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Car Donation to Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir

When you donate a car to Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir you support an organization devoted to diversity and inclusion in the San Francisco Bay Area. To your contribution to their cause, OIGC members would certainly say an open-mouthed “Hallelujah!”

It is a nonprofit choir that performs at public, artistic, faith and commercial events, as well as assisting other nonprofit organizations in their outreach efforts.OIGC OOA Photo OIGCTenors

Why should I donate my car to Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir?

This talented group inspires joy and unity among all people through black gospel and spiritual music traditions. Your vehicle donation to Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir through Cars2Charities forwards their mission of promoting interfaith solidarity by providing live music to many different sections of the community.

They sing in all forms of community gathering spaces – schools, places of worship, prisons and jails, assisted living facilities, and more. This talented group is committed to using their voices against hate and in support of love, joy, and peace.

They further their mission in many ways, including providing young people with positive youth development opportunities rooted in spiritual and gospel music education. They also deliver musical experiences to institutionalized and underserved audiences in prisons, shelters, and schools.

The group is diverse and they come together to perform black gospel and spirituals, communicating a culture of inclusion. They’re able to model unity through the diversity of its membership.

With support from car donations to Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir through Cars2Charities they can continue to offer free and low-cost performances.

How do you donate your car to Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir?

It’s hard to believe that something we take for granted – our cars – can spread such positivity to residents of Northern California and beyond. And it’s a very easy process!

Oakland3All you need is your phone – call Cars2Charities at 855-520-2100 or donate online. Our friendly associate will set up a time that’s convenient for you to pick up your donation vehicle. We’re flexible, and from this point on we take care of every detail.

It’s both a solution for you – to find a new owner for your car, and it’s an opportunity to donate a vehicle to Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir. If you’re accustomed to picking out a new car and trading in your old one, it’s understandable, because it’s easy.

But when you donate a car to charity you contribute to the choir’s amazing work while you also gain a tax credit. So, it serves a wide-ranging purpose: an easy way to turn in your old car, a benefit to the choir and a boon to your bottom line.

Can I get a car donation tax deduction when donating a car to Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir?

Yes, you can! It’s a great way to support the nonprofit and make an impact on your taxes. Your CPA will high-five you for adding a write-off to your financial situation. And if you typically do Turbo Tax, you can congratulate yourself!

One of the advantages of making your car or truck donation to Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir through Cars2Charities is the added value from our process. After we pick up your car donation, our technicians go to work, assessing your vehicle for necessary alterations. From our own research we’ve discovered that cars with the changes tend to sell for 25-50% more than those without them.

As you probably know, the total of your tax write-off is based on the selling price of your donation vehicle. And when our process increases your tax deduction, it means more for the OIGC! Oakland4

An article on Investopedia talks about many good reasons to choose a vehicle donation over other methods when you have a car you no longer need.

Those reasons include:
• Help for the charity – Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir receives the benefit of its value
• A nice tax write-off – You get to claim the selling price of your car
• No hassle to sell it yourself – You don’t have to answer messages and phone calls
• A free car pickup – The easiest way to send your car on to another owner

OIGC has won numerous awards, including “Best Arts Organization” in “Oakland Magazine” and “Best Community or Church Choir” at the Bay Area Gospel Music Awards. In the same way, Cars2Charities donors are thrilled with our friendly service, which you can read about here.

Can I donate a motorcycle to Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir? A boat or RV?

Yes, of course you can! Are you a faithful Tree Ridge Run rider? When you and your buddies in the Oakland Motorcycle Club think it’s time to upgrade, make a motorcycle donation to Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir.

We pick up many kinds of vehicles including fifth wheels, trailers … anything from an Airstream to an Xplorer. Space comes at a premium in the Bay Area and if you’re wasting money on a storage unit, consider making an RV donation to Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir.

Oakland2Have a boat at Portobello? If you’re paying slip fees but rarely get out on the water, give us a call at Cars2Charities. A boat donation to Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir finds a new home for your watercraft and helps the vocalists and their mission.

Do you have other “toys,” such as golf carts? If you live at Trilogy or the Villages but don’t need to have your own Club Car, you can make a golf cart donation to Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir.

You feel blessed with a comfortable life and you want to share with others. Supporting a dynamic nonprofit like OIGC gives you the satisfaction that you’re not only concerned with yourself – you care about others. With a car donation to Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, the amazing vocalists continue to share their message of inclusion, peace and the power of the human spirit.

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