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Car Donation to Remington’s Heart Foundation

There’s nothing parents fear more than the loss of their child. And when your baby is born with heart defects, there’s a very real threat that your child will not be able to thrive and live a full life. Remingtons heart baby remington

Remington Jade Craft was born with a rare heart defect and underwent three surgeries in her short life of less than two months. There is a charity in her memory that benefits these suffering families, which you can support with a car donation to Remington’s Heart.

Why should I donate my car to Remington’s Heart Foundation?

At some point we all find ourselves in a position to make a change in our car ownership. Sometimes it’s just the number of miles on the odometer, while other times you have a vehicle spending too much time in the shop. You can donate a car to charity and have the pleasure of driving something new while contributing to children who are ill.

On top of the sorrow that a family endures when they have a baby with heart defects, there’s another very real problem: medical bills. A Remington’s Heart car donation is a tangible way to get involved in the non-profit’s mission to reduce the financial burden placed on families who have a pediatric heart patient.

How do you donate your car to Remington’s Heart Foundation?

It may seem impossible that donating a car for kids can be easy, but it is!

It’s all possible with one phone call. Reach out to us at Cars2Charities at 888-520-2100 or online to make a vehicle donation to Remington’s Heart. One of our towing professionals comes to wherever you are and we begin the work of selling your car.

remingtons heart carLike many people who donate cars to a children’s charity, it may surprise you how little effort is needed on your end. Because we handle everything from start to finish, you don’t have to deal with prepping, posting and selling your vehicle. Cars2Charities even takes care of the title transfer!

Have you ever calculated how much value you lose when you do a dealer trade-in or CarMax? They usually keep about 60-70% for their profits. That's okay, of course, but you can write off 100% of the value of your vehicle when you make a car or truck donation to Remington's Heart.

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How can I get the best car donation tax deduction to Remington’s Heart Foundation?

Your generosity shows in the way you choose to assist others and contribute when you can. And that’s in no way minimized by the tax credit you get from a car, truck or SUV donation to Remington’s Heart through Cars2Charities. Your CPA will assure you, it’s simply one of the benefits of donating a car.Remingtons heart logo

We are a woman-owned family business, transforming donated cars to families in need for 30 years, and there’s a tremendous advantage to our process. After we tow away your donation car, we bring it to our mechanics, who assess it for necessary alterations. Our research shows it raises the sale price of a car 25-50%. And because your tax write-off is based on the selling price of the vehicle, everyone wins.

You like to be wise when it comes to your money, and rightly so! An article on Edmunds.com says there are times when you actually should send your car down the road. If you’re spending more at the mechanic than you would on a car payment, it’s time to upgrade.

Can I donate a motorcycle to Remington’s Heart Foundation? A boat or golf cart?

Are you a collector? Or a sportscar enthusiast?

Sometimes our hobbies get out of hand, and we find ourselves crowded – or blowing a lot of money on storage fees. If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to know that at Cars2Charities we accept more than just cars donated to needy families – we also pick up vehicles like quads, jet skis, and other toys.

Are you an avid fisherman or love to water ski? At some point your boat is more than you want to maintain, or there’s something faster on the market, and you have to find it a new home. You can make a boat donation to Remington’s Heart and contribute to the peace the parents of little patients need.

Are you a camper or a glamper? Whether you have a decked out 40-foot Allegro or a 15-foot travel trailer, we can pick up an RV donation to Remington’s Heart.

Are you retired and live in a fun over-55 community? You may own a golf cart, in which case, you can help a child with congenital heart defects with its value. If you’re upgrading or downsizing, donate a golf cart to Remington’s Heart.

If you’re one of the thousands of retirees who’ve taken to the road on something fast and more “exhilarating,” keep in mind you can make a motorcycle donation to Remington’s Heart.Remingtons heart clutter

If you got on the bandwagon and joined the many who followed author Marie Kondo’s advice in “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” here’s a chance to do more than just toss everything. You make it count when benefiting a charity. And you can scarcely find a worthier cause.

There’s only so much we can do to help families facing the incredible hardship of a sick child. The healing is up to the doctors, and big, sweeping fundraisers are taken care of by organizations like the American Heart Association. But when you have a vehicle you no longer need, you have something to offer these babies and parents. Donate a car to Remington’s Heart Foundation through Cars2Charities and ease their financial burden with a generous gift. 

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