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pexels photo 853168Why donate a car to Parkinson’s Foundation?

To suffer the painful, debilitating effects of Parkinson’s Disease is an experience that requires a tremendous supply of strength, patience and fortitude. And for those who are important in the life of a Parkinson’s patient, it will be the greatest challenge of their lives. Neurological and movement disorders are some of the hardest illnesses to cope with, partly because of the incremental stages of atrophy and loss of control faced by patients, but also the fact the disease becomes increasingly more noticeable to others. Your car donation to Parkinson’s Foundation provides comfort to someone in the battle for their dignity and their life.

The second most common aging-related disorder in the world, this disease of the motor system results from a loss of dopamine-producing brain cells. Victims of the disease experience tremors, trembling in the arms, legs, hands, and face. The symptoms increase, eventually creating difficulty in talking, walking and other everyday tasks.

The Parkinson’s Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing comfort, resources and cutting-edge research to the fight the cause and effects of the debilitating disease. Their science-based therapeutic programs offer the chance for patients to cope with life changes, as well as further the chance of slowing the disease’s progression.

The team of professionals offer patients the chance to continue learning, with programs that help them manage their “PD”, find resources, provide training for health professionals, as well as equip those caring for loved ones with PD. parkinson 3Plus, there are therapy services to aid in the common experiences of depression, anxiety, mood shifts, as well as the necessary support for care partners and family members. Did you know that there’s an easy car donation program that typically adds 25-50% value to your Parkinson’s Foundation vehicle donation?

Why donate my car to Parkinson’s Foundation vs. sell it?

When you get to the point in car ownership where it’s time for an upgrade, you always have that problem to solve: “What should I do with my old car?” In the past, you may have traded in your vehicle at the dealership, but you know that you get far less than the car’s true value that way. Some people sell it through CarMax, but it’s the same situation -- you’re only getting 35-40% of the value that dealer expects to resell it for, because you’re paying for the ease of the situation. We have an incredibly effective alternative: consider donating a car to the Parkinson’s Foundation. It’s a perfect opportunity to both support an amazing cause, and gain a tax deduction and find a new home for the vehicle you no longer need.

Is it time to downsize because your carpool days are over? Or have you begun to feel it’s time to decrease your carbon footprint? It’s a great time to do that. There are so many incredible hybrids and electric cars on the market. John Ydstie at NPR suggests that buying a new car is a great way to do that.

Hands togetherSelling your car is certainly an option; it’s just that it takes so much work. Have you sold anything on Craigslist before? First, you have to be sure the car is in good condition. Then, you have to clean it in order to get great quality photos. After you list it, you need to be available for any prospective buyers who can be (let’s face it) a little flaky.

Does it feel like your car is constantly at the repair shop? Consumer advice editor Ronald Montoya at Edmunds.com says there comes a time when letting go of your old car is a wise financial move: "One quick way to come to a decision is with some simple math: If the cost of repairs is greater than either the value of the vehicle or one year's worth of monthly payments, it's time for another vehicle."

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You simply make a 3-5 minute call to us and tell us a bit about your vehicle. You tell us what’s convenient for you, in terms of date and location, and we arrange for expert towing: usually in 24-72 hours. Is your car at the auto shop or at a storage place? No problem. Our skilled towing drivers know how to handle every situation: even if your vehicle does not run, or if you are unable to find your title.

You’ll receive an email confirmation with contact information and your reference #, outlining next steps and including a temporary vehicle donation receipt. Almost all car donations to the Parkinson’s Foundation get a 16-point inspection to determine whether improvements or upgrades would be a good idea for your vehicle. Making selective improvements maximizes the value of your donation. Our research shows that cars sell for 25-50% more than they would in their “as is” condition.

Not only do we find a great buyer for your vehicle who can appreciate its remaining life, we take care of the title transfer, the DMV paperwork, and then provide your car donation tax deduction for the Parkinson’s Foundation. You and the charity receive a copy of the same IRS Form 1098-C showing the actual sale price, so there is always full transparency.

Got questions? We’re available by phone at extended hours. Many donors also appreciate our helpful video FAQs that answer most questions. 

Can I donate an RV, a golf cart, or make a motorcycle donation to the Parkinson’s Foundation?

mother daughter heartYes. Is your golf cart no longer working? If it’s the batteries, you know they cost around $160 each to replace. Multiply that by 6 or 8 batteries, and at ~$1,000 you’d probably at the tipping point where a golf cart donation to Parkinson’s Foundation probably makes sense. 

Got an RV, camper, trailer or other recreational vehicle? Your RV donation to Parkinson’s goes a long way, as does boat donation. You get to clean out your garage or yard, while the organization gets a financial boost. It’s just as easy for you.

Are you renting an expensive storage unit? You can call us to pick up smaller vehicles too, such as quads and ATVS. Or donate a motorcycle to Parkinson’s for the same reasons -- benefiting the cause while obtaining a tax write-off. You can turn the value of your vehicle into a means by which someone who is suffering can feel like a valuable member of society. You’re giving the gift of dignity and support when you donate a truck, car or SUV to the Parkinson’s Foundation.

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