell your car; then we report the actual sale price of the vehicle to you and to Kittyland, following the guidelines prescribed by the IRS. You both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale.

If you want to see the lives of sick and abandoned cats improve, consider a Kittyland car donation. We make it easy for you to play a part in saving their lives and finding them homes.

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