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Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation Car Donation Program

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Car Donation to Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation

When the worst happens – fire strikes – you want top performance by firefighters. A car donation to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation makes sure that local professionals have the most current equipment to do the job. The nonprofit supplies the 106 L.A. Fire Department stations with essentials that exceed government budgets.

Why should I donate my car to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation?

The L.A. Fire Department covers 471 square miles, protecting the lives of 4 million people and their property. They are saving lives with limited government resources. The Foundation raises money to support 3,500 firefighters, paramedics and courageous personnel so they can respond to emergencies, in addition to other operations such as overseeing youth programs and the Leadership Academy.LAFireFdtn1

This level of service requires money and only 4% of the fire department’s budget covers necessary equipment, technology and training. Your vehicle donation to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation further equips our brave firemen and women by providing the essential equipment and training they need, supplementing city resources.

The Foundation donated 1,100 thermal imaging cameras to the LAFD. Other equipment the Foundation has funded are:
• Lightweight brush helmets
• Carcinogen-containment gear bags
• Powerful flashlights
• Hydration backpacks
• Night-vision goggles
• Advanced unmanned aerial systems
• Swift-water rescue boats

If you’re still deciding if you’re going to replace your car (and you’re looking for an incentive to help you pull the trigger) you’ve got another good reason now. You can continue the organization’s philanthropic momentum with a car or truck donation to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation through Cars2Charities.

A few considerations – you may be pondering a replacement if you commute to work. Breaking down on the 405 is more than just a “bad day.”

Do you salivate when you pass Cerritos Auto Square or Calabasas Luxury Motor Cars?

If your car’s taking longer to warm up in the morning or just doesn’t have the features you need, especially if your work takes you all over the Southland, maybe it’s time.

Add to that the good you can do with a charity car donation to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation and you’ve got some pretty good incentives.

How do you donate your car to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation?

Time is money, isn’t it? Well, you’re in good shape with Cars2Charities, because all it requires is a quick call to us at 855-520-2100, or donate online, and your part is done.LAFireFdtn3

We bring 30 years of experience to our work, which enables you to be confident in the process. It really is as easy as we say. We tow away your vehicle – at a time and place that’s convenient for you – and then we get to work selling your car so you can get the tax write-off.

Have you tried to sell your own car? It’s a hassle, to be sure. There are so many steps, from cleaning and photographing to finding a buyer. It’s all a part of our process.

Do you pull up to SoulCycle or LA Fitness and see your friends’ new Range Rovers or F-350s? Whatever your taste, eventually it’s your turn.

Everyone’s taking a hard look at their carbon footprint. Have you wanted one of the new Teslas? By downsizing your car you can save money on gas and get a tax break by donating a car to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation.

Do I get a car donation tax deduction when I donate a car to charity?

Yes, you get a boost to your taxes. But when you make a car, truck or SUV donation to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation through us at Cars2Charities you get the advantage of our unique process.

Not only do we come to you and pick up your donation car, we also assess the vehicle to determine if it would benefit from any alterations. When we find a buyer, the selling price determines your tax write-off, and our process tends to get a higher price for your vehicle donation. It means more money to the charity and a better tax break for you!LAFireFdtn4

We all have to pay taxes, and it’s not a favorite activity for most of us. It makes the experience a little better when your decisions are helping propel the work of a great nonprofit. Your charity car donation contributes to four youth programs: Girls Camp, Youth F.I.R.E. Academies, Cadets, and the Fire and EMS Magnet High Schools. These exciting programs offer students the opportunity to learn about a career in the fire service through engaging, task-driven activities where they develop skills in leadership, teamwork and overall confidence.

Just stay away from the temptation to do a dealer trade-in. Sure, Beverly Hills Car Club has some beautiful models, but with dealers you only get 30-40% of the value of your vehicle. But you get to write off 100% of its value by donating your car to the L.A. Fire Department Foundation.

Can I make a boat donation to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation? A motorcycle or RV? 

Yes – it’s a great opportunity!

Does your family like to go out to Lake Buena Vista with the innertubes and skis? Or do you prefer bass fishing at Castaic? Either way, when you need to upgrade, donate a boat to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation through Cars2Charities! 

A lot of people are using Airbnb these days, and if you’re one of them you might be ready to get rid of your 10-year-old fifth wheel. You can donate an RV to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation to use its value to boost the nonprofit. 

You’re losing money when your yacht languishes in a slip in the Marina or you pay for a storage unit where your quads, jet skis and other vehicles sit out the year. Make an ATV, jet ski or motorcycle donation to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation to benefit the cause and gain your rightful tax break.LAFireFdtn2

Is your golf cart your second car? It probably is if you live at Leisure World or a community like Laguna Woods. Is it time for a Garia? You can support the nonprofit with a golf cart donation to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation if you want to move up to something bigger or better.

As much as you love your job and your community, you also like the idea of helping your fellow man and woman when times are hard. When you donate a car to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation through Cars2Charities you can reach out to others without reaching for your checkbook.

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